Couple Goals: …those that Skincare together

At home skin care is a cost-effective bonding experience for you and your partner.

Mornings are always a bit too rushed…especially during the weekday, however, night times give couples a great opportunity to engage in some feel-good beauty routines.

Lately, I have been seeing a lot more men on social media try at home scrubs and sheet masks…usually to the great amusement and encouragement of their significant others. At home skin care is a cost-effective bonding experience for you and your partner. Here are some tips to start incorporating the man in your life into your night time beauty routine.

  1. Think about the both of you

When I first started painting my partners face with face masks, I was considerate of that fact he might not appreciate my rose scented, pink clay mask. I wanted to ease him into my wonderful beauty world, so started with exfoliating face scrubs and mineral clay masks that looked like camouflage face paint.  The aim is to have fun together not isolate and overwhelm your partner. (aka. Don’t snapchat him on the couch wearing a facemask)

  1. Take a shower or bath together

There’s nothing nicer in Winter than a hot shower or warm bath. It’s even better to do this activity together (not all the time, but once a week it can be a really nice intimate way of spending time together). Go the extra mile and light some scented candles. If you’re having a bath add some Epsom salt to relax your muscles and a few drops of lavender oil to set the calming mood. If you’re having a shower, use exfoliating mitts and a good quality body scrub. The result is smoother skin and a free massage. Talk about winning.

  1. Give your partner a DIY facial

After a stressful work day, there is nothing nicer than having your face gently massaged and cleansed for you. While you’re watching your favourite show or about to hit the hay, rest your partners head in your lap and cleanse, tone and moisturise their face. Make sure to have clean hands and use the same amount of product as you would on yourself. It’s easy to get a little carried away and use too much facial oil, however, you don’t want to clog your partners pores and trigger a breakout.

ro tip: Always sweep your face in an upwards motion. Start from the base of the neck and run your hands and fingertips up along the neck. This is a must-master technique for anti-ageing skincare.

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Anti-aging facial exercises

Muscles need to be worked out to keep them healthy and strong therefore shouldn’t we apply the same to our face? 

We work out our bodies and our minds, but why don’t we focus on exercising our face. Throughout the day we make a million involuntary movements.

We smile, we frown and sometimes we even cry. Sometimes these movements contribute to negative facial features, such as frown lines and crow’s feet, so it’s important we take time each day to practice conscious facial exercises that increase blood circulation to allow more oxygen to reach the cells of the skin.

These exercises below promote lymphatic drainage of negative toxins, stimulate collage and elastin production to give you’re a smoother, tighter and more glowing complexion.
The following five anti-ageing facial exercises are from the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method.

Danielle recommends that you do these exercises for 20 minutes, six times a week. For the first couple of weeks, it’s a good idea to practice in the mirror to observe your facial movements and notice the changes in your appearance. In terms of progress, Danielle says to expect to see changes in your face and neck after only two weeks.

Within 2-4 months you can will notice less fine lines and tension and you will look healthier and more energised.
1.The V
Good For: Drooping eyelids, crow’s feet, eye bags and puffiness.
Alternative To: Botox and eye surgery.
Step 1: Press both middle fingers together at the inner corner of the eyebrows, then with the index fingers, apply pressure to the outer corners of the eyebrows.
Step 2: Look to the ceiling and raise the lower eyelids upwards to make a strong squint, and then relax.
Step 3: Repeat six more times and finish by squeezing eyes shut tightly for 10 seconds.

2.The Smile Smoother
Good For: Cheek lines and sagging skin.
Alternative To: 
Lower face lift and fillers.
Step 1: Hide the teeth with the lips to make an ‘O’ shape with the mouth.
Step 2: Smile widely while keeping the teeth hidden and repeat six times.
Step 3: Next, hold the smile shape while placing one index finger on the chin. Then start to move the jaw up and down as the head tilts gently back. Relax and repeat twice more.

3.Smooth the brow
 Good For: Horizontal forehead lines.
Alternative To:

Step 1: 
Place both hands on the forehead facing inwards and spread all of the fingers out between the eyebrows and hairline.
Step 2: Gently sweep the fingers outwards across the forehead, applying light pressure to tighten the skin.
Step 3: Relax and repeat 10 times.

4.The flirty eyes
 Good For: Deep eye hollows and drooping eye brows.
Alternative To:
 Eyebrow lift.
Step 1: Place an index finger under each eye, pointing towards the nose.
Step 2: Hide the teeth and tease the top lip and bottom lip away from each other at the the mouth.
Step 3: Flutter the upper eyelids while gazing at the ceiling for 30 seconds.

5.The giraffe
Good For: Lines and loose skin on the neck.
Alternative To:
 Neck lift and jowl lift.

Step 1:
 Looking straight ahead, place the finger tips at the bottom of the neck and lightly stroke the skin downwards with the head tilted back.
Step 2: Bring the head back down to the chest and repeat twice more.
Step 3: Finally, jut the lower lip out as far as possible to pull the corners of the mouth down and place finger tips on the collarbone with the chin pointed upwards. Hold for four deep breaths.

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The Markle Beauty sparkle

“We are two people who are really happy and in love” – Meghan Markle

As the world prepares to stop and watch an American TV Actress marry a real life prince, the question on everyone’s lips is….what is she going to look like?

Meghan Markle has captivated women all over the world with her dazzling dimple smile, large brown eyes, glowing skin and shiny hair. She is the IT girl that found fame on Suits and caught the eye of Britain’s most eligible bachelor. She is a classic beauty with a simple beauty routine that you can copy too.

The best thing about Meghan is that unlike most notoriously shy royals, she is not afraid to speak her mind and spill her beauty secrets.

The following information has been collected by beauty interviews conducted with Meghan from Allure, Beauty Banter, BirchBox and Beauticate.

What is your beauty routine?
“I play around. I love Jan Marini skin-care products. I’ve been using their serum lately. It’s a nice glycolic one that makes your skin really glow-y. And I really love the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder. It just sort of foams on your face and gives you a really subtle exfoliation. I also use Revitalash on my eyelashes, and I swear they are as long as they could ever be.” 

What are your must-have makeup products?
I love Nars blush in Orgasm. I use it on and off camera because it gives you a nice glow from within. My favorite mascara is Diorshow Iconic, and then I love the Make Up For Ever HD Powder) It lets your skin look shiny and fresh, but not greasy-shiny.”

How does your makeup look differ from your Suits character?  
“I am so much more low-key in real life. She’s so polished. And it’s in HD, so the steps that go into looking good on a show are very different than in real life. I don’t wear foundation in real life. My routine is very simple — I call it the five-minute face. It’s just Touche Éclat, curled lashes, mascara, Chap Stick, and a little bit of blush. That is my favourite kind of look. If I’m going to amp it up for night, then I use M.A.C. Teddy eyeliner, which is a really beautiful brown that has some gold in it. A makeup artist I work with often, Kayleen McAdams, turned me on to it. It’s what she uses on Sofia Vergara, and who wouldn’t want those gorgeous brown almond eyes?”

The interview excerpt above was with Meghan before her royal encounter with Prince Harry, so how has her beauty style evolved since meeting the prince?

Meghan has noticeably toned down the ‘glam’ on her red carpet looks. The smoky eyes being replaced for more golden tones.

Since being linked to Prince Harry, Meghan has stuck to a palette of neutral tones against bronzed, glowing skin, which is both timeless and chic.

This is a clear indication of her royal transformation from screen siren to future princess. While Kate Middleton has made a signature look of her strong eyeliner, filled in brows and blushed cheeks, Meghan is still experimenting with her appearance.

There are, however, a few consistencies to Meagan’s everyday look:

  1. She applies foundation sparingly to avoid covering up her signature splatter of freckles.

“Only apply foundation to the spots you need it and spread it with a beauty blender,” she says, “I never want to cover my freckles, so we just do a ‘wash’ of foundation in certain sections instead of over the entire face.” 

  1. She keeps her lips natural. With her golden features speaking volumes, Meghan leaves her lips natural and moisturised but not glossy or filled in. This simple switch up makes her appear a lot more natural and relaxed.

Meghan’s go to product is Chapstick or Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip TreatmentThe very best lip balm, in Meghan’s opinion. “I swear by it,” she says.

  1. She always wears under eye concealer to keep her face camera fresh

YSL Touche ÉclatThe one product Meghan reaches for to look “relatively alive” after a gruelling 17-hour workday.

  1. She always has clean, shiny, blow-dried hair

Meghan’s hair is her crowning glory. While she isn’t afraid to mix of her hairstyles, from messy updo’s, big girls or a bouncy blow dry she always start with the foundation of clean, smooth hair.

These are her go to hair care products:
Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense Thick MaskMeghan says she uses her Kérastase products religiously. This mask is ideal for nourishing sensitised, dry hair.

Kérastase Bain Oléo-Relax lineThis range smooths frizzy hair into glossy tresses, like Meghan’s.
Oribe Dry Texturizing SprayMeghan waxes lyrical about this cult product, saying, “When my hair is feeling a little weighted, Suanne, my hair artist…has me bend forward and she sprays a little Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray…and then has me ‘flip back hard’ to give my hair a little extra bounce.”

So what can we expect from Meghan on her big day?
My guess is a modern take on Grace Kelly.

I think she will wear her hair in a messy up do fixed with a traditional tiara and veil and she will keep her makeup simple and glowy.

I think she will make a point to enhance her gorgeous bronzed skin with lots of caramel and gold tones and keep her lips hydrated and matte to let her million dollar smile shine through.

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Interview with Hannah: Injectable Nurse at Bankstown & Bondi Junction


Interview with Hannah: Injectable Nurse at Bankstown & Bondi Junction

Hannah has been one of our Bankstown client’s favourite injectable nurses. She has worked in the cosmetic beauty industry for over nine years. She is recently back from maternity leave and resuming her role at Face Plus Bankstown and Bondi Junction.I sat down with Hannah to discuss her career as an enrolled nurse and of course her new role as a mum.

How did you get into cosmetic nursing?
Completely by chance. I started nursing in 2005 and worked in the public sector across industries such as aged care, mental health and paediatrics. It was rewarding work it just wasn’t for me. At the time I was getting Laser Hair Removal from a clinic close to my house. My therapist happened to be the owner and offered me a job. I worked there for quite a few years and it’s there that I began performing cosmetic injectables.

Did you love it straight away?
Not really. I think it’s important my clients know that I was a bit of a sceptic at the start. In 2007 the beauty industry was quite different and injectables were still relatively new. There was a lot of poor workmanship and women with unnatural results and it scared me a bit. It wasn’t until I properly started researching the industry that I realised there is a real art to the way we inject, not just the type of product we inject. Once I started injecting and achieving natural results for my clients I became a complete advocate. 

Describe the kind of clients you see and what do they hope injectables will achieve?
They are always a complete mix. I do tend to gravitate towards a more mature audience that are after rejuvenating and natural results. I’m not a huge fan of augmenting a person’s natural features. Filler used to be a big taboo for many of my clients, however, now it’s all about applying little amounts in a precise way to replace volume loss. My clients are all about subtle enhancements.

What do you think the ethos of injecting at Face Plus is?
I love that this company has very high standards when it comes to the expectations of their staff and their work. We like to focus on a more natural aesthetic. This doesn’t just apply to our cosmetic nurses but to our dermal therapists also. Our service menu is focused on non-ablative techniques that heal the skin while still being results driven. There’s a reason we offer herbal peels and not chemical peels. While the later might yield good results in the short term, ultimately, they create inflammation and scar tissue damage which will age you quicker.

What is the ultimate compliment you want your clients to receive from family, friends and peers?
That they look refreshed, rejuvenated and well rested. It’s not about freezing your face, it’s about calming it and creating that lift and glow that is synonymous with healthy skin.

I recently had a client that I did 6ml of filler in one sitting. She had a lot of volume loss due to weight loss and ageing skin. She had a lot of sunken hollows, so we needed to do her tear troughs to plump up the tissue around her eyes. We recreated a jaw line for her and gave her some beautiful defined cheekbones. At the end of the session she looked like she had been on a month-long health retreat. Her skin looked hydrated, healthy and youthful.

Now that you’re a mum, how has your own beauty routine changed?
It’s changed dramatically. I try to make everything a lot quicker and easier.
The first thing I couldn’t wait to do after 7 and 1/2 months of breastfeeding was to get Botox. It was the first thing I did. I had never had lines on my forehead, but those sleepless nights will give it to you. I had quite a few and I just wanted them gone.

Can you have injectables while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding?
No. I refuse to inject pregnant women, or women that are actively breast feeding. Whilst you’re pregnant you want your body to be a temple. And same when you’re breast feeding, you want anything you put into your body to be passable to the baby. It’s a risk I’m not willing to take.

Do you have a lot of mum clients and do you relate to them now on a different level?
Absolutely. Firstly, we have more in common and more to talk about. But more importantly I’m more realistic when it comes to budgets and financial concerns. I now know from personal experience the need to prioritise and factor in cost.

What is your one recommended injectable treatment for mums?
Muscle Relaxants. definitely. It gives an immediate wow factor and it lasts 4 + months. It’s great for stressed out, time poor, sleep deprived mums…which is basically every mum. I would recommend a couple of facials, but I understand that not everyone has the time or budget, so if I had to pick one or the other I would go muscle relaxants particularly around the eyes to relax the crows feet and the frown line. those two are the first places that women start to show signs of aging. On the plus side, you won’t look so angry to your partner.

Hannah is back working at Face Plus Medispa on the following days:
Bondi Junction – every Wednesday, call 02 8897 0078 to book
Bankstown – first Monday of every month. Next appointment: 4th June call 02 8897 0050 to book


Match your makeup to your mood

If I were to describe autumn in a colour palette, I would pick copper tones, rich browns and red wine.

Lucky for me, this is also the must have makeup look of the beauty world for autumn/winter ’18.
how can we achieve this?

Golden Eye
Start with your eye makeup. Move over smokey/panda eye there’s a new kid in town and she’s much more subtle and easy to clean off. Whether you’re all about a matte or shimmer effect, golden copper and rich browns are all the rage.

Blend together a mix of light to darker shades. Don’t just stop on your top lid, add a little under the eye to replace your usual eyeliner.

For a more relaxed look, don’t perfectly fill in your eyebrows (that’s so 2017), instead try the relaxed and wild brushed brow. Swap your brown pencil for a brow gel to keep those hairs in place. 

Bronze those cheeks
With summer gone, we need to fake it till we make it. A light dusting of bronzer contoured strategically around you face will give you the illusion of a thinner, more defined facial structure.

Contour your bronzer by brushing it Along the sides of your forehead and temples. this will create balance between the wider upper half of your face and the more narrow lower half.

Next move onto the area below your cheekbones starting from your ears and ending in the middle of your cheeks.
End by brushing a small amount right below your chin.

End with a wine stained lip
Time to trade your spritz for a rich red. Match your liquid to your lips and opt for a dramatic stain, gloss or matte lipstick.
Make sure to prep your lips before applying this dark colour.

I like to make my own DIY lip scrub using a teaspoon of raw sugar and a pea size amount of pawpaw ointment. Combine the two then massage gentle onto you lips. Wipe (or lick off) then apply a hydrated lip balm while you do your other makeup. By the time you’re ready to apply your lipstick your lips will be prepped and plump.

For a perfect lipstick look use a lipliner in the same colour to outline the shape of your lip before applying.
For a more relaxed look (which is all the rage in 2018) use a lip crayon and blend it through using your fingers. This will yield a smudged, effortless look like you missed your mouth on the merlot.

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Conceal: Cover up your pimples like a pro

The deal on how to conceal!

Despite what the beauty therapists tell us, “let your skin breathe” “makeup will make it worse”, we all know that the ONLY thing you want to do when you have acne is to hide it.

If you have a hot date, an important meeting or any social gathering that requires you to change out of your gym gear then this is the blog post for you.

How to cover up a pimple like a pro. Below are some make-up artist techniques to covering up each type of pimple.

First step: start with clean, fresh skin. Do NOT wake up and apply your makeup without washing your face first. During the night your skin has suffered a build up of sweat, bacteria, skin/dust and bed mites. You need to clean the slate…and change your pillow cases while you’re at it.

You want to go for a thick, dry, clay like concealer. The kind you find in a pot, not the one with the wand applicator. Use a clean finger or a small clean makeup brush and only apply to the actual pimple and surrounding redness.

Gently press the pimple to try and hide it’s 3D shape. Finish with a translucent setting powder, to prevent that oily glow.

Cystic Acne
Cystic Acne is characterised by red, swollen, headless monsters that are painful to touch. The first step is to try and settle them down. DO NOT PICK AT THEM.
Use an ice cube and massage over the acne to reduce the swelling. It will also help numb the pain a bit, as these pimples can make your skin very sensitive. Next, use warm water (not hot) and gently pat the affected area.

The cold/warm compression is a great trick to reduce the inflammation of the lesions.
The problem with cystic acne, is no matter what you do, you won’t completely cover the suckers.

Choose a mineral makeup, such as a tinted BB cream and use a mineral based concealer to try and reduce the redness. If you apply heavy layers of foundation you have the potential to make the bumps more obvious.

The aim here is to produce an even skin tone, not airbrush your skin smooth…. save that for your Facetune app.
Pro type. Add a red lip or a dramatic winged eye liner, to detract attention.

Flaky Skin
A dried-out pimple is screaming out for hydration. Wash your face with warm water (remember, warm and not hot).

Next focus by applying warm water on a gauze or cotton pad specifically to the dried out, flaky pimples. Apply a gentle exfoliator to try and massage away the flakiness. Next apply a deep moisturising day or night cream. To cover these types of pimples you want to go for a moisturising, wet concealer, so the kind with the wand application brush. 

Blackheads tend to concentrate around your nose. While, we consider these the least offensive type of pimple, they do require some clever layering to hide them from the naked eye. First apply primer, then your BB cream or liquid foundation.

Use a concealer after to massage into the nose area to really blend in the colour. I always like to finish with a matte setting powder to hide the sheen.

Pimples on the forehead
Suffer from an oily T Zone? Don’t worry, so do the rest of us. Our beauty babe, Chloe Morello suggests applying a ‘mattifying’ primer to this area of your skin, then applying a glow primer to the rest of your face.

You also want to pick an oil free foundation and concealer as your body is clearly producing enough of it on its own.

You don’t want to have dry skin either, so make sure not to over exfoliate or apply too much toner as this will only cause your skin to want to produce more oil to compensate.

If some of your blemishes are about to rupture, use clean hands and a clean tissue and apply gentle pressure to the pimple. Make sure all your makeup brushes / hands are clean as you don’t want to spread the bacteria.

Again, go for a liquid BB cream to hydrate the skin followed by a matte setting powder to settle the shine.

Whether you have a single pimple, or an entire family of friends on your face, remember, no one is actually judging you as most people are trying to do the exact same thing. Happy Concealing….and remember to clean your face as soon as you get home.

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In Flight Facial: how to stay hydrated while you travel

It’s school holidays which means for some of you lucky ones it’s time to jet off on an adventure.

We all have our methods when it comes to aeroplane travel. Some like to knock themselves out and sleep the whole way, while others try to adjust to the upcoming time zone and force themselves to stay awake.

There are those who get to the airport 3 hours before check-in opens and others that consider ‘gate closing’ a perfect time to check out the duty-free shopping.

One thing though that everyone has in common (that doesn’t discriminate based on what class you’re flying in) is that flying is taxing on your skin. The recycled air is very dehydrating. The low humidity levels in the cabin decrease the hydration in the outer layers of your skin.

This is why your skin often feels tight and flakey and your eyes red and dry. The recycled air is also a breeding ground of other people’s germs which is why the air-conditioning is freezing cold and blasted on high, reducing the moisture levels even further to around 20% of what we’re used to.

Attitude also affects your skin. Aeroplane cabins are pressurised which means your blood isn’t circulating properly. They tell you to move your legs on a plane, but its also important to exercise your face.

I asked our Face Place Dermal Therapists to share their top tips to keeping your skin in a healthy time zone while travelling:

  1. Do NOT wear makeup on a long-haul flight. It’s ok if you’re just popping down to Melbourne, but anything longer than 2 hours on a plane, you should fly makeup free and give your skin a chance to breathe.
  1. If you have a day flight, make sure to wear Sunscreen. Think about it, you’re flying 30,000 feet above ground bringing you even closer to the harsh UV rays of the sun. If you love your window seat, make sure you had a thick coverage of 30SPF on. A BB cream is an ideal product choice as it includes a moisturiser.
  1. Cleanse your face, don’t spritz your face. Avoid the facial mists that promise hydration. Water attracts water. Spritzing rose misted water might feel calming but will actually aggravate dehydration. Wash your face before settling in for a long-haul flight then apply a facial oil or a nourishing night cream. Pro tip, mix a few drops of your facial oil into your night cream and apply.
  1. Reapply your moisturiser, all flight long. Every couple of hours….or in between naps, wake up, move around and reapply your hydrating cream in sweeping circular movements from your neck up. Giving yourself a facial massage is great for promoting blood circulation (remember the cabin pressure). It’s a DIY lymphatic drainage technique that your cells will thank you for. If you’re lucky enough to sit in business or first class, consider adding some under eye patches, or if you dare a hydrating sheet mask. Of course, you’re more than welcome to rock one in economy as long as you don’t frighten your neighbours.
  1. Swap the wine for water. Being on a plane can often be associated with a holiday, so it’s natural you want to celebrate with a drink, but it’s best to wait until you reach your destination if you want to look your best when you land. Alcohol is already dehydrating but when you combine it with altitude, you’ll feel the effects a lot faster. Alcohol will also cause your face to look more bloated and puffy than usual due to the cabin pressure.
  1. To beat the skin jet lag once you land double cleanse your skin, gently exfoliate and layer your product  depending on your new Timezone (day routine or night routine). Try and get some exercise first thing off your flight and you’ll start your holiday fresh faced and fabulous.

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Interview with Jackie from Face Plus Bankstown: her go to treatment to address Pigmentation

I spent a day out at our Bankstown Clinic getting to know our newest member of Face Plus, Jackie.

Jackie started in January and joined our incredible team of dermal therapists. I interviewed Jackie about her training, passion for skincare and focus areas for her clients.

Jackie, how long have you been working in the beauty industry?
A: I have been a dermal therapist for 6 years. Before that I was a beauty therapist. I did a beauty diploma at the Australasian college in Broadway. It was a 2.5 year degree, studying full time and I just absolutely loved immersing myself in the wonderful world of beauty and skincare.

Why did you choose beauty therapy?
I personally love being pampered. So, it definitely stems from my personal preference. In turn I love seeing my clients happy and calm after their treatments. I definitely try and make all my services as enjoyable and relaxing as possible while still yielding results.
I’ve also always been interested in skin health. In high school I loved biology and learning how things work. For me, skincare is very science focused.

What are your own skin care concerns?
I’ve suffered Pigmentation issues my whole adult life. Pigmentation is a very tricky condition to fix. It is a long-term treatment plan with no overnight wins. Luckily though, there have been a lot of technological advances in the dermal therapy world and this has resulted in some breakthrough treatments to address Pigmentation.

What kind of treatments do we offer that helps with Pigmentation?
Dermapen with Omnilux is a pigmentation sufferer’s dream treatment combination. The Dermapen helps to lift out the pigmentation. Dermapen, otherwise known as microneedling, can go deeper into skin, to the dermis layer. Pigmentation hides below the surface so was previously hard to reach.

I always recommend 20 minutes of Omnilux ( LED Light Therapy) after a dermapen treatment as it is a fast-acting way to heal the skin. It speeds up the healing process. The red light is the healing light and helps with collagen formation and is anti-aging.

How many treatments of Dermapen and Omnilux would someone with mild to medium pigmentation need before they start seeing results?
At least two treatments, 6 weeks apart. It’s very important you have this time between appointments to let the skin heal.

Why is Pigmentation an issue that effects a lot of Australians?
It’s the Australian sun. It’s very harsh. We’re quite an outdoorsy culture, so we’re more exposed and vulnerable to the UV rays. I’ve also noticed that a lot of clients that come in with pigmentation as a primary issue are in their 40’s – 50’s. This generation in particular were not educated to use sunscreen. They didn’t have sun safety campaigns like we do now.

If you could tell your clients to never forget one product, what would it be?
BB Cream. It’s a foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen all in one. The lazy girls secret weapon.
Just make sure that your BB Cream has at least 30 SPF in it.

Can you suffer sun damage when it’s overcast?
Absolutely. The UV rays are still there, sun or no sun.
If you’re considering Dermapen to fix your pigmentation issues, you will need to be very careful to avoid sun altogether. Your skin will be extra sensitive so if you do expose yourself, you’re running the risk of causing more pigmentation damage. Always wear a hat and prior to treatments use a 50 SPF at all times (even when you’re inside the office). Remember UV rays can reflect glass, so you’re at risk even if you’re sitting at your desk.

Do you need to be careful post dermapen about using other topical products?
Yes, we recommend you use as little makeup as possible. You need to let your skin breathe. If you feel the need to cover up, opt for a nourishing BB Cream or some light mineral makeup. Dermapen opens your pores up, which means they are susceptible to toxins and bacteria. The last thing we want to do is clog the pores up with artificial makeup and ruin all the progress we’ve made.

What other treatments do you love at Face Plus?
I love our herbal peels. Like the hydra and the phyto peel.
In my last job, we performed acid peels. I found these to be far too invasive. It makes your skin very dry. While they might work well in the short term, acid peels don’t yield great results years later. You need to nurture your skin. It’s such a vital organ so by treating it with natural, herbal ingredients rather than manmade chemicals (synthetic acids), you’re working with the skins process at a much more holistic level.

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Cabinet cleanse: limit your make up and skin care to the essentials

How to rid yourself of unnecessary but pretty paraphernalia

I have a secret to admit. I’m a bit of hoarder. Not to the drastic levels as seen on the hit TLC show, but I do have a weakness for buying beauty products that I probably don’t need but will also never let go of.

Now that its Autumn and our summer social calendars have officially wound down, it’s time to catch up on those pesky chores that have fallen to the bottom of your to do list. A big one for me is to de-clutter my vanity cabinet.

I’m an absolute sucker for samples, sales and all things ‘deal’ related. Put it this way, I can’t get a facial or visit a chemist without buying at least one product.

Since I started working at Face Plus I’ve had an enormous amount of education about my skin, skin care products and their ingredients.  Within a few days the dermal therapists had sworn me off using some of my beauty bargains that were causing a lot more harm than good to my skin. For me, this clean-up is as much educational as it is therapeutic.

Toss old product
The first place to start is by expiry date. Did you know that most mascaras for instance only have a recommended three-month expiration date? I’m pretty sure I have the Mascara I wore to my 21st Birthday Party.

Same goes with creams, gels, vitamins ect. If it’s out of date chuck it. The reason they say be very careful with old makeup and beauty products is because over time it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. A foundation for instance, comes into contact with your hands, makeup brushes, sponges as well as the air.

The product (if not all natural or mineral) still has some real ingredients and these ingredients will go off. It’s also important to remember where you store your makeup. Is it near the sun or in a hot bathroom near your shower?

Warm temperatures are a breeding ground for bacteria and the last place you want to put that, is directly on your face or near your eyes.

One in one out Policy
I’ve recently purchased some of the products in the Dr Spiller Range. I’m loving their cucumber toner and their propolis night cream to help get my breakouts under control. Now I’ve introduced new product it’s time to replace the old ones.

One of each
Am I the only person to own three different types of facial cleansers? It’s ridiculous, excessive and wasteful. Face Plus dermal therapist Diana, follows the KISS model. Keep it Simple, Stupid. Have one product for each skin function.

For example, you only need one SPF in your vanity. Simplify your product range and you will simplify your beauty routine. Sometimes too many products and options cause more harm than good.

Store product logically
Half the time, I’m running late in the morning because my products are all over the place. Part of my clean-up process is re-organising everything.

For instance, store all lipsticks together, all makeup brushes together, morning skincare together and evening skin care together.
I went to Ikea and purchased these amazing clear draws and trays. Now, all my items are clearly and cleanly displayed.

Clean your equipment
The final stage to my vanity makeover is to deep clean all my makeup brushes, sponges, containers and shelves.  Good hygiene in skin care is essential. Especially when dealing with facial oils and creams, it’s easy to transfer product onto other surfaces.

With a non-toxic product (I used a packet of natural makeup wipes from the chemist) clean the exterior of all of our bottles and jars.

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Skin Sin: Is chocolate really bad for my skin?

Balance is key to guilt free treats.

It’s nearly the Easter long weekend, which is basically the international holiday for all things chocolate.

Many people that struggle with their skin are convinced chocolate is the ultimate skin sin, so the leadup to this weekend can often fill them with dread at just thinking about all the fun foods they need to avoid.

We all know chocolate (particularly the white and milk kind) are high in calories, sugar and fat. Anything that tastes that good is bound to be bad for you right? It is, but not especially bad, or worse than any other kind of naughty treat such as a glazed donut, or greasy burger.

There’s also a lot of study that says that chocolate is rich in antioxidants. So what should you believe?

Well chocolate is made up of both the good and the bad stuff. There is a chemical in chocolate called theobromine which gives chocolate it’s “breakout” rep. Theobromine blocks the naturally found chemical adenosine in our body that turns off the stress receptors in our skin.

As a result, your body produces more inflammatory chemicals which causes your skin to breakout.
So how do you avoid the Easter bloat or breakout?

Moderation is key.
Have an Easter egg, just don’t eat the whole egg hunt. Also, try to pick chocolate with a higher cocao concentration. Dark chocolate contains high amounts of two flavonoids, catechin and procyanidin.

These chemicals act as antioxidants within the body and help to protect your cells from harmful free radicals and disease. See, not all chocolate is bad for you.

So what are some other tips and tricks to keeping your skin healthy this Easter long weekend.

1. Make sure to drink lots of water to help the digestion process and help alleviate the build-up of toxins in your body.

2. Eat and drink slowly. Being mindful and present when you’re eating is so important. If you really savour the glass of rosé at lunch you’re less likely to drink more of it. 
Do not mindlessly eat the chocolate while you prepare for the Easter egg hunt. Save your treat for a quiet moment later on.

3. Walk it off. The biggest thing we notice is the influx of people in our clinic after any holiday saying they feel bloated and really unhealthy. It’s tempting to do nothing but lie on the couch for 4 days but you need to keep your system moving if you expect everything to work as normal.

We don’t expect you to make it to your usual 5am soul cycle class but take the break as an opportunity to try something new. Go on a bush walk with the family, build the veggie patch you’ve been putting off. And just remember any calories you burn off means more calories you can afford to splurge on. ….so make that 2 Easter eggs.

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