Jojoba esters are an ancient trusted ingredient in skin care!

In Winter it is very important to swap over your exfoliator for a gentler product. During Winter our skin can become quite dry and flaky.

The immediate reaction is to want to exfoliate more frequently and with more intensity, however, this can have the reverse effect and strip too much of your natural oils and healthy tissue away.

Your already dry skin can cause delicate tissues to tear and break making the rawness worse. Instead of your usual scrub I highly recommend investing in the Dr. Spiller Jojoba Peeling Cream. This mild exfoliant smooth’s and soothes your complexion due to it’s natural ingredient; jojoba wax.

How to apply 
Always start by using lukewarm water on the face as hot water can aggravate the skin. Be careful not to use too much product, too frequently or massage with too much intensity. Over exfoliation strips the skins acid mantle and the skin’s protective mechanism.

Once to twice a week, apply a pearl sized amount of Jojoba Peeling Cream to perfectly cleansed skin using circular movements. Remove with plenty of water, pat the skin dry and follow with an application of the appropriate Dr. Spiller toner.

For a milder exfoliation (perfect for sensitive skin), apply a pearl sized amount of Jojoba Peeling Cream to slightly dampened skin using very light circular movements.
Key Ingredients

    Remove skin debris and dulling residue for a re-texturised effect. Jojoba wax beads gently degrade with heat and friction.
    Barrier protective emollients rich in biomimetic fatty alcohols.
    Barrier protective emollients rich in biomimetic fatty acids.
  • HUMECTANTS: Water binding hydrators that replicate NMF.

Skin Benefits of using the Dr. Spiller Jojoba Peeling cream

  • Instantly removes dead skin and clogging residue
  • Exfoliates the skin without scratching or abrading
  • Decongests pores
  • Hypoallergenic therefore can be used for those with sensitive skin

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