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What is acne?
Acne is a condition that occurs at the base of the hair follicle within the oil glands. It usually requires a medical diagnosis and it appears within the skin predominately in adolescent years and often middle age.

Acne is determined by the appearance of pimples, pustules, comedones (black heads) and hyperkeratosis (the excessive build-up of dead skin cells).  Acne occurs when follicles become blocked with dead skin and trapped sebum (oil). It is this anaerobic (no oxygen) environment that bacteria thrive on.

What should you do if you have acne?
Suffering from the skin condition Acne can mean several things. It is important not to search the web, self-diagnose or self-prescribe.

Many of our clients at Face Plus have spent countless amounts of money and time on incorrect, inefficient and even harmful treatments and products to try and settle their acne.

At Face Plus we strongly advise you to educate yourself with the guidance of an experienced and trained dermal therapist. The first step to managing your acne is to find the triggers that have caused the acne to appear in the first place.

Sometimes these triggers are easily identifiable but, in other cases, may require further medical testing. This is a crucial step to understanding the appropriate treatments and products to treat the acne.

Understanding Adult Acne
Adult acne is more frustrating as it is commonly associated with teenagers going through puberty. For teenager’s acne is usually triggered due to the elevation of the androgen hormone.

However, for adults it can be a combination of several factors such as stress, poor diet, poor hygiene etc. To read about the main triggers of acne read our blog post here

Acne treatments at Face Plus
At Face Plus we offer a wide range of incredible treatment options for patients with acne.
We start with a thorough skin care assessment.

Together with your trained dermal therapist we look at your diet, lifestyle, medical issues, skincare products and routine.

We then would follow the assessment up with a bespoke 1-hour facial. Usually this first appointment would involve a good cleanse, exfoliation, potential extraction and purifying mask. A must have add on for acne-prone patients is our LED Light Therapy. The Blue light in particular helps to settle and neutralise the acne bacteria and speed up the skins recovery process.

Enzyme Facial $160
Ground spelt and natural kaolin enzymes are key ingredients used which suit all skin types and sensitivities. Enzymes are a safe and effective natural way to facilitate exfoliation, help overall biological processes in the skin that have slowed down because of age or sun damage and to inhibit free-radical damage.

Enzymes accelerate biochemical reactions in a cell that would proceed minimally or not at all if the enzymes were not present.

This deep yet gentle exfoliation is suitable for even the most sensitive skins such as those clients with active acne. The Enzyme treatment removes the stratum corneum surface of the skin which will leave the complexion smooth, hydrated and glowing.
Herbal Hydra & Phyto Peels ($270 & $280)
Using the power of selected botanical strength herbs, the Herbal Hydration & Phyto Peel were made for clients concerned with:

  • Targeting skin sensitivities such as Acne
  • Brightening the skin
  • Increasing plump and improving texture
  • Cellular rejuvenation
  • Anti-Aging

The peel activates the skin’s metabolism and detoxification by increasing circulation. The skin is supplied with oxygen and nutrients by the improved microcirculation.

The treatment also activated the skin’s repair mechanism through targeted, controlled irritation. The herbal and phyto are gentle enough for clients with Acne, while still working to repair the skins barrier for stronger, healthier skin.

After treatment patients will see an immediate visible difference and the skin will feel instantly rejuvenated.

Patients with Rosacea should aim to have one treatment fortnightly, with a total of six treatments to achieve long term revitalised, calmer and smoother skin.

Pumpkin Peel by HydroPeptide (used in the 1-hour customised HydroPeptide Facial $195)
The Pumpkin Peel simultaneously clarifies, exfoliates and draw out impurities while nourishing the skin with peptides, vitamins, enzymes and nutrients.

The naturally occurring salicylic acid and enzymes in pumpkin remove dead surface cells, leaving skin looking and feeling smoother and clearer. The skin will be more even and have a healthy glow following treatment.

SGA (Sebaceous Gland Ablation)
SGA is utilised when a sebaceous gland is affected by acne and breakout. Out of the 1200 sebaceous glands per square cm there are only a very small number of these affected by acne or break out.

The affected sebaceous glands are treated with an ultra-fine probe delivering a localised electrical current to destroy the glands, one by one. Once the sebaceous gland has been ablated or destroyed the tissue with the use of heat it can no longer breakout.

It is not a one-off treatment, patients will see results following two to six treatments. These glands are below the surface of the skin and often we are unaware of the size and detection can take several treatments.

Short, sharp treatments will be repeated until the acne is gone and does not return!

There can be some bleeding from the acne lesions whilst the treatment is being performed and the sebum extracted from the gland following the diathermy.

Following the session, the skin will remain “bumpy” for about 7 to 10 days. Patients will usually not experience pain or discomfort following their treatment and the inflammation they had before the treatment will dissipate days following the SGA treatment.

SGA should be performed in conjunction with other facials and herbal peel treatments.
Similar to our laser treatments on offer, dermapen would never be performed on a client with active, cystic acne. It is however, used to improve the skin texture of a client overcoming a long bout with acne.

Dermapen is a hand-controlled device with small, shallow needles to puncture the outer layer of the skin. The micro-injuries to the skin will stimulate the body to produce new collagen and elastic.

The freshly produced collagen will rejuvenate your skin by filling in fines lines, resulting in an overall improvement in the texture and tightness of your skin by removing wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks.
Laser Genesis & IPL
Laser Treatments should never be performed on clients with active, cystic acne, however, can be used to treat mild post inflammatory pigment (redness) and is excellent for treatment acne scars.

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Products for Acne

No two acne breakouts are the same, therefore it is important not to self diagnose and trust the guidance and advice of your therapist.

The primary response for a person with acne is to disguise it, usually under a mountain of heavy makeup. There is one very important thing to note…acne will continue to thrive the longer the skin is unable to breathe.

The skin is a living breathing organ and we should respect that. Professionally the dermal therapists at Face Plus recommend any makeup that is free of dimethicones (silicones) and mineral.

If you are looking for a makeup brand that is rich in coverage, but healing and calming for your skin we urge you try the Aevitas BB Finish.

It contains antibacterial ingredients as well as a full coverage that will help to camouflage redness.

Clients with acne need to be conscious of the skincare products they use while being meticulous with their morning and evening routines.

We stock several award winning, cosmeceutical brands at Face Plus and while each product line is excellent, your skin should be thoroughly assessed by our therapists to see which product will best suit your skin type.

No two acne breakouts are the same, therefore it is important not to self diagnose and trust the guidance and advice of your therapist.

Below is a list of selected recommended products from each of our skincare ranges on offer.

Dr Spiller
Dr Spiller Herbal Cleansing Lotions: 
Soap-free wash gel gently purifies and balances the skin’s pH. It also contains anti-microbial herbal extracts for visible anti-acne benefits. May be used as scalp treatment.

Dr Spiller Moisturising Toner Herbal Extracts: 
A clarifying and re-balancing toner for a refreshed and purified complexion. Moisturising Toner with Herbal Extracts restores the skin’s optimal pH whilst removing cleansing residue.

Dr Spiller Propolis Day & Night cream: 
A non-comedogenic day cream with active anti-bacterial ingredients to purify problematic complexions prone to breakouts, pimples and acne.

Dr Spiller Acnoderm Roll on stick: 
A targeted antibacterial spot treatment to visibly banish blemishes, pimples and in-grown hairs. Actively controls existing blemishes whilst reducing the formation of future congestion.

Dr Spiller Acnoderm gel: 
A decongesting and anti-bacterial gel designed to control the formation of blackheads. Reduces the appearance of redness and skin impurities.

Ultra MD
Ultra MD Ultimate Brightening Foaming Cleanser:
This foaming cleanser provides a rich silky lather and has been formulated to gently remove make-up and daily residue, leaving the skin looking brighter, refreshed and radiant.

Featuring a potent complex of Vitamin B3, ProVitamin B5 and brightening ingredients, this formula works to perfectly balance moisture levels and prepare the skin for the application of Ultra MD treatment products. Ideal for all skin types. Paraben Free. Fragrance Free.

Ultra MD Ultimate B2 Hydrating Serum:
This moisture enhancing serum utilises the humectant and emollient moisturising power of Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) with the lipid barrier strengthening power of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) to synergistically draw moisture to the skin, keep it there and provide soft emolliency.

Ultimate B2 Hydrating Serum also contains Hyaluronic Acid to synergistically help restore vital moisture balance and provide long-lasting hydration.

Ultra MD Ultimate A Refining Serum: 
This star performer contains potent levels of our exclusive advanced stabilisation and delivery technology, ULTRA-RetiTM Microparticles (long-life pure retinol microparticles).

Featuring pure Retinol, supported by the action of Pro-Vitamin C and the enzyme Bromelain, this serum has been developed to support the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. This product has been clinically tested and shown to refine and improve the appearance of skin clarity, texture, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections.

HydroPeptide Purifying Cleanser:  
HydroPeptide Purifying Cleanser is a purifying clay based cleanser that helps to draw out impurities, promotes a rapid correction of imperfections and addresses the signs of skin ageing with a blend of exfoliating salicylic and mandelic acids and a unique pore cleansing peptide. Anti-oxidant rich bosweli, chamomile and honey soothe and protect skin from over drying and irritation. Skin appears brighter and feels more evenly hydrated and refreshed.

HydroPeptide Miracle Mask: 
Extract impurities and minimize the appearance of pores as purifying clays, peptides and hyaluronic acid lift, firm and hydrate skin.*

  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Gently dissolves dead skin cells with enzymes
  • Purifies and promotes a clear complexion
  • Helps to firm and tone skin
  • Nourishes skin with potent antioxidants

HydroPeptide Aqua Boost Moisturiser: 
This light-weight, oil-free hydrator perfects oily or acneic skin to replenish hydration, soften texture, clear impurities, absorb excess oil and fight bacteria.*

  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Replenishes hydration without feeling heavy
  • Helps maintain a clear complexion
  • Calms and soothes redness in skin

HydroPeptide Exfoliating Cleanser: 
This energizing citrus cleanser refreshes skin and revitalizes hydration with anti-aging peptides and gently exfoliating jojoba beads that will reveal a healthy glow.*

  • Promotes healthy cell renewal
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps promote healthy collagen
  • Enhances treatment delivery
  • Improves skin radiance and clarity

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5 main triggers of acne

There’s nothing more disappointing than learning the hard way that bad breakouts don’t necessarily end when your teenage years do.

Coming to terms with adult acne is difficult but rest assured, you’re not the only grown woman dealing with zits. Many of our clients at Face Plus are perplexed that they can be worried about wrinkles and pimples at the same time, however, studies have shown that in the last 2 decades, adult acne has increased exponentially.

It begs the questions, what are we doing wrong in our day to day lives to cause this condition to happen.  Here is a list of 5 common triggers of acne and methods we can take to overcome them.

  1. Hormonal imbalance

Do you ever notice that your breakouts seem to be worse right before your menstrual cycle? This isn’t a coincidence. Fluctuation in hormones is one of the leading causes of acne breakouts.

When the androgen hormone levels are elevated (the testosterone hormone predominately seen in males) your bodies response is to produce a sticky wax like sebum (oil) that disrupts the acid mantle and pH balance of your skin.

A spike in the androgen hormone can often present as painful cystic acne particularly around the chin, neck and back area.

If you notice your breakouts are triggered solely by your menstrual cycle then it’s a good idea to consult your GP to see if there if any medication or supplements that can help regulate your hormone levels.

  1. Poor diet – excessive consumption of sugar, dairy, oily, pre-packaged food

We all know that after a naughty weekend of eating and drinking the wrong foods our punishment is often breakouts and dull, dehydrated skin.

As a living organ, your skin really does feed off the nutrients we put inside and on our body. Foods that are high in fats, sugars and sodium should be eaten in moderation. Sugar in particular should be avoided as it causes your insulin levels to spike.

Insulin triggers a release of androgen which as we now know is the oil producing hormone.

If you suffer from acne and eat a relatively balanced diet, then you might find you are intolerant or even allergic to some of the food groups which is triggering the breakout. Many gluten and dairy intolerants noticed that once they eliminated these food groups their skin also cleared up.

  1. Poor hygiene and cross contamination – ie. picking, squeezing, dirty makeup brushes, facial sponges, insufficient cleansing and cheap generic skin care).

One of the most tempting things to do is touch and pop a pimple that appears on your face. We’ve all done it, but we also know that this almost never results in the pimple going away.

As pimples are a bacteria, by popping them (especially a pimple without a white head) you are essentially spreading the bacteria around your face with the potential to infect more of your pores.

If you suffer from acne do not touch your face. Extractions should only be performed by a trained dermal therapist using sterile and appropriate tools and training.

If you do suffer from acne, ensure your hygiene levels are hospital grade. Wash your make- up brushes between use, change your pillow case every two days (sleep on a fresh side every night). Also, make sure you are washing your face morning and night and immediately after exercise.

While you don’t want to scrub your face dry, clean skin will help to restore the acid mantle to a neutral level.

  1. Stress

Stress results in the fluctuation of your hormone levels. the elevation of the stress producing hormone cortisol causes the sebaceous gland to overproduce oil.

Whether you work full time, are a full-time mum, or juggle both, chances are, your stress levels are high. When you’re stressed, you have an organ called the adrenal glands that makes the stress hormone cortisol, and puts it out into the body to help the body deal with stress. Unfortunately, a tiny bit of testosterone leaks out with it.

For a woman, this male hormone can drive the oil glands to produce more oil—the root cause of breakouts.
Stress and acne are unfortunately inextricably linked. Acne causes serious distress on the mental health of many teenagers and adults. 

The interplay between anxiety and acne is very important to consider as part of your treatment plan. While anxiety alone won’t directly cause acne to develop it certainly plays a part in why it occurs and it plays an even bigger part in the severity of breakouts.

While you might have developed acne because of a hormonal imbalance (common in teenagers and young adults) and/or because of a poor choice in diet, acne is greatly enhanced by the onset of stress related (anxiety) hormones.
Read more about how to manage the stress associated with acne here.

  1. Digestive or immune related disorders – ie IBS, disorders of the colon, food allergy, parasites, intestinal permeability -also known as leaky gut.

Medical professionals commonly refer to your gut as your second brain. What is happening internally is directly related to what is showing externally. One study investigated 13,000 teenagers and young adults. Those with acne were more likely to experience symptoms of gastrointestinal distress like constipation and heartburn.

The study found that abdominal bloating, which is a sure sign of intestinal dysbiosis and inflammation, was 37% more likely to be associated with acne.

If you think you suffer from gut related, digestive issues it is important you visit your GP for testing as you may have a disorder or a parasite. If you have been on courses on anti-biotics for instance it is likely you will need a strong pre and probiotic to help restore the good flora back to your gut.
Bottom line, if you want clear skin you need to start from the inside.

Nurture your gut with probiotic rich, fermented foods and supplements under the strict guidance of your healthcare practitioner.

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Everyday lifestyle changes to improve your acne

Healthy lifestyle choices to reduce acne. 

Eating and training like a Victoria’s secret model would surely result in great, acne-free skin however, we understand that our clients are busy with jobs and other obligations that get in the way of prioritising your skin 24/7. Here is an extensive list of achievable changes and things to try and help improve your acne.

  1. When you wake up in the morning start with 2 glasses of water to help flush your body of toxins (hydrated skin is also healthy skin) – then aim for 2 litres or more throughout the day
  1. Add a squeeze of lemon or apple cider vinegar to your water to aid in detoxification
  1. Limit your coffee consumption to 1 a day and if you need a caffeine boost drink green tea
  1. Talk to your doctor first, but try and take a pre/probiotic tablet everyday to deliver good gut flora to your body
  1. Add leafy greens to every meal of the day (in a smoothie for breakfast, in salad form for lunch and roasted, stir-fried or steamed for dinner)
  1. Skip the hot sauce and spicy curries (spicy food causes inflammation)
  1. Eat junk food in limited quantities and always wash it down with water
  1. Limit your alcohol consumption to the weekend and if you drink choose drinks low in sugar (avoid cocktails like the devil, instead opt for a glass of red wine)
  1. Wash/ Dry your face with a fresh clean towel EVERYTIME to avoid spreading bacteria
  1. Never sleep on the same pillowcase twice. Flip over the pillow for the second nights sleep then change your case in the morning.
  1. Clean your makeup brushes and sponges between every use
  1. Be conscious of how much you touch your face and ensure your hands are always clean
  1. Try not to sweat the small stuff, save the stress for issues that really matter (if stress is a big feature in your life, try a meditation app)
  1. Don’t over exfoliate your skin. Stick to twice a week and be gentle with your pressure
  1. Wash your face in warm water, not hot water (hot water causes inflammation)
  1. Swap your chemical makeup for mineral makeup
  1. Make sure your smartphone screen is cleaned frequently as this is a common cause of cross contamination
  1. Make sure you’re getting 8 hours sleep a night to ensure your immune system is strong
  1. Have a facial once a month to keep your skin in check professionally

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