Ponytail facelift Sydney

Ponytail facelift – The best version of you

Imagine waking up to a stunning, improved version of yourself every day – subtle, enhanced, and glamorous. You may have experienced the instant facelift effect when you tie your hair back into a tight, sleek ponytail. What if you could achieve a similar longer-lasting transformation that truly showcases your features at their best?
Enter the ponytail facelift, the revolutionary cosmetic surgery technique that has been taking the world by storm. No longer is this augmentation just an out-of-reach fantasy available only to A-list celebrities. Face Plus Aesthetics, under the expert guidance of renowned Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Scott Turner, is now offering this innovative facelift surgery to you.
So why resolve for a dated or temporary solution when you can achieve a natural-looking, lasting transformation that frequents the red carpets and runways? Bid farewell to settling for average and embrace a more radiant you with the ponytail facelift.

What is a ponytail facelift?

At Face Plus Aesthetics, we understand that when it comes to facelift surgery, every person’s face is unique and requires a customised approach to achieve optimal results.
That is why we offer a range of facelift procedures tailored to the individual needs of each patient. For those seeking a more minimal intervention to rejuvenate their upper face, the ponytail facelift is a popular option. This technique involves incisions made near the temples within the hairline, allowing for easy concealment of any small scars. Unlike a full face and neck lift, the ponytail facelift does not require incisions around the earlobe or under the chin.
Of course, the key to achieving optimal results with any facelift technique is choosing an experienced plastic surgeon who understands the nuances of each approach. At Face Plus Aesthetics, our team, led by the skilled and talented Dr Scott Turner, has the expertise and knowledge needed to ensure a successful outcome. With our ponytail facelift, you can enjoy a more youthful, revitalised appearance that leaves you feeling confident and refreshed.

What is the best age for a ponytail facelift?

This popular procedure is ideal for women in their 20s to 30s who want to enhance their facial features and also for those who have just started to notice the signs of aging. For older patients, usually in their 50s to 70s, who are concerned about jowls and sagging skin in the neck area, a ponytail facelift may not be a sufficient method to meet their aesthetic goals. Keep in mind that a ponytail facelift involves limited incisions and access to deeper tissues is therefore restricted, making it best suited for those who require only minimal enhancement and correction. Considering how quick and non-invasive this procedure is, it’s incredible that the results of a ponytail facelift can last from 5 to 10 years.
If you’re looking for a more comprehensive procedure that corrects more significant issues with your cheeks, jowls, and neckline while lasting upwards of 10 years, a deep plane facelift and extended platysmaplasty neck lift may be recommended.
Ultimately, the best way to determine whether a ponytail facelift is right for you is to consult with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr Scott Turner at Face Plus Aesthetics.

Recovery time after a ponytail facelift

The ponytail facelift is a procedure that can have you back to your daily routine in no time with a recovery period of about a week. After the 2 to 3 hour surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia in a private hospital, most patients experience minimal discomfort during their recovery. However, Dr Turner may prescribe medication to alleviate any tenderness or pain you may experience. It’s important to note that recovery times can vary from patient to patient, so it’s crucial to discuss the specifics with Dr Turner during your consultation.
To ensure optimal healing, it’s important to take certain precautions during the recovery process. This includes avoiding sun exposure, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, staying hydrated, and getting plenty of rest. It’s especially important to avoid any strenuous exercise for up to four weeks after the surgery. Additionally, it’s best to avoid smoking and nicotine altogether, as these can interfere with the healing process and ultimately compromise your results. By following these guidelines, you can expect a smoother recovery and better results overall, alongside Face Plus Aesthetics’ premium post-op care, including your follow-up appointments with Dr Turner, our nursing team, and our dermal therapists.

Ponytail lift surgery potential complications

A ponytail facelift is a surgical procedure. And just like any type of surgery, adverse reactions could be expected. Such as pain, bruising, and swelling. However, severe complications like extreme bleeding, are rare.


The ponytail facelift is a revolutionary cosmetic surgery technique that can offer a natural-looking and long-lasting transformation for younger patients. The procedure is quick and much less invasive than other facelifts. However, it’s essential to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr Scott Turner at Face Plus Aesthetics to determine whether a ponytail facelift is right for you. Recovery time is typically around a week, and potential complications are rare. With the ponytail facelift, bid farewell to settling for average and embrace a more radiant you.
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