LED Express Light Therapy

Update: This package has expired as of 5th July 2018 

Want glowing skin in 20 minutes? Our Lunch time Light Fix package will leave you with a radiant complexion, before the boss even knows you’ve left your desk.

Buy a pack of 6 for $65 each ($390 usually $600)
Buy a pack of 8 for $60 each ($480 usually $800)

Service is only redeemable Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Valid for use until Dec 26th 2018

What is LED Light Therapy?
LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive revolutionary light therapy treatment which can reduce pore size.Improve health and vibrancy of the skin, promote healing of damaged or compromised skin and can remove bacteria which causes redness and inflammation in acne-prone skin.

How does LED Light therapy work?
LED Light Therapy treatments work by delivering pure narrow-band light emitting diodes (LED’s) carefully positioned to ensure a uniform beam. This light stimulates cellular activity, collagen production and increases blood flow to the skin resulting in plumped, tighter and radiant looking skin. After the first session you will notice visible results, however we recommend a series of treatments in succession to achieve optimum results.

What are the benefits of using LED Light Therapy?
LED Light Therapy is a fast and effective treatment that requires no downtime. There is no surface damage to the skin and it’s completely non-ablative!

At Face Plus Medispa we recommend a series of sessions in order to maximise the benefits of facial rejuvenation.
Our LED Light Therapy has a selection of three light options which address specific areas of concern on your face

Yellow Light
Rebuilds and strengthens tissue at a deep level which leads to a softening of fines while triggering the healing process of the skin. Great for post-operative patients, healing bruises and scars. Often used on our post-operative patients, it provides deep dermal stimulation.

Blue Light
For acne prone skin. LED blue light therapy targets bacteria, inflammation and excess sebum production, this treatment will neutralise bacteria and reduce inflammation in active acne present on the skin. LED Blue can be used for mild to moderate acne in combination with other light colours.

Red Light
LED red stimulates cellular activity and draws moisture into the skin. It adds volume leaving the skin hydrated, tightened and rejuvenated. This light will reduce pore size and is particularly effective at reducing periorbital wrinkles and fine lines. It is ideal as an add-on to boost a facial, peel or injectable treatments.

Combination Light therapy
Light Therapy is designed to be combined over a course of therapy sessions in order to enhance treatment outcomes depending upon your specific concerns. Your Face Plus dermal therapist will assess the needs of your skin and tailor a colour combination package for you.

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Solar defense SPF: A handbag essential

When travelling in summer you should be carefree about everything…. except your sun protection.

Sun damage is the number one cause of premature ageing for your skin. The HydroPeptide Solar Defense is a lightweight moisturizer with a soft tint that self-adjusts to your skin tone for a flawless coverage.

While many sunscreens on the market can feel oily and heavy on the skin, this HydroPeptide product is lightweight, non-greasy and hydrating. The Solar Defense has anti-ageing ingredients of Acai, Green Tea, Aloe, Galanga and Hyaluronic Acid so it not only protects you from the UV rays but also acts as an active moisturiser.

HydroPeptide’s range are clinically designed to handle the harsh rays of the Australian sun therefore include Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide in their ingredients which offer a broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB damage.

The HydroPeptide Solar Defense SPF is a smart travel product as it combines an SPF, moisturizer and coverup all in one.

The smart-tint which adjusts to your skin tone helps to camouflage minor imperfections while promoting a clear complexion.

It is the perfect lightweight makeup choice as it allows your skin to breathe in a hot climate. Its matte finish gives the skin a subtle luminous glow.

Apply the HydroPeptide Solar Defense on a clean face and 15 minutes before any sun exposure. Re-apply as needed and immediately after swimming, perspiring or towel drying.

Keep you skin sun-damage free and help to protect yourself from free radical damage, fine lines and wrinkles with this smart designed SPF.

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Vacation Skin guide

For any lucky ducks that are escaping the cold for warmer climates, this article is a must read for you.

On holiday’s it’s easy to slip out of your normal routine and replace your workouts for happy hour and clean eating for pasta parties. The one thing that should stay consistent on your holiday, is your beauty regime.

When transitioning from a cool to warm climate, you skin will need a few days to adjust. The excessive plane journey won’t help this setback so make sure to monitor the condition of your skin and adjust your routine to compliment.

Hydration station
In Winter our skin is usually dryer than normal and, on an aeroplane, even dyer again. Keep your skin hydrated by removing your makeup and applying serums and moisturiser regularly.
For some inflight beauty tips read our blog post here

Less is more
When you arrive in warmer climates your skin and body is likely to feel out of whack. The humidity and heat are always a welcome shock so it’s natural your skin will fight to adjust.

Avoid breakouts by regularly cleansing your face and applying minimal creams and makeup. The tip is the let your skin breathe.  There is nothing worse than being on a summer holiday and wearing thick layers of foundation and mascara.

Take a break from your usual glam and adopt the French-girl beauty trend of a touch of cover up, a swipe of lipstick and brushed bushy brows.

Slip Slop Slap
Whatever, you do though, don’t forget sunscreen. Even though the European heat may feel less hard than our Australian sun.

Your skin has avoided contact with strong UV rays for a few months therefore has no tolerance to it….this is why you seem to burn so easily on the first few days of your vaycay.
When picking your sunscreen opt for one with a UV rating of 30 or 50 SPF. Read here

Beat the bloat
Water retention and bloating is common after excessive travel. To de-bloat your face you need to flush your system. It might seem counter-intuitive but drinking lots of water really does help this process.

Add some lemon slices for an extra anti-inflammatory boost.

When applying your serums or sunscreen massage into your face using a few lymphatic drainage techniques.

This will manually aid in the detoxification on your face by draining toxins to your lymph nodes.

The massage will help the increase circulation to flush the fluid build-up.
Lymphatic drainage massage techniques

  • Starting both hands between your eyebrows, push hands to the hairline and slide down to the ears (lymph nodes are here). Repeat the step, so that you have drained top, middle and bottom of forehead and on brow bones.
  • Now under the eyes. Start from inner corner of the eyes and slide hands towards the ears. Repeat the step, covering cheeks, mouth and chin. Always middle and out
  • Last step is the neck, massage up neck and under the jaw towards chin. Then from chin, sweep both hands towards the ears.

Take it off!
On holidays it’s perfectly acceptable to sleep in and drink a glass of wine at lunch, however, it’s not acceptable to go to bed without taking your makeup off.

To avoid skin irritations and breakouts make a point to double cleanse your face morning and night. The build-up of grit and grime clogs your pores throughout the day.

If you are in a particularly warm climate then you will also have a build up sweat particles and potential salt/ chlorinated water residue if you are going swimming.

As it is hot your pores are likely to expand leaving them more vulnerable to bacteria, making it even more important to keep up a regular beauty routine.

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Tips to being present on your holiday

A holiday is a time for ultimate indulgence and relaxation.

As a much needed break from reality, make sure to really switch off from your usual routine and be present throughout your holiday.

Here are some modern-day tips to decompress and declutter your thoughts. We promise, you’ll enjoy your holiday a hell of a lot more if you forget about the contents of you inbox.

1.Wake up when you wake up 
Obviously this one has to apply to you once you settle into your holiday, however there is nothing nicer than letting your body rest and wake up when it wants to.

Don’t set your usual alarm and if you do need to be somewhere, change your alarm sound to something completely different from your usual routine.

This small psychological step will ensure you don’t panic your body to think about your usual schedule.

2.Wake up with the sun 
On a summer holiday, ditch the blackout curtains and embrace the morning sun.

You find you’ll wake up happier with the natural melonin boost.

3. Eat breakfast without technology
Whether it’s a decadent buffet breakfast or a croissant and a cup of tea take this time to wonder at the world around, instead of staring into your phone.

When you’re on holiday make a point to delight each of your senses.

Your sense of smell is the strongest for memory, so make a point to stop and smell the air

4. Exercise outdoors 
While you might be used to gyms at home, on holidays switch up your routine and exercise outside.

Whether it’s going for a hike to a local ruin, going for a big swim or doing a body weight circuit in a nearby park, the more you are amongst the local culture, the better.

5. If you need to check your emails do it once a day then leave it alone
There is nothing worse than having one foot in Italy and the other foot in the office.
While it’s ideal to switch off completely, that’s not always achievable.

Instead of checking emails intermittently throughout the day, set aside a time and do it consistently.

It’s a good idea to set the rules on your out of office ( include the appropriate time difference) so any invested parties know the best time to reach you.

5. Sit and observe 
This one is very similar to enjoying a sensory experience. If you are on a train or tanning by a beach take some of that time to do it technology free.

Unplugging will help you unwind and really take in your surroundings.
Take deep breaths and try and capture the moments in your memory.

When you’re back from holidays it will be these moments, not the thousands of photos that you will remember the most.

6. Snap now, post later
With the immediacy of social media, there is this pressure to want to impress your friends with your travel pics.

When you’re at a famous site take a look around at the number of people hooked to their phones, editing photos and captions.

Take the photo, enjoy the moment then when you’re back in your hotel upload your photo.

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