Acne Shock Therapy: SGA treatment

A permanent solution to getting rid of acne? YES PLEASE.

SGA (Sebaceous Gland Ablation) is a heat-based procedure that uses an ultra-fine needle to penetrate and deactivate overactive sebaceous glands, which is what is responsible for your pimples, blackheads and inflamed acne cysts.

Once the needle is inserted into the effected sebaceous gland it is zapped by a localised electrical current. The heat produced by the current destroys the tissue so it can on longer cause a breakout. The needle only enters the skin superficially, as the electrical current is targeting the oil gland which is closest to the surface.

How does the treatment work? First of all, our dermal therapists need to assess what kind of acne you have. This treatment isn’t for everyone and often clients come in requesting the treatment, however their breakouts could easily be treated with some topical extractions and an enzyme facial as they simply suffer from clogged pores.

There is also the other extreme, where some clients have too much bacterial infection in their acne that they need it to settle before proceeding with SGA, as the heat produced in this procedure can cause the acne to spread. Typically, an SGA candidate has reoccurring cystic acne.

In order to prep the skin and open the pores, the therapists firstly conduct an enzyme facial. The active enzyme mask helps to bring to the surface the effected sebaceous glands.

This means they are likely to rupture and secrete immediately after the SGA treatment. Sometimes, the effected pimples, are solid and dehydrated and they take a few days to burst. The Enzyme Facial, aims to speed up that process

The actual needle and electric current is relatively painless. One of our staff underwent the procedure during our most recent training day and explained it as a 2/10. Acne affected skin can be quite sensitive, and the after-extraction process can cause some discomfort, however, should not be unbearable.

After the SGA treatment the client will experience a mosquito bite effect meaning that their skin will get worse before it gets better. Expect some red, lumpy skin with a downtime of roughly 2-5 days. Remember acne takes a while to form on your skin, so you need to be realistic with your recovery time.

To yield blemish free results, expect 3+ treatments, with each treatment roughly 6 weeks apart. Your dermal therapist will also parallel your in clinic treatment with some dietary recommendations and a meticulous at home skincare regime. Together, this is the ultimate trifecta to achieving blemish free skin.
Read more about SGA Treatment here

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