Let’s Talk About Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Nurse Jennifer Shares Her Tips on How to Rid Dark Circles in Minutes.

Are you looking tired and aged because of dark circles under your eyes? 

We speak to our Senior Cosmetic Injecting Nurse Jennifer to find out how to best combat dark circles under the eyes.

Firstly what causes dark circles?

1. Hereditary – Most clients will come in and tell me they have had dark circles under the eyes their whole life. Quite often people with darker skin tones will be darker under the eyes as they produce more melanin.

2. Allergies – People who suffer from seasonal allergies will quite often have puffy eyes as a disruption in the lymphatic drainage system causing people to rub and itch their eyes, causing inflammation to the vessels around the eyes. The iron in our blood can seep out and stain the eye area (hemosiderin stain) creating darker under eyes.

3. Anaemia – Low haemoglobin can make people a little pale and can give the appearance of dark under the eyes.   

What Treatments Do You Recommend To Remove Dark Circles Under The Eye or Eye Bags?


1. Tear Trough Fillers – Now not every one is appropriate for under eye filler, however a quick consult will decide if this treatment is for you. Not all fillers are suitable for under eyes, so choose your injector wisely as some fillers may actually have a tingle effect which makes the under eyes blue.

2. PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma – You can not go past PRP! It’s an amazing treatment for everyone and particularly great for those delicate areas such as under the eyes. The Platelets are a concentrated growth hormone which will thicken the skin by stimulating more collagen and improve circulation to the resulting in a lighter and brighter under eye.

3. Topic Treatments – 

  • Hydroquinine – Skin lightening cream, that stops tyrosinase enzyme from producing melanin which will essentially lighten the skin.
  • Vitamin C – A great antioxidant, slow down the ageing of the skin under the eyes, helps produce collagen and acts as a melanin inhibitor as well.
  • Retinol – Great at producing collagen and elastin.

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