Mummy-to-be: Introducing the Prenatal Enzyme Facial


Pregnancy promises women ‘the glow’.

You know the one that all the ads on TV and pregnant movie stars on the cover of magazines seem to show.

So, it’s no surprise that pregnant women everywhere are outraged that when they finally reach this momentous milestone in life, their glowing skin dreams are shattered and replaced by blotchy skin and breakouts. It is estimated that over 50% of pregnant women will experience acne at some stage of their pregnancy.

So why do pregnant women suffer breakouts?
Fluctuating hormones are primarily responsible for breakouts. In particular estrogen and progesterone which are the female sex hormones, but also testosterone and androgen, the male sex hormones. These play a direct role in the production of sebum (an oil secretion of the sebaceous gland).

Changes in the amount of circulating blood sugar and the hormone insulin are also to blame for pregnancy acne. All of these factors have an effect on oil production – instead of a regular secretion which is just enough to lubricate the skin and make it supple, there is too much oil and this is what clogs the pores.

All of these changes are perfectly normal parts of pregnancy as the body adapts to supporting the baby’s growth.

Hannah, our enrolled injectable nurse has recently returned from maternity leave. I interviewed her for our beauty section on this blog click here to read. I asked her about her own pregnancy experience and if she achieved the highly sought after ‘glow’ and her answer was a firm NO.
“My skin turned to rubbish when I fell pregnant and I had to change my entire skincare regime. At about eight weeks pregnant I developed full face dermatitis.

I came into work (Face Plus Bankstown) crying and begging the dermal therapists to fix my skin. My face was red raw and I didn’t know what to do with it. They gave me a really good clean and worked with me to change my at-home products and routine to match my new skin needs. In the end

I had to use the Dr Spiller aloe milk to cleanse my face, Dr Spiller Sanvita Cream as my day cream and the Dr Spiller jojoba scrub every third day.

The strange thing was my skin before pregnancy could never handle the Sanvita cream. It was too oily and made me breakout. However, during pregnancy and since giving birth, it became my saving grace to calm my overly sensitive skin.”

Hannah’s one recommendation to any pregnant woman is to get a facial.” Your skin’s oil production is all over the place and your skin needs a really good cleanse. I would also recommend LED Light Therapy. This is a completely safe service to undergo while pregnant and will really help calm your skin.”
Jodie, our dermal therapist at Face Plus Medispa Bondi Junction is trained in prenatal massages and facials and wanted to create a bespoke treatment for her pregnant clients. While we have always accommodated women during their pregnancy at Face Plus, we have never had a spa menu specific for them.

At Bondi Beach, our massage therapist Tania offers a Babymoon massage which has been hugely successful, so it was time to add a prenatal facial to the Face Plus offering. Click here for more info

The Prenatal facial is bespoke to your stage of pregnancy. Your needs differ depending on what month/trimester you are in. The experience is however, consistent in delivering a relaxing, deep pore clean. Ground spelt and natural kaolin enzymes are key ingredients used which suit all skin types and sensitivities. Enzymes are a safe and effective natural way to facilitate exfoliation, help overall biological processes in the skin that have slowed down because of age or sun damage and to inhibit free-radical damage.

Enzymes accelerate biochemical reactions in a cell that would proceed minimally or not at all if the enzymes were not present.

This deep yet gentle exfoliation is suitable for even the most sensitive skins.  The Pre-natal Enzyme treatment removes the stratum corneum surface of the skin which will leave the complexion smooth, hydrated and glowing.  The treatment also includes a scalp massage or a pressure point foot massage.

This treatment is perfect for spoiling the mum to be.
Available exclusively at our Bondi Junction Boutique
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Omnilux Package


Buy 6 treatments usually $600 reduced to $480 (now $80 each) 
Buy 8 treatments usually $800 reduced to $600 (now $75 each)

Autumn is the perfect month to hit the refresh button on your skin. Party seasons in the past and your next holiday is too far away, so it’s time to detox and get your skin in glowing condition.
A little luxury that goes a long way is 20 minutes of LED Light Therapy.

Usually offered as a post treatment add on, we were inundated with requests from customers that just wanted to pop in on their lunch break or on their way home from work to get their glow fix.

LED Light therapy otherwise known in our Face Plus Clinics as Omnilux or Healite is the perfect example of where science and beauty have united to create a smart skin product.

It works by targeting specific cells which are responsible for the synthesis and repair of the skins support structure.
There are 3 different coloured light settings that target specific areas:

Yellow light: By stimulating the deeper skin tissue the yellow light leads to softened fine lines, improved skin tone and texture.

Red light: The cellular activity stimulates increased blood flow, leading to increased tissue oxygenation and detoxification. The skin will appear clearer with less fine lines, plumper and hydrated.

Blue light: Specifically designed for acne, patients will see a reduction of inflamed lesions 8 to 16 weeks following their first treatment.
The blue light stimulates the bacteria responsible for the inflamed acne, neutralising them.

The light also works to target the sebaceous glands to create an environment that is inhabitable for the growth of acne.

The lights can be used in combination during your treatment regime. Your dermal therapist will explain the benefits of the combination if suitable for your treatment plan.

If you’re overworked and need some extra rejuvenation or you have an event coming up and your skin is looking a bit lack lustre,

Light Therapy is a cost effective, no downtime solution that will have you looking and feeling your best and back at your desk before your boss has even noticed you’re gone.

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Acne Shock Therapy: SGA treatment

A permanent solution to getting rid of acne? YES PLEASE.

SGA (Sebaceous Gland Ablation) is a heat-based procedure that uses an ultra-fine needle to penetrate and deactivate overactive sebaceous glands, which is what is responsible for your pimples, blackheads and inflamed acne cysts.

Once the needle is inserted into the effected sebaceous gland it is zapped by a localised electrical current. The heat produced by the current destroys the tissue so it can on longer cause a breakout. The needle only enters the skin superficially, as the electrical current is targeting the oil gland which is closest to the surface.

How does the treatment work? First of all, our dermal therapists need to assess what kind of acne you have. This treatment isn’t for everyone and often clients come in requesting the treatment, however their breakouts could easily be treated with some topical extractions and an enzyme facial as they simply suffer from clogged pores.

There is also the other extreme, where some clients have too much bacterial infection in their acne that they need it to settle before proceeding with SGA, as the heat produced in this procedure can cause the acne to spread. Typically, an SGA candidate has reoccurring cystic acne.

In order to prep the skin and open the pores, the therapists firstly conduct an enzyme facial. The active enzyme mask helps to bring to the surface the effected sebaceous glands.

This means they are likely to rupture and secrete immediately after the SGA treatment. Sometimes, the effected pimples, are solid and dehydrated and they take a few days to burst. The Enzyme Facial, aims to speed up that process

The actual needle and electric current is relatively painless. One of our staff underwent the procedure during our most recent training day and explained it as a 2/10. Acne affected skin can be quite sensitive, and the after-extraction process can cause some discomfort, however, should not be unbearable.

After the SGA treatment the client will experience a mosquito bite effect meaning that their skin will get worse before it gets better. Expect some red, lumpy skin with a downtime of roughly 2-5 days. Remember acne takes a while to form on your skin, so you need to be realistic with your recovery time.

To yield blemish free results, expect 3+ treatments, with each treatment roughly 6 weeks apart. Your dermal therapist will also parallel your in clinic treatment with some dietary recommendations and a meticulous at home skincare regime. Together, this is the ultimate trifecta to achieving blemish free skin.
Read more about SGA Treatment here

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Give the gift of glowing skin this Mother’s Day: 15% off our Oxygen Glow Facial


Give the gift of radiant skin for Mother’s Day!

As the weather continues to fluctuate from hot and humid to cold and dry, our skin is struggling to keep up.

It’s important to match your skincare to the conditions in order to keep hydrated and healthy skin.

In honour of Mother’s day next month we have decided to create a 15% off facial voucher for one of our most requested and calming treatments; The Oxygen Glow Facial.

Many clients want to walk out of their treatment with radiant, glowing skin without any downtime. The Oxygen Glow Facial does just that. It is an ideal treatment to calm environmentally irritated, stressed and sensitive skin

In other words, this is the perfect Autumn/Winter Facial.
Face Plus’s Oxygen Facial with deliver even the dullest skin a beautiful healthy glow.

This oxygenating facial was created for skin with an impaired cellular function to help gently improve the texture of the skin.

The Oxygen Facial starts with a deep double cleanse, followed by a gentle exfoliation and firming facial massage. Our trained dermal therapists work to awaken your skin cells and promote lymphatic drainage to remove toxins.

Next a special mask is prepared to treat strained skin. The client enjoys a head and neck massage while the mask absorbs into the dermal layer. Finally, serums and creams are layered harmoniously and the end result is a radiant complexion.

If you are looking to pamper your mum this Mother’s Day then the Oxygen Glow Facial is the perfect experience to gift her. From now, until Mother’s Day Eve (Saturday 12th May) we are offering 15% off the Oxygen Glow Facial when you purchase a voucher at any of our three clinic locations, redeemable over 12 months.

Mums are the hardest working people we know and they often put their own wellbeing last. Make your mum a priority this Mother’s Day and give her a relaxing treatment that her skin will thank you for.

To purchase an Oxygen Glow gift voucher for mum call 02 8897 0000


Treatment of the week: IPL for Sun damage

Our senior dermal therapist Yvonne is obsessed with helping her clients achieve their glowing skin goals.

She believes it is a serious commitment and one that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Just like getting healthy or loosing weight, skincare is about consistency.

It’s important you view skincare as part of your essential daily routine. Skincare is 70% your at home routine and 30% your in clinic treatments. Consider Face Plus your personal trainer.

You might only see your PT once a week, however, it’s expected you maintain your fitness between session…. especially if you hope to see results.

Yvonne is serious about the longevity of skincare mostly because she understands the process by which issues on the skin form. The skin is a living organ therefore when a problem such as acne, or a sun spot occurs it most likely hasn’t happened overnight. It has occurred over a period of time from a series of factors such as negligence, hormonal imbalance and environmental factors.

I asked Yvonne what’s a treatment she is most excited about at the moment. While, this varies based on the seasons, Yvonne is personally excited about IPL. As summer time is over and the warmer weather is finally drawing to a close, now is the perfect time to invest in treating sun damaged skin.  

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light Therapy is a broad spectrum white light that shatters the pigment attracted to the melanin and the blood. While many people associate IPL with laser hair removal, this kind of IPL helps treat the appearance of sun damage, sun spots and pigmentation caused by solar exposure.

In the long term IPL works to improve your skin tone and surface imperfections associated with ageing and sun exposure.
The wave length of the IPL is short on the epidermis, so it doesn’t penetrate deep into the dermal layer of the skin. This means IPL isn’t a suitable treatment for melasma. It is suitable for clients that suffer any of the following on their face, neck and décolletage:

  • Skin redness
  • Tiny veins
  • Brown spots
  • Light (low contrast) brown spots

Why does your skin form these spots?
Sun damage. Yvonne is from Ireland so can attest to just how strong and brutal the Australia rays are. Every Australian has some form of sun damage. These marks are an inflammatory response to overexposure of UVA/UVB rays. The signs of sun damage generally start to manifest when women are in their late 20’s to early thirties, so this is the perfect age to begin IPL treatment.

How does IPL work?
Using an IPL hand piece areas of the skin are briefly heated causing the pigmented brown or red cells to have a therapeutic effect. When the pulse of light is delivered it feels like the skin is being flicked with a hot rubber band. A cool gel is applied to the skin before the treatment and aloe vera and ice are used post treatment to help soothe the skin. While there is a bit of pain, the laser therapists move quickly, so the pain is never concentrated.

Treatment time depends upon the area being treated, however most treatments take less than one hour and results are achieved within one to three treatments. Additional treatments may be required for especially damaged skin.

What happens post treatment?
The light triggers the spots to darken and to draw up to the top layer of the skin. Instantly after your treatment your complexion looks quite blotchy / dirty and the spots will continue to darken over the next 72 hours.

Over the course of 5-10 days they will form a scab like wound and dust / flake off on their own. The treatment does require quite a bit of downtime so it is important to factor that in if you have any social events / meetings in your calendar.

What are the do’s and don’ts post treatment?
After IPL you need to observe some strict skincare advice. Your skin may feel sunburnt/windburned so you want to nurture it

  • Do not exercise for 48 hours
  • No heat treatments like sauna’s, steam rooms, hot showers, avoid cooking over steam or hot ovens
  • Do not go in the sun
  • Do not apply any active creams or exfoliators
  • Do not apply heavy makeup. Opt for light mineral makeup and loose powders, as your skin will already feel dry
  • If you have had IPL on your neck/ décolletage, avoid scratchy fabrics like wool. let your skin breathe

Your skin will feel quite dry so it’s important to keep it hydrated. Make sure to drink lots of water and apply 30SPF.

To read more about how IPL can help resolve your pigmentation issues read our other blog post here
And… Lift Off!: Lift and Remove Pigmentation
IPL & Pigmentation Treatment

Book in to see Yvonne at our Bondi Junction Clinic or meet some of our other highly trained dermal and laser therapists at our Bondi Beach and Bankstown Boutique.

You will need to book in for a thorough skin consultation & patch test before undergoing IPL treatment
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Treatment: 25% off chin fat dissolving and sculpting treatment

Easter is over and now it’s time put down the chocolate and wine and detox your skin and body.

After the Easter long weekend, we see an influx of patients who feel bloated and blotchy and are looking for treatment plans to kick start their beauty goals.

This April our clients have nominated Belkyra, otherwise known as the double chin dissolver to be our discounted treatment.

Belkyra is relatively new to the Face Plus Medispa’s treatment menu. It is a service that has garnered quite a lot of client demand. Essentially it is a chin fat dissolving and sculpting treatment.

If you are uncomfortable with your double chin or suffer from a pocket of fat around your jaw line, then this could be the treatment for you. Sub-mental fat stored underneath the chin is largely a hereditary condition. It causes the face to blend into the neck which means you lose the definition of your jawline.

A defined jawline is a feature many men and women aspire to. Before we go any further all patients considering this treatment must book in for an injectables consultation with one of our registered nurses to ascertain if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.

What is Belkyra?
Belkyra contains a synthesised deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a compound that is naturally in the body, aiding in digestion and absorption of fats.

Belkyra offers a non-surgical option that is carried out with a series of injections to the double chin and jawline area.

The number of treatments required will depend on the patient and how much excess fat and skin they have in this area.

At Face Plus Medispa you must purchase a minimum of two treatments which are to be performed two months apart. As a results-based clinic we do this to ensure our customers see noticeable results.

What is the treatment process?
Once you have been deemed a suitable candidate our nurses need to get a script for the product which has to be approved by a Doctor on site or via video.

Next, your nurse will begin the treatment by numbing the area. A stencil, similar to a temporary tattoo is applied under the chin. The stencil has a series of dots on it which is where the needles will go.

The treatment itself will take between 20 to 40 minutes depending on the total number of injection points required. When injected the compound breaks down the fat cells which the body eliminates. It also causes the skin to tighten.

Is the treatment painful?
Our nurses numb the area with a local anaesthetic to ensure pain is minimal throughout the procedure. However, it completely depends on your pain threshold. One of our staff at Faceplus has undergone this procedure on three separate occasions and says that you can definitely feel the product working internally.

She also said that after the effects of the local anesthetic wears off, you can be quite uncomfortable.

Does the treatment require any downtime?
Yes. Once the product is injected into the targeted area expect it to swell up quite dramatically. This a good sign as it means the product is taking effect to break down and absorb the fat.

Many call it a ‘bullfrog’ effect.  The swelling and occasional bruising can last anywhere from 48 hours up to two weeks. The effects really differ from patient to patient. The chin area will also be sensitive to touch at first and some clients advised a slight hardening of the area, this is normal too.

This a treatment where it’s important to plan ahead. Make sure your calendar is clear of social engagements or meetings where you might be self-conscious.
This double chin reduction treatment is not for the faint hearted. However, the results speak for itself.

The minimum two treatment package usually costs around $2500. However, from April 3rd 2018, for a limited time only we are reducing the treatment by 25%.
*Treatment is only available at our Bondi Junction Clinic*
Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Packages cannot be used in conjunction with any other Face Plus promotions, discounts, packages, or gift certificates
  • Packages are non-transferrable
  • Packages are not redeemable for cash
  • No refunds available
  • Packages must be paid in full prior to treatment process. Package discount will not be applied otherwise.
  • Treatments will only be performed if deemed safe without any contraindications.

Ready to start a treatment plan to remove your double chin and define your jawline?

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Acne Treatment Plan with Diana: Client Case Study of Angelica

Skin journey prescribed by Diana. 

Diana is one of Face Plus Medispa’s most experienced dermal and laser therapists. She works out of our Bankstown Boutique and has a loyal following of clients. Diana is a kind and gentle presence and often new clients with longstanding skincare issues gravitate towards her because of her maternal nature.

Recently, Diana helped a young, university student with her ongoing acne issues. Angelica came to Diana extremely stressed about the state of her skin.

After a thorough skin consultation, they worked on a treatment plan both in clinic and at home. Within four months her skin was transformed. I interviewed Diana about Angelica’s treatment plan and skin repair process.

What was Angelica like when you first met her?
I still remember the first time I met Angelica. She came in for her skin consultation with her mum. Immediately, I could sense how distressed she was. When I was talking to her about her skin she was completely on edge.

Where did you start in your consultation?
I wanted to get a sense of who Angelica was as a person. We ran through her lifestyle. She’s a busy university student. A beautiful, sensible young lady. I could tell that Angelica’s skin issues was not due to an unhealthy lifestyle. My only concern was how stressed she was about her skin…. which is a big contributing factor with breakouts.

What was her current skin care regime like?
She had a basic skin care regime, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. She was using UltraCeuticals which is a skin care brand we stock, however, I didn’t think that the products were suitable for her skin. She was recommended the product at another clinic and I don’t think they took the time to match the product to her skin’s needs. She had very sensitive skin and I thought the product choices from that range were too harsh for her.

What did you recommend instead?
We needed to get her to start using products with Enzymes. Enzymes have a foundation in healing the skin. They are nurturing and work from the inside out. They are made from spelt, so naturally formed which is important. Spelt based enzymes work to release the blockages made by the blackheads.

Were blackheads her main concern?
Yes. but she also had milia and acne (some of it was cystic acne). I could see on her skin that the concentration of these types of bacteria would mean that the process wouldn’t be easy, but I knew she was going to listen to me because she was determined to see results. We also moved her onto prescription homecare and she was so diligent with her routine.

What was her course of treatment?
We alternated between the amazing enzyme facials and our herbal phyto peels. We also did extractions for her during her treatments. As a result of this, we made sure we finished each treatment with 20 minutes of LED light therapy. (Otherwise known as Omnilux)
Initially she had lots of pustule acne so we made sure to use the blue light setting. this helps to kill and de-neutralise the bacteria. Over time though, when her skin had started to settle, we moved onto the red light. This was great to help heal her acne scarring and pigmentation. It’s also amazing for promoting cell renewal and building collagen and elastin so that the skin becomes stronger. Our focus was to make her skin really healthy so it could cope with more free radical damage in the future.

What products did she take home for her skin regime?
I prescribed Angelica the Dr. Spiller Cucumber Cleanser and Toner.
For her skin type her previous products were stripping her skin of their natural oils and it resulted in her skin becoming angry and red. Angelica’s skin required a really gentle skincare routine
As Angelica is a university student I wanted to keep her ‘at home routine’ simple. I encouraged her to use a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and on occasion a gel to help combat the oils that the acne produces on the skin. The gel is called Acnoderm and is also from the Dr. Spiller range. It really helps with congestion and blackheads.

How long did this treatment process take?
Between four to six months. In that time I saw her roughly eight times. Between visits she made sure to keep up the routine that I set out for her.

Where do you think her acne came from?
It was hormonal but what aggravated it was the stress. She was stressed about her degree but also about her skin. She was crying in her first consultation. I don’t think we realise how damaging bad skin can be to someone’s mood and self-esteem. I was so happy for her though, because by the second treatment she was starting to see visible results. This was the kind of positive encouragement she needed to keep going with my course of treatment, both in clinic and at home.

What is her skin like now?
It’s amazing. She still comes to see us every six weeks or so for her “facial fix” as she likes to call it. She’s a really happy, beautiful young lady. She’s all smiles now. She was not smiling like that in the beginning. It’s really lovely to see the impact and difference it’s made on her.

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Dermapen: The go to treatment for Model like skin


Our dermal therapist Natasha from our Bondi Beach Boutique has been treating Gabby the founder of the online publication All my friends are Models.

AMFAM gives viewers a behind the scenes glimpse of the crazy, busy world of models.

While we like to think of models as genetically blessed giraffes with perfect skin, the reality is the industry is tough and models are even tougher.
While many models do have naturally good complexions they are constantly faced with circumstances that effect this.

They have early call times, extensive travel, a summer photoshoot in the middle of winter, tonnes of artificial makeup pasted on their faces and harsh on set lights. While no two days are the same, it also means an inconsistency in routine which is an essential part of good skin care.

Only last week we had the beautiful Mimi Elashiry come see us after a long and cruelling trip abroad. While she loved every second of it, she was exhausted and so was her skin. Planes are so incredibly dehydrating and she had the added challenge of going from a cold climate back to a warm one.

Your skin is trying to keep up, so it’s important models take time and work with professionals to help re-set their skin.
Gabby from AMFAM has recently been trying out the Dermapen treatment. Models love dermapen as it addresses one of their key concerns….open pores.

Beauty models in particular want even skin tones with tight pores and a glowing complexion. Dermapen is a handheld device that vibrates while tiny needles work to gently pierce your pores.

While, you can go deeper into the layers of the skin to attack acne scars, most people only require the needles to hit the dermal layer. The needles create a ‘micro-wound’ response from your skin which prompts your cells to heal your skin by increasing collagen production to the area.

The treatment is followed by a relaxing Hydration mask which helps reduce the redness, heat and swelling to the skin. The treatment increases blood circulation so clients experience heat on their skin so the cooling mask, followed by an ice stick rubbed over the face is a welcome addition.

Dermapen is amazing for skin that has quite a bit of congestion as it helps to aerate the pores to release the bacteria beneath. While a series of 4-6 treatments with 4-6 weeks between each treatment are recommended, Gabby did say she saw results in her skin’s texture immediately.

The point of Dermapen treatments is to yield long term results, rather than short term wins.

The one important point to remember is that Dermapen has a three-day downtime where you need to be gentle with your skin and avoid makeup and the sun.

If you have an event or an upcoming photoshoot, make sure to plan ahead and book in a week in advance to make sure your skin is model ready.
Check out Gabby’s Blog Here
Or our blog post herVisit one of our clinics and experience a thorough skin assessment: 

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Treatment of the week: Hyaluronidase Injections (The Anti-Filler)

Jodie is our Bondi Junction Face Plus dermal therapist.

When Jodie joined us she had already undergone multiple lip fillers from a clinic in her home town.

While Jodie was initially happy with her lips, over time the substance used started to break down and disperse unevenly across her lips.
The injector also placed a large portion of the product on the inside of her lips (closest to her gum line) this forced the lips to protrude outwards, giving the (duck or fish lip appearance)

Jodie’s lips were big, but unbalanced and as we know with beauty, proportions and symmetry is everything.
Upon joining our team, she consulted with our injectable nurses JC and Jasmine at our Bondi Junction Clinic. They agreed that the best way forward would be to completely dissolve Jodie’s lips and start fresh.

The dissolving / breaking down process is medically known as Hyaluronidase.
Typically, our practice doesn’t like to offer this service, however in cases such as Jodie’s when a patient comes to us really unhappy about another practices work, we seek to resolve their concerns.

The process is very similar to getting lip fillers, solution is injected into the lip and the lip line and over a period of 2 weeks the product works to break down the filler’s substance. You can however notice results instantly.
The process takes two days with most of the injections occurring on day one and only touch ups made on day two.

While our nurses seek to minimise the pain with numbing cream and agents in the needle, on day 2 your lips are sore and slightly bruised so the day 2 injections can cause discomfort.

You cannot have new fillers injected for 2 weeks following Hyaluronidase. If you do, the solution is still in your cells and will work to break down the new product, deeming it ineffective.

Jodie waited 2 weeks and came back in for new, plumped, hydrated and symmetrical lips. She also decided to have cheek fillers, which was a new procedure for her. After 2 weeks Jodie felt like a whole new woman.

I interviewed Jodie over the course of her treatment. Read our Beauty blog of the week here to see her experience: the good, the bad, the painful and the totally worth it.

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Light Therapy: the must have add on to any skin treatment

Have you ever walked out of a facial and with aggravated skin?

Maybe you’ve had an extraction or a herbal peel, but you don’t walk out looking as good as you feel.

As a long time acne sufferer, I often leave extraction appointments far more self-conscious than I did when I walked in. I know the redness is temporary and the bumps will go, but my immediate reaction is to cover my face in makeup, which is the worst thing you could do.

Light Therapy changed all of this for me. The first time I had it done, I didn’t understand how putting my face under a blue light would do anything. I assumed it was another beauty fad therapists offered.

However, twenty minutes and a quick power nap later, I woke up to visibly calmer, brighter skin. The results were immediate. My blotchy skin had evened out, the aggravated spots where my pimples had been popped weren’t raised like usual, and I left with that lovely post-facial glow I always see on Instagram. the best part, is there was no pain just the enjoyable sensation of being in the sun.

LED Light therapy otherwise known in our Face Plus Clinics as Omnilux or Healite is the perfect example of where science and beauty have united to create a smart skin product. It works by targeting specific cells which are responsible for the synthesis and repair of the skins support structure. There are different light colours that target different skin concerns, however, the treatment is beneficial for men and women of all ages.

While the results can be seen immediately, when the treatment is consistent the benefits increase. It not only helps heal acne and acne scars, but also smooths the skin texture and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

So what’s the catch? There is none….unless you don’t have 20 minutes to spare. Light therapy is a lovely way to end a facial, however, can also be enjoyed on its own. If you’re overworked and need a pick me up or perhaps you have an event that night and your skin is looking a bit lack luster, Light Therapy is a cost effective, no downtime solution that will have you looking and feeling your best and back at your desk before your boss has even noticed you’re gone.
Read here, how LED Light Therapy works. 
Read here, the difference between the Red, yellow, blue LED Lights. 

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