“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Here at Face Plus our Dermal Therapists and Cosmetic Injectors have access to the latest anti-ageing skin technologies.

Through a collaborative approach we’re always enhancing the natural beauty of our clients. Aiming to put your best face forward.

Not only are we using the latest technology, we’re always investing in further training, so we can update you on new ways to keep your skin in the best condition.

It is recognised that the effects of UV, the environment and lifestyle choices contribute to pre mature ageing accelerating collagen degeneration. These effects are; unneccesary exposure to the sun, lack of hydration, refined sugar combined with poor habits around caring for your skin.

Whilst skin treatments for collagen production such as micro needling, peels and laser are super effective. There are times where these treatments won’t result in the desired skin goals and what may be the next step is integrative therapy.

A common example of this is treating the eye area, where most tend to see wrinkling occur before anywhere else on the face. This area has a lot of movement (especially if you smile a lot 😊), so as a result the skin is constantly being creased. In this case skin treatments alone may not give enough and the intervention of muscle relaxants may be needed to achieve a softer appearance.

At Face Plus the end goal of our skin team is to work with you, understand your expectations and assess your needs to be able to start you on your journey to natural, fresher healthier skin.

We know that your skin journey is unique to you, therefore we’re here to educate and support you, as you seek noteable results.

We start with a skin consultation available at all of the Face Plus clinics. Here we set the foundation to your journey to healthy skin.

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