Sarah Jessica Parker has admitted some of her own insecurities, telling all how she perceives herself as just “presentable”.

Has Sarah Jessica Parker had Cosmetic Surgery?

In a recent interview on The Howard Stern Show, Sarah Jessica Parker, aged 58, shared her reflections on the process of aging and the societal expectations placed on women.

The renowned actress, recently known for her role in “And Just Like That,” and famously, “Sex and the City” expressed her contemplation about the possibility of undergoing cosmetic procedures such as a facelift or Botox. These treatments, popular among celebrities in the public eye, have made her wonder if it might be too late for her to explore such options.

When Stern inquired about any consideration of more permanent treatments, Parker expressed her preference for nonsurgical procedures, such as lasers and other energy-based devices. However, she acknowledged that her opportunity for a facelift had passed, stating,

“I honestly think I missed out on the facelift. Like the old-fashioned, good one you have when you’re like 44.”

She isn’t wrong either, Dr Scott J Turner has seen remarkable results from early intervention when it comes to Facial Rejuvenation procedures. Patients ranging between 40-55 years of age will usually benefit from either a Deep Plane facelift, or a Vertical Restore facelift, or, as SJP says, “A good, old-fashioned facelift”.

Sarah Jessica Parker Facelift

Parker shared her love for non-surgical treatments with a light-hearted comment; “I go to a dermatologist, and, you know, you can get a peel. And then there’s a machine, and it would be like, vroom, vroom, vroom…You’re a little red when you leave. I’ll do any of that stuff.”

Face Plus Aesthetics offer such a wide variety of skin peels, that there is almost one for very skin concern, and different skin type. Our advanced dermal treatments also comprise many energy-based devices, lasers, and our personal favourite, the Dermapen (which makes a “vroom, vroom, vroom” sound).

SJP Opens up About the Aesthetic Pressures She has Faced

Recognising the unique challenges encountered by women in the entertainment industry, Parker engaged in a conversation about the pervasive youth-oriented culture and the need to uphold a particular image. She candidly addressed the societal pressure exerted on women, a burden rarely imposed on their male counterparts.

“I do understand why people make the choice because there is so much emphasis put on, especially women, primarily women, about looks”.

Sarah went on to express the prevailing expectations that women face in relation to their appearance; “I mean, even last year when we first went on the air with the new season, there were just so many endless articles about aging and aging gracefully. You know, ‘Sarah’s hair is gray.’ And I was like, first of all, it’s not. But who cares?”

Ultimately, Sarah shares the same values and principles that Dr Turner and the Face Plus Aesthetics team have, “I don’t think it’s wrong. I think people should do whatever they feel makes them feel better when they walk out the door, frankly.”

Watch the full interview below.