Solar defense SPF: A handbag essential

When travelling in summer you should be carefree about everything…. except your sun protection.

Sun damage is the number one cause of premature ageing for your skin. The HydroPeptide Solar Defense is a lightweight moisturizer with a soft tint that self-adjusts to your skin tone for a flawless coverage.

While many sunscreens on the market can feel oily and heavy on the skin, this HydroPeptide product is lightweight, non-greasy and hydrating. The Solar Defense has anti-ageing ingredients of Acai, Green Tea, Aloe, Galanga and Hyaluronic Acid so it not only protects you from the UV rays but also acts as an active moisturiser.

HydroPeptide’s range are clinically designed to handle the harsh rays of the Australian sun therefore include Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide in their ingredients which offer a broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB damage.

The HydroPeptide Solar Defense SPF is a smart travel product as it combines an SPF, moisturizer and coverup all in one.

The smart-tint which adjusts to your skin tone helps to camouflage minor imperfections while promoting a clear complexion.

It is the perfect lightweight makeup choice as it allows your skin to breathe in a hot climate. Its matte finish gives the skin a subtle luminous glow.

Apply the HydroPeptide Solar Defense on a clean face and 15 minutes before any sun exposure. Re-apply as needed and immediately after swimming, perspiring or towel drying.

Keep you skin sun-damage free and help to protect yourself from free radical damage, fine lines and wrinkles with this smart designed SPF.

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