Specialist Plastic Surgeon,

Dr Scott J Turner

Welcome to Dr Scott Turner’s Plastic Surgery, Face Plus Aesthetics, in Sydney, Australia – Your Trusted Destination for Specialist Plastic Surgery.

Dr Scott Turner is a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon dedicated to delivering exceptional results. With a focus on facial beautification and rejuvenation surgeries, Dr Turner has created a very good name for himself in Sydney, NSW.

Dr Turner’s philosophy is rooted in a deep understanding of individuality. His unwavering commitment is to unveil your authentic beauty, embracing and enhancing the unique characteristics that make you who you are. Every procedure is meticulously tailored to your distinct features, as he crafts natural results that harmonise with your true essence. The transformative power of his work is beyond skin-deep.

Dr Turner’s practices are beacons of compassion and understanding, nurturing an environment where judgment is left at the door. Here, your journey is met with unwavering support and empathy, where the power of transformation is celebrated, and stories of personal growth and empowerment intertwine. As you join this community of individuals, bound by a shared desire for self-improvement, you will find solace in knowing that you are not alone.

Step into a world where beauty is redefined, where self-confidence flourishes, and where your inner radiance shines brightly. The transformation awaits, and it starts with Dr Turner and his nurturing team, where passion meets purpose. Embark on a path that leads to empowerment, self-acceptance, and the liberation to be truly and unapologetically you with the Face Plus team.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Dr Turner’s lifelong commitment to excellence has driven him to acquire extensive qualifications, education, and training in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. With a deep understanding of human anatomy and refined surgical techniques, he ensures natural-looking and beautiful outcomes for his patients. He remains at the forefront of his field by regularly attending local and international surgeon meetings, collaborating with leading experts to offer you the most innovative, effective, and safest procedures available.

A personalised Approach

At our practice, we prioritise your well-being and satisfaction. Dr Turner and his highly trained staff are dedicated to providing you with personalized care in a compassionate environment. We believe in thorough communication, ensuring you are fully informed about your options and addressing any concerns or questions you may have. Your comfort and trust are of utmost importance to us, and we strive to make you feel at ease throughout your entire journey.

Confidentiality and Discretion

We understand the sensitivity of cosmetic procedures and respect your privacy. From the moment you step into our practice, you can expect a private and discreet experience. We ensure that every aspect of your visit is handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Customised Evaluation and Procedure Plan

We recognise that each individual is unique, both physically and emotionally. Dr Turner takes the time to understand your specific needs and desires, conducting a thorough evaluation to develop a personalised procedure plan tailored to achieve your desired results. Your journey with us is carefully tailored to ensure the best possible outcome for you, including your complimentary pre and post op skin care and treatment plan.

The Dr Turner Difference

When you choose our practice, you are placing your trust in the hands of a plastic surgeon who truly cares. Dr Turner’s expertise, compassion, and dedication to providing exceptional care will make you feel confident and secure throughout your cosmetic surgery experience. We are here to support you, answer your questions, and guide you every step of the way.

Experience the difference of exceptional cosmetic plastic surgery at one of our Sydney practices. Schedule a consultation today and discover how Dr Turner can help you achieve your aesthetic goals with natural-looking, beautiful results. Your journey to enhanced confidence and well-being starts here.