A cut above the rest: the rise and rise of defined cheekbones

Good bone structure is truly a blessing!

High cheekbones in particular are key in supporting sagging, aging skin. As you all know by now our skin loses elasticity. Good bone structure will keep you looking younger.

Those of you blessed with high cheekbones will also age more gracefully.
Never fear, a solution is here!
1. Fake it with contouring. With some optical illusion make up techniques you can lift and define your cheekbones. Our contouring tips can be found here.
Or 2. Make it with fillers.
A cheekbone augmentation is a safe, easy way to create beautiful and natural cheekbones.

It really is a beautifying and antiaging injectable procedure.
This treatment has become quite popular for those in their 20’s to 40’s.

Most commonly, we use Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers to achieved the desired results. HA’s are naturally found in the body and will last for about 4 to 6 months.

HA fillers are also great as they are soft and easily mould into any shape your cosmetic injector chooses.
If you’re a first-time injectable patient Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers are a great option. It allows you to trial the look and feel for a few months. Also, if you don’t like the new look you can dissolve the product immediately and everything will return as it was in a 24 to 48-hour period.

Another option we offer at Face Plus Medispa is “Sculptra”. This option is usually offered to our patients over the age of 30.
You can read about the product in more detail here.
This collagen stimulating product is not like a filler and will not allow you to see results immediately or even after a few weeks.

Sculptra requires a few treatments, delivering more permanent, soft, natural results even compared to Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers.
As mentioned above the results don’t appear as quickly as HA Fillers and muscle relaxants, results will be visible in about a 3 to 4-month period.

The treatment works with your body to stimulate collagen, encouraging the body to produce more in the injected are.

The client will require approximately 3 to 4 treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart to achieve the desired results.

Upfront this is a more costly procedure, however it is a more permanent solution than the HA Fillers.
If you are building new cheekbones or replacing a loss of volume there are many options available to you. Read about our cosmetic consultation process here.

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Smile more: Designing your perfect grin

Smiling is the greatest gift you can give to another human.

But we know that there are many of you out there that are incredibly conscious about showing those pearly whites!
My lips disappear when I smile
My gums show when I smile
I hate those fold at the side of my mouth when I smile
I don’t like my wonky smile
I look like I’m sad but I’m not
A lot of clients visit us with the above concerns and we can happily provide them with a simple solution using fillers and/or muscle relaxants.

We asked Jean Charles, Clinical Manager & Jasmine, Cosmetic Nurse Injector to discuss possible solutions for the above listed concerns:

My lips disappear when I smile
The disappearance of the upper lip whilst smiling is not necessarily due to the lack of volume in the upper lip.
A thin upper lip may not help with the fact that the lip disappears, but it is quite often due to the muscles around the mouth.

Some muscles might be too strong, which would cause curling of the upper lip inwards or/and lift the upper lip showing too much gum.
The (lazy) short cut option would be to address this issue with adding ever more filler in the upper lip, instead of relaxing the strong muscles causing the curling of the upper lip inwards. But too much filler might not give the desired cosmetic outcome and the patient may risk to have too much projection of the upper forwards and/or upwards, with the risk of ending up looking like Marge Simpson.

On the other hand, choosing to relax the over active muscles causing the lip to disappear, might be a simpler and cheaper option by just having a muscle relaxant injection. Although, this treatment has its limits. We cannot relax the muscles completely as the muscles around the mouth have a cosmetic function along with a functional purpose (action of pursing the lips). Therefore a low dosage might mean a shorter duration of the desired outcome.

The best option is to discuss this with your physician, who will assess your muscles strength, smile pattern and lip volume.

A holistic approach would be to relax the appropriate muscle (if required) and add some lip volume (if required) as a combined treatment to ensure a natural look.

My gums show when I smile
Everyone has a different smile pattern, showing more or less of their upper teeth and/or lower teeth.
“Hollywood smile”: showing upper and lower teeth when smiling. Barack Obama
“Mona Lisa” smile: not showing much teeth at all.
“Gummy smile” showing upper teeth and gum

These different patterns are caused by all of the different muscles attached around the mouth, pulling both upper and lower lips in different directions and with more or less strength.
Some Hyper active muscles (running along the nose and often causing bunny lines) would cause having a gummy smile. These muscles are pulling the upper lip too high when smiling.
Sometimes, we may have a crooked smile naturally, because one of our muscle is pulling more on one side.

Crooked smiles may be also caused after having a muscle relaxant treatment (side effects) if injected into the incorrect muscle. Or a crooked smile may result subsequent to muscle relaxant treatment. This is a side effect if injection into the incorrect muscle.

I hate those fold at the side of my mouth when I smile
Accordion lines are caused from the smiling muscles. These could be non-existent or very subtle when we are young however, can become more noticeable and severe as your skin ages and loses its natural collagen support.  
Treatment with dermal fillers could be a “quick fix” / “band-aid” solution, to hydrate the skin and add extra support. But dermal filler treatment outcomes are limited to treat accordion lines, before we go too far by placing too much filler. The risk is to increase the skin volume in that treated area giving too much heaviness.
It is better to “turn back the clock” and rejuvenate the tissues/skin by producing more collagen production in the weak area. Treatments such as DermaPen, Laser treatments and PRP  (even better when combining them) would repair the skin. The skin will become stronger, avoiding the skin to collapse when smiling.

I don’t like my wonky smile
One muscle around the mouth might be stronger on one side. We could relax the mirrored muscle across on the other side of the mouth to match the other. However, the overall look might not be aesthetically pleasing. Best not to try to relax and leave it as it is.
Although it is possible to play with it still. Quite an art!
The use of some filler in the lip could be an option to adjust the symmetry.

Again, it would depend of the smile pattern and what the physician would decide as the best treatment option or if it is better not to treat.

I look like I’m sad but I’m not
Two factors could give the impression of a “downturn” mouth. even more pulling down of the corner of the mouth in an addition of the DAO.


At around the age of 40, we start to show early shadowing in the corner of the mouth (called modiolus) due to soft tissue laxity in the mid face, and/or volume loss in the mid face causing the skin to roll over the mandibular cutaneous ligament (causing marionette folds in older patients). We also may lose volume in the corner of the mouth.

In an addition, we have a combined muscle groups pulling the modiolus of the mouth (corner of the mouth) down. DAO (Depressor Anguli Oris) is pulling the mouth down. Some people may use this facial expression as a habit, which needs to be stopped by having repeat treatments of muscle relaxants.

A second muscle would also increase even more the pulling down of the corner of the mouth in an addition of the DAO. The platysma neck bands can add an extra pulling of the corner of the mouth.
For optimal treatment outcomes, it is best to combine the DAO & Platysma band (if strong) to ensure a good result and a good treatment longevity.

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Luminous: Get the glow

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Luminous: Get the glow

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Getting a pimple or a dry patch aren’t the only signs your skin may not be as healthy as you think.
The skin is the largest organ, and the one that reflects your overall well-being. There are some vital signs to look out for and they include:
Skin colour: The colour of your skin should be consistent. Spots, coloured spots or any dark circles under your eyes are a sign that your skin is not doing so great.
Texture: Healthy skin is mostly smooth to the touch. Acne, blackheads, milia are signs that your skin is congested. Your skin will absorb what ever you apply to it, you want to make sure your feeding it what it needs and it’s clean.
Your gut is a huge part of your skincare, whatever you eat will feed your skin – eat the good stuff! Read some of our food and gut loving tips here.
Hydration: During certain seasons or days your skin will feel incredibly dry, tight and even flaky. Picking the correct skincare is key! Drinking water is essential but remember the water you consume will first go to your internal organs and then to your skin. Using the incorrect product can be contributing to the dryness or oiliness of your skin.
Here are some food tips that help with dry skin.
Sensations: You shouldn’t feel any sensations on your skin, like you’re not wearing anything at all. If it begins to itch, pull, sting or burn, there’s something up. The first cause is if you have put something on your skin that is creating this sensation. If you haven’t added any new products to your regime then it could be the environment that you are in.
Never fear! There is a solution.
First step? A skin consultation to determine the key concerns, a product and treatment plan to target and repair. You can read about our skin consultation process here.
The Herbal Hydration Peel targets all of the above concerns without causing stress to the skin.
The Herbal Hydration Peel will activate the skin’s metabolism and detoxication process by increasing circulation.  The skin’s repair mechanism is activated via targeted, controlled irritation.
For more on this treatment visit our Herb-A-Lious blog.
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Rich: PRP

Rich, Platelet Rich Plasma, it really is liquid gold!

The PRP harvesting system available at Face Plus Medispa is TGA approved and supported by 112 published paper, 22 of those are specifically for the skin tissue.
The application for PRP is endless, from antiaging to hair regeneration, even sexual dysfunction!

Using your own body’s resources, PRP works by drawing a vile or 2 of your own blood and injecting higher concentrations of platelets, which will release growth factors to the treatment site and stimulate new cell growth and regeneration.

Platelets in the blood play a key role in the body’s natural wound healing response.
PRP treatments work on all three layers of the skin, epidermal, dermal and subdermal. Clinical studies have shown significant improvement in skin sagging and firmness.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types including those who suffer from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, such as Asians.

Following between 3 to 6 treatments, 1-month apart patients show signs of skin tightening, improved texture and tone, with less fine lines and wrinkles.
You can find out more about the treatment process here.
PRP can be provided as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with procedures such as injectables, laser and micro needling.

Our favourite combination at Face Plus Medispa would have to be PRP + Micro needling or Dermapen. Micro needling or skin needling is a treatment that creates small micro wounds, it engages the body’s natural repair process, encourages new skin growth and repair, increasing collagen and repairing damages or areas that may be scarred.

When combining needling and PRP, the skin is first needled then the plasma is directly applied to the surface of the skin, as it directly feeds into the micro wounds. The direct contact enhanced the effectiveness of PRP as the plasma is injected into the desired area.

The Dermapen & PRP combinations targets:
Rough or inconsistent skin texture
Sun damage
Acne scars
Stretch marks
Fine wrinkles
Signs of aging
Broken capillaries
Large pores

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Penmanship: Skin Needling

Wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, acne scarring, skin tone, fine lines, loose skin, large pores and discolouration – ALL targeted by the one treatment!

Which treatment you ask? Microneedling – Dermapen!
Regardless of your skin colour or type, microneedling is one of the best treatments you can have performed to make your skin appear fresh and younger.
Multiple vertical needles pierce the skin, creating thousands of micro-injuries.

The Dermapen treatment produces micro-injuries to encourage the skin and leverage it’s power to re-grow and repair naturally.

Dermapen has been proven to enhancing skin rejuvenation and is much safer and offers clients a faster recovery time, compared to similar treatments.

Dermapen is a fairly simple procedure that is performed with a hand-controlled device with small, shallow needles to puncture the outer layer of the skin. The micro-injuries to the skin will stimulate the body to produce new collagen and elastic. The freshly produced collagen will rejuvenate your skin by filling in fines lines, resulting in an overall improvement in the texture and tightness of your skin by removing wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

This treatment is not restricted to the face. Dermapen can also treat many other areas of the body including arms, legs, neck, back hands and stomach.
This treatments, like many of our treatments at Face Plus are not designed to be a miracle instant fix.

The treatments will usually take between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of the treated area. Immediately following the treatment your skin will appear a little flush/red, a few days following, your skin will return to normal.  Typically our clients begin to see results, weeks or even months following a series of prescribes treatments.

The total number of treatments are determined by two factors:
1. Results you wish to achieve
2. Size of the treatment area
Wrinkles and stretch marks, depending on the severity, our clients are prescribed between 4 to 8 treatments to achieve their desired results.
All treatments are spaced 4 to 6 weeks .
For more on this treatment check out the “Skin roll out” blog.

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Pump & plump: Lip Augmentation

What do most look to achieve through a lip augmentation?

A large majority of clients that walk-through Face Plus Medispa’s doors are usually looking to create “fuller” lips.
Other popular requests include, reduction of gummy smile, hydration of dry lips, creating a defined lip shape and changing the appearance of “sad mouth”.

Did you know lip injections appears to have been around since the early 1900’s? In the 1980’s collagen that was derived from animals were used to add volume, but an allergy test was required prior to treatment, these tests could take up to 3 weeks.

Side note: Probably why some people who are not in the know always ask, “Did you get collagen in your lips?”, the honest answer is “no!”.
All semi-permanent fillers we use in our clinic are Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in our body and the filler is made from substance similar to those found in the body, an allergic reaction is unlikely.  The results last longer than collagen and because HA’s are not derived from animal products an allergy test is not required.

When creating fuller lips, depending on your lip shape, density and age a filler product will be selected to best suit your needs and goals. You may discover that if you are having your lips filled for the first time your cosmetic injector may “build” in stages. The injections will be given gradually at different appointments until the desired volume is achieved.

A gummy smile can be reduced via fillers and muscle relaxants, more often than not, a combination of both. The patient pictured in our Instagram below, did not want to add volume to her lip. Jean Charles, Cosmetic Injector and Clinical manager used Botox alone to target her concern.

The appearance of “sad mouth” can be corrected with fillers alone. In the below example, cosmetic nurse & RN used two different fillers to achieve these results. Jasmine injected 0.5mls of one product in the lip and 0.5mls of another to give structure to the lip corners.

A very natural and subtle look without adding obvious volume to her naturally plump lips.

Aging is all a part of the process, we’re all heading there! As we age we lose volume in our lips and they often appear dry, this may be due to sun exposure or if you’re simply not drinking enough water.

Replacing lost volume will allow the lips to appear plumper and more hydrated, read here.
Defining the lip shape, in particular the cupids bow that is flattened, creates a more youthful appearance.
We invite you to visit out before & afters area on our website, you will see that we create natural volume and all transformations are subtle.

Visit one of our clinics and discuss your cosmetic options with one of our highly experienced nurses:
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Bespoke Facials: Designed for you

At Face Plus Medispa we pride ourselves on the results that we achieve for our clients.

Whatever your skin concerns Face Plus Medispa aim to target and treat the concerns in a safe and realistic way.
Often if you’ve had one bad facial experience they put you off all together.

Facials offered by beauty salons or other clinics can be quite generic, the therapists are trained to follow a protocol with a set of generic products that either do nothing or do too much because containing harsh active ingredients that may not be suitable for everyone.

The two key protocols our dermal therapists are trained to follow are:
1. Ensure the clients skin is perfectly fresh and clean prior to the commencement of treatment – we still tailor this step as we have a LARGE number of cleansers and toners to select from to ensure we are using the product that is most suitable to the client’s skins needs.
2. Always apply a SPF at the end of the treatment – believe it or not we tailor the SPF step too!
Even if you are an existing patient of Face Plus your dermal therapists will always take the time to assess your skin prior to the pre-planned treatment program.
Hypothetically, your treatment plan states you have a laser treatment BUT you have forgotten to remove your fake tan, your therapist will not be able to perform a laser treatment, instead they will perform a more suitable treatment.
A facial can be tailored to you in many ways.

First, as mentioned above the way we clean your skin and then choice of treatment. We offer peels that range from entry to deep, discover our peels options here.

Once a peel suitable for your skin, the pressure of the peels is also tailored to your personal requirements. For example, someone with sensitised skin only requires a light touch, a client who wishes to remove pigmentation or scars will require a deep touch for deeper penetration.

Masks, infusions techniques and light treatments will also be tailored. Depending on your concern, LED therapy can be selected to target conditions such as acne, read more here.

As you can see there are an endless number of options.
It all begins with a consultation with one of our experienced team members. You can read about the consultation process here.

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Skin Explained: Protect your largest organ

The skin is the largest organ that we own and it has multiple functions.

Can you imagine a body without skin? The skin protects our organs and our body from the outside world that can be harmful, moisture, heat, toxic substances and germs.

Often you can tell someone age from the appearance of their skin. As we age the skin colour changes, spots and lines may appear. The skin can also show signs of a medical condition, we’ve been discovering more and more lately the impact of food on our skin. We’ve always know the impact of sugar and junk food but we are now understanding the impact of gluten and dairy.

The skin consists of three layers.

  1.  Epidermis: The outer layer of the skin is mainly made of dead skin cells that are firmly stuck together. The cells constantly renew as the new skin cells are made in the lower layer of the epidermis and approx. every four weeks they move up to the surface. The skin cells are renewed when the skin is rubbed. Read more on the importance of exfoliation here.
  2. The Dermis: The middle layer consists of a dense network of touch, elastic collagen fibres. This is what makes the skin strong and stretchy at the same time. The dermis is the layer that tears when the skin is stretched too far, this is visible often in pregnant women where the torn dermis presents itself as light lines, stretch marks. The dermis is the layer that contains the sensory cells and sweat glands.
  3. Subcutaneous layer: is the deepest layer mostly made up of fat and connective tissue. The fat act as a shock absorber to protect the bones and joints.

All layers of the skin are important and as we age, protecting your skin and caring for it can start at any age.

Let’s begin with the surface. If you have healthy skin, the most important factors include, homecare and maintenance. Using a set of products that support your skin and the most important product of all is SUNSCREEN!! If you really need to know why, read here.

The surface of the skin can also be helped by in clinic treatments, depending on your concern. The unique facial treatments we offer not only target the top layer of the skin but also the dermis! Find out more about the peels available here.

If you’re over the age of 30, you will need to delves a little deeper. This is where treatments such as PRP, also often referred to as the “Vampire Facial” is greatly beneficial. This all natural treatment assist in rebuilding lost collagen and elastin. A one of a kind treatment that was first developed to assist with joint concerns is now being used in the cosmetic field to make us all look 10 years younger! More on this treatment can be found via our “Blood Sucking” blog.

Lasers are also greatly beneficial for rebuilding.

From Collagen to pigmentation signs of aging can be reversed.
We have completed a series of how to look good in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Check them out here:
How to look good in your 20’s.
How to look good in your 30’s.
How to look good in your 40’s.
How to look good in your 50’s.

To round it all off, start the year with love and confidence. Do you love yourself? If you’re not sure check out our blog on self-love, always the first step.

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Treatment of the year: Bo bo tox

Computer says, our most popular treatment this year was… muscle relaxants!!

You guys love the stuff, remember when people frowned upon the procedure? Now they can’t frown because they seem to be getting in on the action!

For those of you who might still be on the fence, muscle relaxants don’t need to be feared. Dr William Mooney, the founder of Face Plus Medispa, believes if you can tell someone has had “work” then, it was performed badly.

The biggest fear a lot of patients have is the fear of looking frozen. We at Face Plus also hate this look. Here are a few examples of our work to prove you can achieve a wrinkle free appearance without looking frozen: (insert the following Instagram posts)

Remember, muscle relaxants were first developed for the use of a twitching eye and teethe grinders BUT they discovered they offered cosmetic benefits too.

The benefits when treating a twitching eye was that muscle relaxants got rid of crow’s feet.
For the teethe grinders they found that it slimmed the jawline. Injecting muscle relaxants into the masseters, side of your face on jawline is quickly becoming one of our most popular requests.
If you sport a gummy smile, muscle relaxants can assist in dropping the top lip. As you can see from the before and after, there are two great results:
1. No gummy smile
2. Lips appear larger

Brows are such an important feature on the face, if you don’t already know, you must read our blog on the importance of brows, here.

Brows can also be lifted using muscle relaxants to create an arch in the brow or lift those tired looking eyes.

If you have any doubts or questions the best way to take this is by booking in for a consultation with one of our highly experienced, cosmetic nurses. You can read about the cosmetic consultation process here.

OR read our blog “relax”, answering our most frequently asked questions for muscle relaxants.

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Complete Refresh: Overhaul your skin

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Complete Refresh: Overhaul your skin

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Peel
New year’s resolution – take care of your skin!
Surely, everyone knows the secret to looking young and fabulous is about maintaining healthy skin and not cosmetic surgery, right?
If you’re ready to invest in your skin and activate a complete overhaul add the Herbal Aktiv Peel by Alex Cosmetics to your to do list.
If you have tried laser, microdermabrasion and heat based treatments in the past you know the story, your skin looks amazing for two weeks and then… It all seems to go downhill from there. Often these treatments that give you incredible results immediately fall into that category of “too good to be true”!
The skin is an organ, an important one and these strong, harsh treatments cause more harm than good.
The Herbal Aktiv Peel does involve downtime of 5 days, the downtime isn’t too bad. You will see flaking and you are not to get any water on your face for that five day period. Following the five days of downtime you will have a final peel and your new skin will be revealed!

The Herbal Aktiv Peel is a corrective peel that only contains natural botanicals.
Skin resurfacing is great for your skin, it improves the skin’s appearance and is known to resolve difficult skin conditions.
The botanical formula of dried, crushed herb slough away skin revealing plump new energised skin.
The herbal ingredients include:
Spirulina: A microscopic blue green algae in the shape of a spiral coil.
Ginseng: A slow growing perennial plant with fleshy roots.
Fenugreek: An annual herb that has white flowers and aromatic seeds.
Marshmallow: A medicinal ornamental plant.
Calendula: An aromatic perennial plant for treating skin disorders and pain.
Chamomile: An annual plant know as German Chamomile.
Pansy: Biennial hybrid plant used in herbal medicine.
Large Leaf Linden: Linden comes from deciduous tree native to much of Europe. Its flowers, leaves, wood and charcoal are used for medicinal purposes.
Lemon Balm: A perennial herb in the mint family with a gentle lemon scent.
Lungwort: An evergreen and flowering plant cultivated as a medical herb.
Field horsetail: A bushy perennial with medicinal properties.
Sage: Another member of the mint family with a long history of medicinal use.
Witch hazel: A deciduous large shrub from which astringent witch hazel is extracted for medical use.
Ribwort plantain: A small inconspicuous plant that has round delicate leaves similar to mint.
Read the 5 days journey through our client, Kimberly’s eyes here.
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