Reducing the signs of ageing with PDO Monothreads

THREADS – PDO smooth and PDO cogged/barbed

These days, many less invasive non-surgical facial rejuvenation practices have been developed to attain a more youthful appearance. These include lasers, dermal fillers, neuromodulation, fat grafts and absorbable threads.

Many people often has a misunderstanding when considering THREADS as an alternative to improving skin laxity. Most patients think that thread procedures are like a facelift or that it can hold back their ageing features.

The traditional approach to facial rejuvenation has always been facelift surgery. However, this can involve a lengthy recovery period with side effects such as scaring. Restoring lost volume and correcting facial structures can also be achieved by dermal fillers. However, to address the quality of the skin, more specific treatments can be used.

In the early 2000s, as a replacement to surgery, threads were introduced with midface rejuvenation using such threads as Gore-Tex and polypropylene. These were permanent threads which did not absorb. These permanent cog threads or lifting threads reported many complications to include asymmetry, visible, palpable threads, pain, thread migration, granuloma and skin irregularities.

It was not until early 2011; Korea introduced the PDO (polydioxanone) threads for facial rejuvenation. Already used in surgical suturing, PDO thread is a biocompatible and bioabsorbable material. Biocompatible means that it is not harmful or toxic to living tissue. PDO disintegrates over six months with the advantage of having low tissue reaction.

When inserted under the skin, PDO threads dissolve and cause-specific changes to the surrounding tissue. These changes are a fibrous merging effect of neo-collagenesis, fat reduction, tissue contracture and an increase in blood circulation. All of which have been shown to create tightness and rebuilding of elastin. PDO threads re-activates the skins normal regenerative process including mechanical stimulation of wound healing and tissue contraction.

Stimulation of elastin is the result of fibroblast activation and has the following benefits of tightening pores, brightening skin, and increasing the volume of the skin. Elastin fibres help the skin return to its normal position after being stretched.

There are two types of threads used at Face Plus Medispa. The outcome is different depending on the type of PDO thread used.

Mono PDO threads are smooth threads and provide a tightening and rejuvenation of the skin. These smooth threads do not provide any substantial lift to the skin. They are placed superficially under the skin, often in a mesh-like fashion and are suitable for patients who want to improve the firmness and quality of their skin. Treatment areas include the upper and lower cheeks, forehead, jawline, neck, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, arms, thighs and abdomen. The Mono PDO threads are performed by our team of experienced and highly trained Registered nurses.

Cog threads have hooks and are lifting threads. The hooks clasp the skin creating a lift and suspension of sagging skin. These threads promote the mechanical effect (lifting) and the biological effect (neo-collagenesis) in one treatment. Our surgeon, Dr William Mooney, perform cog thread lifts. Thread lifts are suitable for patients who have good soft tissue volume and desire a revitalisation effect. Suitable areas include jawline skin laxity and facial slimming. These threads are not suitable for patients with excessively saggy skin.

Studies have shown that absorbable threads are an excellent method in restoring youthful vigours. In particular, when combined with other methods of rejuvenation such as dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle and PRP.

Threads are low risk as they are non-invasive with virtually no scarring.

The Thread Process:
  • Within four weeks – new collagen fibres have loosely connected and merged with pre-existing fibrous connective tissue. There is an increase in blood circulation
  • After 12 weeks – the collagen fibres become denser and form a three-dimensional scaffold
  • After 24 weeks – PDO threads have biodegraded. Remodelling of new collagen is ongoing for up to 12 months.
The Thread procedure:
  • Before treatment – your skin is cleansed thoroughly, and local anaesthetic cream is applied for approximately 20 mins
  • During treatment – PDO threads are inserted using a needle under the skin. The needles are removed, leaving the thread behind.
  • After treatment – your skin is cleansed again using an antiseptic; you may use ice to soothe the treatment area, mild tenderness. Sleep slightly head up.
  • Side effects – temporary bruising, swelling, erythema, slight pulling, or prickling sensation, complications are rare.
  • What to avoid for the first 24 hours after – any sources of heat including sun exposure, no massages, no oil-based moisturisers or make-up, no exercises, no sweat
  • What to avoid for the first five days – no heat, no facials, or massages, keep the face free from sweat
  • What to avoid for the first three weeks – saunas or heat treatments
  • No anti-inflammatories for seven days before treatment
  • No local infections around the procedure
  • Implants in the procedure area
  • A propensity to form keloid scars
  • Pregnancy; lactation
  • Previous non-biological materials in the treatment area
  • To extend the effects of threads:
    • Drink lots of water (at least 2L daily) – collagen requires adequate hydration
    • Stop smoking
    • Wear sunscreen
    • Yearly treatments may be performed if required

We could not be more excited to announce that the PDO Monothreads Treatment is now available across all three of our clinics.

To book in for a consultation, click here.


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