Dr. Spiller Oxygen Vital Cream Mask

DIY skin boost at home!

An at home face mask is a little luxury every woman should indulge in. DIY face masks have been recently popularized by the Korean Beauty trend of sheet masks.

Social media is also splattered with advertisements and endorsements for clay/mud masks. 

While these masks may look good due to their packaging and advertising, it’s very important you pick ones that are right for skin so you don’t do more harm than good. Sheet masks are often made up of artificial ingredients to ensure the smell good, however, these perfumed fragrances are often toxic for your skin.

Clay masks are notorious for creating a tightening effect on your skin, so you can barely open your mouth once it drys. While it may feel like its working it can actually dry out your skin further and displace the pH balance of your skin.

By comparison Dr. Spiller skincare uses a biomimetic formula which is specifically created to be gentle with your skins natural acid mantle. The Dr. Spiller Oxygen Vital Cream Mask is a clarifying mask designed to revitalize and invigorate the appearance of sluggish-looking skin.

If you find your skin in non-responsive to your usual routine, this may mean you need to mix your routine up a bit and nurture your skins appearance.

This Vital Cream mask aims to revive your skin by promoting hydration and creates a moisture barrier protection from environmental drying. In Winter, dry and flaky skin is very common therefore this mask is a beauty cabinet must buy.

How to apply:
Once or twice a week (depending on the state of your skin) after you have thoroughly cleansed and toned your skin apply a generous layer of the Oxygen Vital Cream Mask to the face and eye contour.

You can leave the product on for 10-15 minutes as it absorbs in your skin, then use a tissue or cotton pad to gently remove any excess product. However, at Face Plus we suggest you leave the product on the skin as an overnight treatment.

After 15 minutes, simply massage in any residual cream until it has been absorbed. The Oxygen Vital Cream mask will work in as little as 2-3 minutes for an instant and fast acting skin treatment.

The Dr. Spiller Oxygen Vital Cream Mask is suitable for anyone with combination or dry skin or those that suffer from sun-damaged, aged or fatigued skin.

This mask will help to visibly reduce the appearance of redness, dryness and irritation. The Cream mask formula delivers a vitamin cocktail for your skin to revitalize and repair your skin’s barrier.

Key Ingredients:

Extra oxygen to support the skin’s recovery and regeneration. Used in medicine to speed wound healing.

Nourishing botanical oil rich in biomimetic triglycerides, fatty acids, lecithin and squalene.

The only botanical source of sebum identical wax esters for increased moisture barrier protection. Jojoba oil is also rich in fatty acids.

An important extract from German chamomile. Has scientifically proven anti inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti mitotic properties. Has skin whitening effects greater than arbutus and promotes collagen synthesis.

Biomimetic protectant found naturally in the acid mantle to protect against TEWL.

Biomimetic NMF to bind moisture for increased hydration.

A skin-identical potent antioxidant, naturally secreted by the sebaceous gland for environmental moisture protection.

A potent antioxidant that nurtures natural collagen synthesis for a more supple appearance.

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Dr. Spiller Jojoba Peeling Cream

Jojoba esters are an ancient trusted ingredient in skin care!

In Winter it is very important to swap over your exfoliator for a gentler product. During Winter our skin can become quite dry and flaky.

The immediate reaction is to want to exfoliate more frequently and with more intensity, however, this can have the reverse effect and strip too much of your natural oils and healthy tissue away.

Your already dry skin can cause delicate tissues to tear and break making the rawness worse. Instead of your usual scrub I highly recommend investing in the Dr. Spiller Jojoba Peeling Cream. This mild exfoliant smooth’s and soothes your complexion due to it’s natural ingredient; jojoba wax.

How to apply 
Always start by using lukewarm water on the face as hot water can aggravate the skin. Be careful not to use too much product, too frequently or massage with too much intensity. Over exfoliation strips the skins acid mantle and the skin’s protective mechanism.

Once to twice a week, apply a pearl sized amount of Jojoba Peeling Cream to perfectly cleansed skin using circular movements. Remove with plenty of water, pat the skin dry and follow with an application of the appropriate Dr. Spiller toner.

For a milder exfoliation (perfect for sensitive skin), apply a pearl sized amount of Jojoba Peeling Cream to slightly dampened skin using very light circular movements.
Key Ingredients

    Remove skin debris and dulling residue for a re-texturised effect. Jojoba wax beads gently degrade with heat and friction.
    Barrier protective emollients rich in biomimetic fatty alcohols.
    Barrier protective emollients rich in biomimetic fatty acids.
  • HUMECTANTS: Water binding hydrators that replicate NMF.

Skin Benefits of using the Dr. Spiller Jojoba Peeling cream

  • Instantly removes dead skin and clogging residue
  • Exfoliates the skin without scratching or abrading
  • Decongests pores
  • Hypoallergenic therefore can be used for those with sensitive skin

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Dr. Spiller Cleansing Milk & Toner with Cucumber Extracts

When I first tried the Dr. Spiller Cleansing Milk, I assumed it was a light weight moisturiser.

The milky formula and smooth texture was a far cry from your typical clear and soapy smelling face wash.

It was this simple visual and textural difference that made me so intrigued to try this product.
Often, I find face washes to be a bit too harsh on my sensitive skin.

The pH in the Dr. Spiller Cucumber Milk is sensitive skin friendly and does not strip of irritate the skin. The pleasant and mild cucumber extract is rich in antioxidant avonoids, polyphenols, potassium, magnesium and vitamins A, C and E.

The Cucumber extract also helps to reduce the appearance of redness and lessens the appearance of pigmentation. As far as face washes go, this Dr. Spiller range does far more than cleanse your skin.

It’s non-drying creamy formula purifies, revitalises and lightens your complexion making it the perfect cleanser for those that suffer from breakouts, congestion and open pores; in other words suitable for oily/ combination skin.

The Dr. Spiller Cleansing Milk is designed to be used in harmony with the Dr. Spiller Cucumber Toner.

It has long been asked, why we actually need to use a toner in our skincare regime. Toner was originally created as an extra cleansing step to remove dirt and impurities from makeup and environmental pollution.

While Face Plus often recommends double cleansing your face (particularly if you have been wearing a lot of makeup during the day) this can also result in an imbalance in your pH levels. Toners are specifically designed to restore this balance to your skin to keep your skin from becoming too dry or oily and you cleanse your face. A toner will also help to tighten your pores to help make your skin visibly smoother.

When choosing a toner, it is important to opt for one that is hydrating. The Dr. Spiller Cucumber Toner contains lactic acid which is a biomimetic NMF to bind moisture for increased hydration.

The Cucumber Toner, like it’s Cleansing counterpart is a skin friendly, non-sticky formula that feels lightweight and effortless on the skin. Our dermal therapist Jodie, recommends replacing your cotton pad with some gauze when applying toner.

This way you maximise the product on your face and don’t loose as much to the absorption on the cotton pad.
The Dr. Spiller Cucumber Milk Cleanser and Toner are skin care essentials to help you on your way to clear and glowing skin.

Keep the two in your bathroom and encourage your partner to incorporate it into his morning and night skincare regime. The calming cucumber smell will have them hooked after the first use.

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Face Lift Moisturiser from Hydropeptide: Face lift in a bottle

“We don’t grow older, we grow riper” – Pablo Picasso

As we age, we know that it is harder to stay in shape, which is why it is so important to focus on our diet and exercise. The same vigilance needs to be applied to our face and our skin care regime. We need to work hard to encourage our skin to perform at its highest level.

As we start aging it’s common to experience sagging and sallow skin. The Face Lift, Advance Ultra-Light Moisturiser by HydroPeptide aims to counter this issue. Like the name says, it really is a face lift in a bottle. This moisturiser won 2016 Best Seller for HydroPeptide due to it’s mega dose of skin enhancing active ingredients.

The Face Lift Moisturiser contains multi performance peptides that reinforce the skins collagen and elastin. It also contains hyaluronic acid that improves your skins elasticity which is one of the first signs of aging. As well as this, the formula is deeply hydrating helping to plump out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

HydroPeptide is also very conscious to pack their products full of enriching antioxidants. This Face Lift moisturiser has more than 12 antioxidants that provide broad spectrum free radical protection and multifunctional benefits including skin brightening, wound healing and anti-inflammatory benefits for your skin.

The product also packs a punch, so will last the distance. All you need is a pea size amount massaged into clean skin. Make sure to apply on your face and your neck to ensure a consistent anti-ageing coverage. If you are heading outside don’t forget to apply sunscreen once the moisturiser has absorbed in.

Hydropeptide is a cruelty free brand and their skin care range is free from gluten, parabens, phthalates and sulphates.

Protect your skin against harmful free radicals, pollution and signs of ageing with this powerful Face Lift ultra-light-weight moisturiser.

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Product of the week: Aevitas BB Finish 1 in 5

I used to think that good skin was down to well applied makeup.

That was clearly before I got a job in beauty. Make up is an add on, it’s not the core item. To achieve good skin, you need a combined process of meticulous at home care, consistent dermal appointments and a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle. 

While it’s common for many teenagers or young adults to want to cover up their blemishes with heavy layers of foundation, all that is, is a bandage solution for a gaping wound. The focus, instead should be to heal the aggravated skin.

That being said, as women, we often want to look and feel our very best and an easy way to do this is with some cover up. Whether it’s to even your skin tone, diffuse redness/pigmentation or disguise a blemish – we want a product that is healing rather than harmful for your skin.

The new Aevitas BB Finish is a 5 in 1 product designed by Omniderm, a subsidiary of Dr Spiller Skincare. A skincare company is the perfect fit to manufacture makeup as it ensures the ingredients contribute to the health and vitality of your skin.

The BB Finish by Aevitas Actives is nothing like you have experienced before in a complexion product. It delivers the most even-toned skin finish with the added boost of skin nourishing ingredients that will protect, moisturise, brighten and firm the skin.

The product is Australian made and owned and the ingredients used are organic, natural and rich with active ingredients. The 5 in 1 BB Finish is jam packed with:

  • enriching Omega 3
  • 6 fatty acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamin A, C, E and D

The product comes in 5 different tones

  • Illuminate
  • Accentuate
  • Titillate
  • Fascinate
  • Captivate

This colour adjusting and brightening formula is the equivalent of ‘health food’ for your skin. A hydrating, concealing complex that will achieve your coverup goals without harming your skin cells.
Aevitas 5 in 1 BB Cream retails at Face Plus Medispa for $65.00

Available at Face Plus Medispa Bondi Beach & Bankstown

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Dr Spiller Collagen Cream

At Face Plus Medispa we pride ourselves on being a result driven clinic.


Our service menu and product range have been carefully curated and selected to help achieve our client’s skincare goals. We have chosen to be a stockist of the Dr Spiller skincare range as our dermal therapists passionately believe in the product.

All skincare (ranging from cheap to super high end) is made on a basis of either water or oil. Dr Spiller’s products are neither. Combining the best of both approaches, Dr Spiller has pioneered an iconic formulation to care for your skin in a way that other creams cannot.

Firstly, you need to understand that it’s very difficult for your skin to absorb the benefits of water-based products as the skin is waterproof.

Dr Spiller has therefore created a high-tech solution to include liposomes (spheres of oil) into water-based creams. These spheres of oil can mix with the skin’s sebum (an oil secretion of the sebaceous gland) therefore can deliver into the skin the active ingredients.

The result is a light, easy and comfortable water-based cream with the advantages of longer-lasting hydration and the superior delivery of active ingredients of an oil-based cream.

One of Dr Spiller’s most popular products is the Collagen Cream. The Collagen Cream is a concentrated emulsion rich in collagen hydrolysates, powerful anti-oxidants and moisture-binding properties to provide the skin with long- lasting anti-ageing protection.

“The Collagen cream is a hydrating cream that is perfect for winter. The weather at the moment is quite aggressive on the skin with the cooler temperatures and the dry heat indoors. This cream contains a hyaluronic acid which locks in moisture into the skin, preventing trans epidermal water loss” Yvonne Culhane, Advanced Dermal Therapist, Face Plus Medispa, Bondi Junction.

Just a warning though, this cream isn’t for every kintype. As it is rich in active ingredients it is specifically designed for the following skin types/ skin concerns:
Dry/Dehydrated: Vitamin E a skin identical potent antioxidant, naturally secreted by the sebaceous gland for environmental moisture protection. The Avocado extract activates the cell metabolism of the connective tissue.

The lanolin present works as an emulsifier with high water-absorption capabilities, the lanolin is also emollient with moisturising properties. 
Mature Skin: The bee’s wax present works as an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antibacterial. This magical ingredient is also softening and regulates skin consistency.
Anti-aging: Hydrolysed collagen is processed to achieve a lower molecular weight than regular collagen. The structure forming protein works to improve the elasticity in the skin.

Dr Spiller advices their clients to use this Collagen Cream at night time after cleansing and toning your face.
Some of our clients, such as Beauty Blogger Karima McKimmie, says that in Winter that her skin is so dehydrated the collagen cream is perfect for day time use as well.
“Collagen Cream is a total game changer for dry skin! I often struggle with persistent dehydration and Collagen Cream keeps my complexion dewy and healthy all-day long. It makes for a beautiful luminous base for makeup or I’ll apply liberally before bed for a night time treatment.

I’ve tried every hydrating mask out there and Collagen Cream trumps them all – Holy Grail material”.

The Collagen Cream by Dr Spiller is available from all three clinics:
Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
Bondi Junction: 02 9386 4411
Bankstown: 02 9796 



Eye spy: Dr. Spiller Silk Contour Eye Cream


They say the eyes are the ‘windows to the soul’.


They also say that the eyes can be a window into someone’s stressed out, sleep deprived state. When people say, “you look tired” one of the biggest giveaways is your eyes and your surrounding eye area. Whether it’s dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, blood shot eyes or sagging eyelids our eyes are our biggest give away.

One of the first beauty creams my mum ever introduced me to, was eye cream. She taught me it was a mandatory, anti-ageing preventive that I needed to start using in my late teens. Now, I wasn’t as disciplined with my skin routine as she was, which is probably why at 54 my mum looks like she’s barely hit 40 and I’m 26 but keeping getting told I look sooooo much older (that stops being a compliment once you hit a quarter century, everyone).

So, what is eye cream and why do we absolutely need it?
The skin surrounding your eyes is much more fragile and thin compared to the rest of your face. It is also prone to dryness and is the first to show signs of age and fatigue.

This is due to the overactivity of the skin surrounding the eye area. Think about it, we’re blinking, squinting and rubbing our eyes all day long. The constant movement of the eyes hasten the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Fluids also collect under the eyes and cause puffiness and dark circles. You therefore need to nourish this delicate skin with quality product to hydrate and soothe the area.

The Dr. Spiller Silk Contour Eye Cream is an anti-ageing, lifting and firing eye cream designed to re-contour and tone the appearance of the eye area. When it comes to eye cream ingredients you want to look for a product with active ingredients to stimulate cell turnover.

The Dr. Spiller Silk eye cream contains silk peptides which are botanically rich in amino acids. The silk peptides have wound healing, moisturizing, re-building and anti-inflammatory properties.
When do I apply eye cream?
The silk Contour Eye cream should be applied morning and night. After cleansing, toning and correcting, you apply 1 pump to clean finger tips and gently pat around the eye area. Eye cream placement is almost as important as the product. Think of the area between the top of your cheek bone (directly under your eye) and the bottom of your eyelid as tissue paper. If you apply eye cream here, the cream will travel during the day or night as your skin heats up and could seep into your eye.
How to apply the Dr. Spiller Silk Contour Eye Cream
Use your ring finger.

The muscles in this finger are generally weaker) and dab in sideways motions along the bottom and top of the eye socket until the product is absorbed. Make sure not to neglect certain areas such as the corner of your eye extending out to your temple, as this is where fines lines and crow’s feet form.
Pro tip: if puffiness is an issue for you, keep your eye cream in the fridge. The naturally anti-inflammatory biomimetic peptides that are in the Dr. Spiller Silk Eyecream will also work to intensely hydrate and calm the skin.

This silk contour eye cream is a beauty cabinet essential. It is suitable for all skin types, but particularly for aged skin. The instant plumping and tightening effect will visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst the peptide complex and hyaluronic acid helps the impaired tissue by reducing puffiness and lightening dark circles.

Dr Spiller range is available from all three clinics. For a thorough skin consultation:
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Spot on!: Ultra Clear Spot Treatment

The Ultraceuticals spot treatment is the perfect concentrated formula to target and improve the appearance of blemishes.

For a limited time only we are offering the Ultraceuticals spot treatment for $27, discounted from $37. Offer is exclusive to our Bankstown Clinic

At night time, during your evening beauty routine it is quite common to want to avoid touching or applying rich facial creams and oils to aggravated blemishes. It is great to have in your beauty cabinet, a spot cream to specifically target your breakouts.

To apply you place a sparing amount (half a pea size) of the serum to a clean fingertip. Massage into the affected area and allow to absorb and dry on its own. By morning you will notice visibly clearer skin. The potent benzoyl, peroxide-free treatment also helps reduce associated redness and it’s anti-bacterial properties works to prevent future breakouts to the surrounding area.

The Ultra Clear Spot treatment is part of the Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Skincare range. A synergistic selection of ingredients that help to combat acne development. The

Ultraceuticals products are Australian made and are paraben and synthetic fragrant free.

This fast-acting formula combines potent exfoliators (Salicylic & Mandelic Acids, Bromelain), antioxidant (Clove Oil) with anti-irritants (Vitamin E Phosphate) to quickly soothe ­flare ups.

For a limited time only we are offering the Ultraceuticals spot treatment for $27, discounted from $37.

Offer is exclusive to our Bankstown Clinic
The Ultraceuticals range is available from all three clinics.

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The Beauty Chef: Hydration Inner Beauty Boost


Hydration starts from the inside out.

By the time the effects of dehydration have shown up on our face, the damage internally has well and truly started. Whether you’ve had a big night and consumed one too many wines or exerted yourself exercising; dehydration is an issue we’re faced with regularly.

We all know that the solution is simple….drink more water, but sometimes you need an extra cellular boost.

The Beauty Chef’s Hydration Elixir is a coconut infused, bio fermented concentrate designed to support your gut health and restore your electrolyte balance.

Your gut is your second brain and there is a huge amount of study that shows that the health of our gut is reflected in the health of our skin.

This Inner Beauty Boost is packed with skin loving pre and pro biotics as well as natural electrolytes, vitamins and plant-based minerals to enhance the health and radiance of your complexion.

All you need to do is add 15ml of the Hydration elixir to your glass of water and the formula will help to kickstart your metabolism. If you are noticing your skin is lacklustre and dull your body is trying to indicate a deficiency. 

The Hydration Boost will restore your body’s hydration levels but also boost circulation and blood oxygenation which will have a brightening and plumping effect on your skin.

The Beauty Chef range is available from all three clinics. For a thorough skin consultation:
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The power of the bee: Dr Spiller cleansing cream with Royal Jelly & Dr Spiller Royal Jelly Cream

Bees are the buzz word in the health world.

From manuka honey, bee pollen, bee venom, bee propolis and now royal jelly; the bee really is the healthiest insect of them all. What is royal jelly and why should we use it in our skincare?

Royal jelly, also known as “Bee Milk” is secreted by the glands of sterile female worker bees as a source of nutrition to larvae. It is called royal jelly as the queen bee is fed royal jelly exclusively.

It is a moisturising and protective sap that acts as an antioxidant and antibacterial agent.
It is rich in:

  • amino acids
  • fatty acids
  • trace minerals
  • Enzymes
  • Vitamins B5, B6 and C
  • Biomimetic water

The royal Jelly properties aid in rebalancing and protecting the moisture content of your skin.

What are the health benefits of using Royal Jelly topically?
The amino and fatty acids all help to stimulate collagen production which is vital for healthy skin. Royal Jelly’s antioxidant properties help to calm inflammation in the skin.

The Enzymes and vitamins also mean the product focuses on healing your skin. It is the perfect ingredient to repair damaged skin.

The use of Royal Jelly in Dr. Spiller Skincare
Dr. Spiller skincare is an innovative blend of science and nature. Their focus is to use naturally derived ingredients in exclusive formulations that perfectly mimic the natural mechanisms of the skin. Royal Jelly was an obvious ingredient choice for the skincare company as it is packed with healing properties.

If your skin is dehydrated and damaged then the Dr Spiller Cleansing Cream following by their daily cream with Royal Jelly is the perfect pick for you.

It’s important when choose a cleanser to match one with your skin concerns. Not all cleansers are the same. If you suffer from dehydrated skin you need to pick a product that will cleanse without irritating your skin.

The Dr Spiller Cleansing Cream is hypoallergenic. It also has a creamy emulsion formula so will effortlessly remove impurities without stripping or drying out your skin. This is very important is dehydration is a key issue for you.

As it is a bee product, some users experience a slight tingling sensation when the product is applied. This product is designed to cleanse your skin while maintaining hydration and suppleness.

NB: Always use lukewarm water on the face as hot water will strip the acid mantle.

The Cleansing Cream is ideally followed by the Dr. Spiller Royal Jelly Day Cream. This lightweight hydrating cream is incredible for skin prone to breakouts and open pours.

The Day Cream is antibacterial which is great for de-neutralising breakouts but also locks in water to ensure your skin says hydrated throughout the day. The addition of Lanolin is what helps bind the royal water and the royal jelly to the skin.

If you have combination or oily skin prone to breakouts and open pores using this product day and night following a cleansing and toning will assist in visibly repairing your skin.

The Dr Spiller range is available from all three clinics.

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