Rays: Light me up!

If you’re a sun soaker, we know you’ll love this treatment!

We are talking about LED Light Therapy.
Clients who have experienced this advanced LED Light treatment often say it’s relaxing, like laying out, soaking up the rays BUT unlike UV and UVB rays these colourful rays are good for you!

There are three shades of light on offer with each light targeting a different rejuvenation or health concern. The LED Light Therapy treatment is one that we offer across all of our Face Plus Medispa clinics with one difference:

Bankstown & Bondi Junction: Offer Omnilux, the original light, established in 1998
Bondi Beach: Offer Healite, offers the same great proven results, just a younger brand!
We love both machines and cannot recommend both highly enough.

Now back to the lights. There are three light settings available, your therapist will decide on the day of your treatment which light is most appropriate or you will be placed on a specific treatment plan outlining the colour light and when.

Red light: Often a stand-alone treatment, can be used alone for primary skin rejuvenation. Following a series of treatments, the skin appears clearer with less fine lines, is plumped up and hydrated. To see a visible difference, we recommend a series of 6 to 8 treatments no more than 48 hours apart, we offer great packages on this treatment and can be a great addition to other facial treatments and injectables.

Yellow light: Dr William Mooney, our founder LOVES this light and offers this light to all of his surgical patients. Designed for wound healing, pain management, psoriasis and for the reduction of periorbital wrinkles. Following just one treatment patients see great results.

The yellow light as you can see is also very effective on bruising due to its ability to provide temporary increase blood circulation.
The yellow light has also been proven to work as a hair regrowth and acne treatment.

Blue light: This light has been specifically designed to target acne with great results. We have used this light to treat acne on various part of the body other than the face. Bacne is a condition many face and come summer, let’s face it, you would prefer it if it wasn’t there. Check out some of your treatment options here.
Need to know how it works? Read more here.

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Two birds, one stone: Sweat & Frown less

So many things to love about Australia but the summers are what makes you fall madly, deeply in love.

There is a downside to summer, the sweating and the extra wrinkles that always appear! Those extra lines are due to damage and aging caused by the sun. We often squint when out in the sun, causing crows feet and of course a large majority of us either sweat off our sunscreen or never wear enough!
Read about the importance of sun protection here.

How do muscle relaxants such as Botox & Dysport assist sweating?
Muscle Relaxants such as Botox & Dysport are injected into the skin to treat symptoms if sever seating in areas such as the underarms, palms and forehead when medicines used on the skin topically do not work well enough.

Botox completed a clinical study on 104 patients suffering from severe underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis). 84 (81%)out of the 104 patients who were treated with Botox achieved a greater than 50% reduction in sweating.
Whilst it may vary from individual to individual, following just one treatment you will experience drier underarms or palms for up to 6 months.

Particularly for the underarms, you nurse injector will make 10 to 15 injections into the area through a very fine needle.  A significant reduction in underarm sweating should be visible within 4 weeks of your first treatment.

The same theory applies to any other area you might receive muscle relaxants such as the forehead. Approximately, 4 weeks following your Botox or Dysport treatment in your forehead you will notice your forehead will not be beading with sweat!

It has also been found that use of muscle relaxants on the forehead improves skin! Why? Because you don’t sweat as much!

You are an ideal candidate for this treatment if you relate to any of the following statements:
I change my clothes more than twice a day due to my sweating.
I carry supplied such as extra clothes, antiperspirants, powers or towels to help manage the symptoms of my excessive sweating,
I use prescription antiperspirants, powders or deodorants to control my sweating.
I spend more than 3 hours a day dealing with my under arm sweat.
The sweating interferes with my daily activities.
For more information on muscle relaxants check out our frequently asked questions blog here.

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Nudie Rudie: Plan a makeup free summer!

When summer rolls around your goals is usually to try and wear less makeup given that it melts off soon after.

The key to a makeup free look all boils down to the health and quality of the skin.
Laser Genesis is the answer! Before you roll your eyes and say you can’t have laser during summer, well this one you can!

Laser Genesis is a treatment that can be performed on almost all skin types, age groups, gender and anytime of the year.

Laser Genesis is an innovative and technologically advanced laser that promotes glowing and healthy-looking skin.
Laser Genesis targets skin concerns and conditions that are associated with premature signs of aging and sun damage, something we see a lot in our patients due to our climate.

Excessive redness, large pores, uneven skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles can be target by this laser treatment.
Scientifically proven to produce new collagen the Laser Genesis treatment is a non-invasive laser technology that safely and discreetly and of course effectively treats fine line and wrinkles, diffuse and reduce excessive redness and minuses pore size, uneven skin texture and scars.

Laser Genesis works by gently heating the upper dermis which is located below the skin’s surface, stimulating collagen regrowth. Additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness.
As the dermis is gently heated, fine structures such as the microvascular are targeted and ultimately type 1 collagen is formed with cross-linking fibres.
No gel or anaesthesia is required. A Laser Genesis treatment is usually described as relaxing a therapeutic.
We recommend a total of 6 treatments four weeks apart but following your first treatment you can expect to see subtle yet consistent results after each treatment.

At Face Plus Medispa we often combine a Laser Genesis treatment with the Face Plus Signature Enzyme Facial or an LED light for optimum results.
To find out more about how Laser Genesis save Kendall Jenner from Keeping Up with the Kardashians skin, read our “Light Years” blog here. 

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Chin chin: Remove your double chin permanently

New chin sculpting treatment Belkyra is now available.

Khloe Kardashian made this chin fat dissolving and sculpting treatment famous in America and after much in clinic testing, Belkyra is now available at Face Plus Medispa.

We’ve read a number of studies and reviews and we will begin by saying this treatment works! Secondly, there is downtime involved with this treatment, if you’ve heard there is no downtime, that means the treatment they are providing is not effective.

The producers of this product have advised Face Plus that you want the reaction of swelling and growth immediately following the treatment, the swelling will last for a few days and may be sensitive to touch.

For those who are uncomfortable with a double chin or pocket of fat around the jaw line this is a treatment for you.

Belkyra contains a synthesised deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a compound that is naturally in the body, aiding in digestion and absorption of fats.

Belkyra offers a non-surgical option that is carried out with a series of injections to the double chin and jawline area. The number of treatments required will depend on the patient and how much excess fat and skin they have in this area.

A minimum of two treatments are required to see results.
Prior to treatment the client will undergo a thorough consultation process with our of our experienced nurses, you can read about our consultation process here.

Once a script has been approved by a Doctor on site or via video your nurse will begin the treatment by numbing the area. The treatment itself will take between 20 to 40 minutes depending on the total number of injection points required.
When injected the compound breaks down the fat cells which the body eliminates, the other bonus? Skin is tightened.
From the clinical trials conducted by Face Plus Medispa a minimum of 3 treatments were required for results with some patients needing up to 6 treatments four weeks apart to achieve their goals.
Results following three treatments.

Downtime, regardless of what you have read on the internet and heard from anyone, there is downtime and you want it! Following the treatment there will be some swelling, this is one of those treatments where you think your chin might be getting worse before it gets better. The swollen effect following the treatment means the product is working and doing its thing.

The more swelling present following the treatment, the better! So, embrace and welcome to swell. It will be sensitive to touch at first and some clients advised a slight hardening of the area, this is normal too.

The swelling will last for a few days, so if this is something you think you might be conscious about, plan your social engagements around this or wear a scarf!
Watch the treatment process and results via our Instagram page.

The treatment starts at $2,500, this cost is inclusive of the first two mandatory treatments required.

If fat under the double chin is not your concern and just a bit of excess skin due to aging, we can highly recommend our skin tightening treatment, TITAN, read more here.
Watch TITAN in action via our Instagram page.

If you’re not interested in the long treatment plan, Dr William Mooney offers liposuction for this area. You can read more and see the wonderful results here.

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And… Lift Off!: Lift and Remove Pigmentation

According to research undertaken by Clinique, 62 per cent of Australian women list pigmentation as a skin concern.

Face Plus Medispa offer Limelight IPL to address concerns associated with ageing, photodamage, skin redness, small veins, brown spots and effects of sun exposure.

This treatment is a non-invasive treatment that targets pigmentation and rejuvenates the skin. The charged energy light is accurately released and absorbed by the pigmented areas, avoiding the healthy surrounding tissue.

To permanently treat pigmentation, we recommend a total of two to five treatments. IPL utilises light in a way to restore your skin gradually & naturally.
Pain and discomfort is not a factor when undergoing an IPL or Limelight. Some describe it as a hot elastic brand that has been swiftly flicked onto the skin. When treating the face, the patient will be provided with eye guards for the duration of the treatment.

Following the Limelight procedure, the skin will appear slightly red which may remain for a few hours up to 24 hours. The pigmentation will darken first, this is a very good sign! It will then rise to the surface of the skin before flaking off. This process can take up to 10 to 14 days.

During the recovery period we recommend Jane Iredales, Mineral makeup range, read about the range here.

We recommend a mineral makeup as it will camouflage the skin whilst allowing it to breathe without interfering with the treatment during the recovery process.

During and after your treatment sun protection is very important and we recommend a physical sunblock, read why here. 

Studies indicate 90% of patients who have undergone IPL treatment have a high degree of satisfaction with lasting results. Follow up treatments are usually required every 6 months.

Prior to moving forward with an IPL treatment at Face Plus Medispa all patients must undergo a “patch test”. The patch test is performed in a nondescript area on the body.
To find out more about this treatment visit our IPL & Pigmentation page here.

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Draw out your impurities: The Pumpkin Peel

Have heard about our Pumpkin Peel?

After just one 45-minute treatment, pores are visibly reduced skin is instantly firmer, smoother, fresh, brighter and youthful.

Who is it for? It targets: 
Aging, dull, photodamage, uneven texture, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, sun damage and enlarges pores.

The Pumpkin Peel is a stimulating facial that offers advanced resurfacing, encouraging cellular for an immediate radiance.

An instant cooling mask treatment detoxifies and minimises the appearance of pores and offers immediate firming nourishment while focusing on erasing fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and rough textured skin.

The facial begins with your dermal therapist cleansing and toning your skin. The selection of products used in this processed will be tailored to your skin and its needs.
Once your skin is clean the pumpkin peel will be brushed onto the skin. Slowly you will begin to feel a warm and tingling sensation. This is when you know it’s working!

You only have to leave the mask on for 1 – 3 minutes for the peel to be effective.
Once the peel is removed your skin will have become stimulated and quickly your dermal therapist will apply a thin layer of a soothing serum to your entire face, trust us when we say this will be a welcome soothing sensation!

The serum that we use in this treatment is available for purchase and is great following any inflammatory treatment or if your skin is quite sensitive. Read more. Here.
Soothing Serum by HydroPeptide, $199

The serum is then followed up with a purifying mask that will be left to set on the skin, the setting process takes approximately 15 minutes.

When your skin is feeling a little dull at home we recommend the HydroPeptide, Purifying Mask. Perfect for problematic, uneven skin tone, dehydrated, sensitive and aging skin. Read more here.
Purifying Mask by HydroPeptide, $79

The advanced peptide performance in the Pumpkin Peel offers a much fresher, younger, and smoother skin.

The Pumpkin Peel can be performed once every fortnight for those with problematic skin. Teamed with an LED Light skin will become clearer, healthier and softer in a matter of weeks! You can read about the benefits of LED Light Therapy here. 

Final important notes before you book in for the Pumpkin Peel – It is vital for patients to discontinue the use of retinols and any acne treatments 3 days prior to and following the treatment!

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Ctrl R (refresh): Face Plus Signature Enzyme Facial

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Ctrl R (refresh): Face Plus Signature Enzyme Facial

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If you were to ask which facial treatment is most popular in our clinics the answer would be: Face Plus Enzyme Facial, also referred to as the Enzyme Peel.
We wouldn’t categories this treatment under a “peel” as clients generally do not see a peeling effect following the treatment, nor is that the treatment goal.
First time visitors will more than likely experience this treatment or the Herbal Hydration Peel.
Like all facials at Face Plus Medispa we tailor the treatment to your skins needs. How does your dermal therapist know what your skin requires? This is determined at your thorough skin consultation, read about our consultation process here.
The tailored treatment regardless of skin type will aim to:
– Smooth
– Hydrate
– Glow
And the best thing? The results will be rapid!
The key ingredients include:
Spelt: A protein rich grain abundant in biomimetic leucine, phenylalanine, threonine, lysine and valine amino acids. Replicates NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor), Vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium and iron.
Kaolinite: A drawing mineral clay rich in aluminium silicates that absorb excess sebum production.
Wheat protein: Rich in serine, alanine, glycine, aspartic acid, threonine, leucine, lysine, valine, arginine, histadine, phenylalanine, glutamic acid and proline found in NMF.
Lactose: A biomimetic disaccharide found naturally in glycosaminoglycans.
The exfoliating enzymes are activated by steam and only target dead keratinised protein.
The Face Plus Enzyme Facials are a safe and effective natural way to facilitate exfoliation, help overall biological processes in the skin that have slowed down due to age or sun damage and to inhibit free-radical damage. The Enzyme Facials accelerate biochemical reactions in a cell that would proceed minimally or not at all if the enzymes were not present.
This deep yet gentle exfoliation is suitable for even the most sensitive skins excluding stage IV acne.
If you’re a Face Plus Medispa patient who has experienced this facial, leave a comment below re: post facial GLOW…
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Up tight: Skin Tightening treatment

Collagen & Elastin, I wish I was nicer to you when I was younger.

I wish I had spent less time in the sun.
I wish I had used SPF instead of oil on my skin.

Oh well, at least we had a great time. No regrets, right?
Well, maybe some, when you look in the mirror and see the tummy, jaw line, cheek bones or your neck isn’t as tight as it used to be!

There are some lasers available on the market than can achieve the same results as Titan but they are known to be painful and results can take up to 6 months to be visible following one treatment.

The point of difference…
Titan is an FDA approved light based system to promote dermal heating. As it heats up the dermis using infrared light it initiates skin tightening, even reaching beneath the skin’s surface. The surface of the skin is protected with a continuous cooling system delivered in the same hand piece.

This technique allows for a more uniformed distribution of energy for heating deep into the dermis compared to other energy sources.

Titan utilises a unique range of wavelengths combined with strict treatment parameters. An immediate tightening effect results when the dermis heats up in a contraction of the collagen. The body recognises this as an “injury” an creates a healing response, which leads to increased collagen production.

A series of 3 to 6 treatments are recommended to optimal results. This is a non-invasive treatment with little to no downtime. Following the treatment some may experience some minor swelling, redness but this dissipates within a 24 hour period.

Following each treatment patients will see a gradual improvement, with some Face Plus patients seeing one after just one treatment!

The results will last up to one year, but it will also be impacted by the condition of the skin, ongoing care and continued aging.

This results driven skin tightening laser treatment, Titan is currently only available from our Bondi Junction clinic.

Here is a price break down:
Full Face (90 min) $800

Lower Face (60 min) $700

Neck (60 min) $700

Face & Neck (150 min) $1200

Lower Face & Neck (120 min) $1200

Eyes Only (30 min) $350

Abdomen (120 min) $1200

Bilateral Upper Arms (60 min) $700
Packages are also available for purchase.
For more information on the Titan treatment read our Gobble Wobble blog here.

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Highbrow: Low Brow LIFT

Droopy or sagging eyebrows are also known as brow ptosis.

This is when the eyebrow is sagging, causing heaviness or fullness in the area between the eyebrow and the eye.

In a male, the brows are usually located just above the bony rim of the orbit and in females the out half of the brows usually sits about 1cm above the rim of the orbital bone.

Brow ptosis is caused mainly due to aging. The skin around the eyes and of course the face becomes thinner as we age, leading to sagging.

When fat under the skin is lost this causes further sagging, especially in the eyebrow area.
It is also a hereditary feature, if you see your parents have this feature, it is likely it will occur in your brows as you age.
Drooping and sagging eyebrows can make you appear significantly older than you are or even tired.

There are surgical options to correct this feature if it is seriously impacting your vision or your health. Cosmetically, if you are starting to see the brows dropping, this can be easily and quickly corrected with muscle relaxants such as Botox & Dysport.

Some see the brows beginning to drop in their early to mid 20’s, often at this age it is too early to consider going under the knife and many opt for a non surgical, injectable brow lift.

How does it work?
Using a muscle relaxant listed above, certain muscles are relaxed around the eyes to create an overall lift in the brows.

There are muscles around the eye that hold the eyebrows down, those muscles are known as orbicularis oculi.
The injectable treatment into these muscles allow the eyebrows to be released from the downward pull and the muscles in the forehead will automatically lift the eyebrows up without being antagonised.

Patients will usually see a few millimetres in height difference, seems like a small amount but it’s quite a lot for such a small area.

More information regarding this technique can be found via our Tired No More blog.

Another technique commonly used is the liquid lift. This technique uses a dermal filler, same as you would in your lips, cheek or chin, under the eyebrow, to support the eyebrow and elevate the brows up.

The filler also works to soften the bony orbital rim around the brows, creating a softer more youthful appearance.

Not sure which technique might work for you?
Why don’t you visit one of our beautiful clinics for a cosmetic consultation?
You can read all about our thorough cosmetic consultation process here.

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Bare back: Bacne treatment

Acne anywhere on the body can be tough.

The face is a common area that we discuss but our Medispa does have a “Plus” on the end of it and this blog is going to talk acne on other areas of the body.

Living in Australia and having acne anywhere on the body is tough.

We have a big beach culture and many love to enjoy being out in the sun. BUT if have acne on your body this can be difficult. Not only can it be painful, you might lack confidence and have some visibly scarring.

Face Plus Medispa offer a number of treatments to target acne and a number of conditions that result from having acne on your body.
View all of the treatment options here.

The key treatment that has worked for our clients is the Blue, LED Light Therapy treatment. The treatment takes a total of 16 to 20 minutes and after just 6 treatments results should be visible.

The blue light works on acne as this particular light was designed specifically to treat acne. Read more about the technology behind the blue light here. 

A few questions that might be running through your head:

Does it hurt? No, it doesn’t hurt. It’s actually very relaxing and pain free. Most of our patients take a power nap during the treatment.

How long does it take? The light itself is placed over the areas that requires treatment for 16 to 20 minutes. The time difference is due to the machines we have at clinics. The entire treatment process may take longer as we need to clean the area prior to treatment.

How many treatments do I need? Depending on your acne we generally advise 6 treatments to start. Majority of our patients see a change following 6 treatments and only need to return every now and then to keep on top of the bacteria.

Clients are encouraged to have a light every second day and within a two-week period you should have completed all of your light treatments.

How much? If you are buying just one light it is $100. If you purchase a package of 6 lights they come down to $80 each.

But does it work? There have been a number of clinical trials performed on acne patients and we know that it works for ours.

The first step is to have a consultation with one of our experienced dermal therapists and they will be able to provide you with a clear treatment plan that may include these lights.
You can read about our consultation process here.

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