Sign, Sealed & Concealed: Pigmentation

Pigmentation is a “disorder”

Common across all ethic backgrounds, skin types, skin colours and can be caused by a number of reasons including sun exposure, hormonal changes and genetic conditions.

Varying skin colour from person to person is caused by a pigment in our skin called melanin which is produced by cells in our body called melanocytes.

Melanin protects our skin by absorbing damaging UV radiation. Fun in the sun, causes our skin to produce more melanin as a defence mechanism to protect the skin. As melanin production increases, skin darkens.

Types of skin pigmentation include freckles, liver spots, melisma and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

Concealing Pigmentation
For flawless make up a suitable moisturiser for your skin type and primer is essential to give a hydrated and smooth base.

To cover pigmentation, you must colour correct appropriately for example, for dark circles with a blue-ish tone under the eyes, use an orange or peach coloured concealer to counteract the darkness.

Patting the product with your finger, sponge or brush to ensure an even application.

For red spots or blemishes you would first need to counteract the redness with a green based concealer, “I find a basic colour wheel really useful to know what colours counteract each other” says Make Up Face Plus Medispa, Make Up Artist Rowena Maree.

For a dark brown discolouration, a pink or peach coloured concealer will counteract and brighten the area.

Once you have covered up your pigmentation, apply the concealer that matches your skin tone over the top of the colour corrected area. Blend with your finger, sponge or brush to ensure it doesn’t appear patchy.

For the finishing touch, depending on your preferred finish, you can choose to set with a powder or a foundation for a more dewy finish.

Our top product picks


Protect: Ultra MD Hydrating Sunscreen – SPF 50, $49

Prep: Victoria Curtis, CC Skin Refining Face Primer, $49

Conceal: Victoria Curtis, CC Airbrush Finish Mineral Concealer, $33


For a matte finish, Victoria Curtis, CC Matte Perfection, $59

For a dewy finish, Victoria Curtis, Airbrush Finish Mineral Foundation, $59

Treatment options
Face Plus Medispa have a number of treatments that assist with lightening pigmentation, treatments include Herbal Aktiv Peel or the range of Ultra MD facials and products, available from all three clinics.

For a skin assessment:
Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
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Bankstown: 02 9796 7007


Shades of Winter

Winter is all about keeping skin hydrated, healthy and plumped.

As our tan begins fade, our makeup should also change to compliment out lighter skin tones.
Shades such as soft pinks, corals, mauves, rose golds, taupes and warm earthy tones will all be on trend this season.

It’s all about luminous skin with a flush of colour on the cheeks to compliment the eye colour.
As our skin does tend to loose that golden glow that it radiates in summer, it is important to select softer makeup hues to bring your features to life, rather than washing you out.
Top Curtis Collection Picks

Glam Lipstick – shade “Go Nude” – $33

Glam Lipstick – shade “Sweetheart” – $33

V Gloss – shade “XOXO” – $30

Mineral Velvet Shadow – “Champagne on Ice” – $27.50

Signature Quad – “London Collection” – $62

Blush – shade “Golden Goddess” – $35

Illuminating Bronzer – “Sun Goddess” – $50

Using a bronzer such as the Curtis Collection Illuminating Bronzer is excellent in winter as it will impart a sun kissed glow on the skin rather than a deep bronze.

Maintaining that healthy glow is essential even through the winter months, so this bronzer is definitely a MUST HAVE!
“Skin Illuminators which I personally swear by” Victoria Curtis, in winter are:

Curtis Collection Radiant Glow Illuminator ($45) – adds instant radiance to your complexion – mix into your foundation for an instant pick me up!

Naked Glow CC Cream ($52) – the ultimate colour corrector, skin perfector in the winter months! Boosts hydration so you don’t suffer from dry, flakey skin during the colder months – and colour corrects your complexion instantly so your skin appears flawless with minimal coverage.

Hydra Primer ($57) – is a must have for every complexion during winter
The Victoria Curtis collection is available from our Bondi Beach Medispa. Make an appointment with our on site make up artist, Caterina Ruffa for your season trends, tips and tricks.

To make an appointment with Caterina:
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