Winter Skin Rescue Remedies

Is your skin feeling dull and flaky? Want to know how to overcome this during lockdown?

Everyone’s skin gets chapped and dehydrated in winter. Harsh elements like the wind can cause your skin to dry out.

A drop in humidity can also strip the skin of its natural moisture barrier and cause it to become flakey. If you have any underlying dermatitis or eczema, that will tend to flair in the winter and become quite irritable.

Here are our top 5 tips on how to liven up your skin and bring back it’s glow this winter….

1. Exfoliation is key to a brighter complexion.

  • Try the Jojoba Peeling Cream for an at home exfoliation. Invest in the Dr Spiller Jojoba spheres to hydrate the skin while removing the upper most layers of dead skin cells for hydrated, brighter and fresher skin.
  • Or the O Cosmedics Exfoliating Cleanser powered by V8 Peptide Complex®, to physically exfoliate, invigorate and deep cleanse the skin leaving it hydrated and fresh.
  • Or go deeper with one of our Face Plus Corrective Skin Peels to promote even, controlled and accelerated exfoliation of old skin cells. Leaving you feeling fresh faced and rejuvenated.

2. LED Light Therapy is a great way to improve your skins texture and heal dry wintery skin to bring back its glow. This soothing treatment works at a cellular level and stimulates the healing mechanisms in the skin.

  • Our clinics have ‘plus light’ which is near infrared, however has a longer wavelength. Plus light is most beneficial for healing, perfect for eczema, psoriasis and dry winter skins. Our therapists can perform a combination of red and plus light to strengthen and heal inflammatory skin conditions. 

3. Skin Oils. If you’re finding that your normal moisturiser isn’t doing the trick, a face oil can replenish dehydrated skin because it’s able to deliver vital fatty acids and seal in moisture. Try our O Cosmedics NEW Vitamin C and Hemp Seed Oil. It has stronger amounts of Vitamin C (10% Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate) and the hemp seed oil is much more nourishing as a winter serum.

  • A great facial to pair with this product is the Aloe Power Lifting Skin Facial, using the nourishing and regenerative power of Argan Oil coupled with the firming effect of the Aloe Vera Skin lift powder this nourishing, advanced exfoliating duo removes all signs of dry skin and strengthens the connective tissue leaving the skin feeling Hydrated, firm and energised. 

4. Boost your skin’s moisture level with extra hydrating creams to give your skin a nice drink of water all day long. Try the Dr Spiller Sanvita Cream – packed with powerful polyphenol to visibly soothe, repair and protect moisture levels of sensitive complexions.

  • For an extra moisture hit, try our Signature Enzyme Facial Treatment, designed to gently yet effectively resurface the skin which will leave you smooth, hydrated and glowing.

5. Avoid refined and processed food and try to eat fresh, raw and organic where possible.

  • Book a session with our in-house well-known nutritionist and internationally trained chef; Zoe Bingley-Pullin who will guide you on a winter health and nutrition plan to support you in creating a healthier and more radiant complexion to keep you healthy and glowing on the inside and out.

If you are uncertain of which product or treatment is best suited for your skin type or concern please feel free to speak with us today.

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What are Herbal Peels?


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything is better.”-Albert Einstein

With the change in seasons, the uncertainty of covid, and life in general, its hardly surprising that your skin is maybe looking and feeling a little flat.

Introducing: Herbal peels! The perfect blend of relaxation and corrective skin treatment to give your skin the healthy glow it deserves.

What are herbal peels?

Herbal Peels are a corrective all-natural skin treatment, completely free from chemicals. We use a unique herbal composition that becomes activated by a gel or lotion-like solution. This solution activates the exclusive blend of herbs and we massage and embed them into the deeper layers of the skin which provides a natural peeling procedure for skin rejuvenation.

The first trials of herbs in skincare started in Germany in 1959, originally perfected through clinical trials to treat acne. After more research it was found and further developed to treat other concerns including skin impurities, hyperpigmentation, oily skin, enlarged pores, ageing skin, scarring and healing inflammatory skin conditions.

The herbs themselves contain many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which provide healing, increased blood flow, increased cell renewal and regeneration. They continue to work for the next 48 hours following your treatment, releasing their actives and giving you a long-lasting result to healthy, glowing skin.

At Faceplus Medispa we provide three different levels of herbal peels which will always be tailored to your skin type and concern by changing the applied pressure, time the herbs are left on the skin.

The treat can be altered to be an advanced peel by choosing a different solution to activate and deliver the herbs deeper and faster into the skin. The chosen solution will help reduce inflammation, infection, redness, dehydration, swelling and regulates moisture content.

The difference between chemical vs herbal

Resurfacing treatments like chemical peels remove the outer layer of skin which can leave you feeling fresh and smooth.

However only now to have your skins defensive barrier weakened leaving your skin more susceptible to free radical damage, bacteria pathogens and sensitised skin.

When a herbal peel is performed the skins barrier is never compromised.

The compound contains pure herbs only, this means NO acids, toxins or synthetic harmful ingredients that can cause this breakdown of the skin barrier.

Instead, the micro circulation and lymphatic drainage of the herbal massage increases blood circulation, delivering oxygen and feeding nutrients into the skin.

Which is the magic of the herbs, leaving the skin fresh, smooth and glowing after treatment.

Another added benefit is that the herbal facials can be applied to all Fitzpatrick skin types (different nationalities and skin colours).

Unlike traditional chemical peels which can risk post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

Herbal peels also do not cause any sun sensitivity and is a very safe treatment for pregnant and breast-feeding clients.

The powerful blend of herbs that we work

Horse tail- Oil absorbing, skin firming, strengthens connective tissue.

Marigold– Reduces infection and strengthen the skin

Aloe vera– Antiseptic, hydrating and calming
Algae- Regulates sebum (oil) production, purifying and skin smoothing

Chamomile– Anti-micro biotic & soothes skin irritation
Pansy- Control’s infections and skin blemishes

Lungwort– Removes dead skin build up & encourages cell regeneration

Sage- Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and regulates sebaceous (oil) production

Witch hazel- Calm’s redness and inflammation

Spirulina- Contains 250 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

These natural herbs all have so many individual benefits and it is easy to see why it would be hard to turn down any kind of herbal peel!

 Herbal Hydration is the most popular. This peel contains no downtime and is very hydrating for the skin. It targets all skin contains and you may go about your daily duties immediately after treatment.

Herbal Phyto peel is a corrective and resurfacing peel that may contain some light skin shedding 3-4 days post peel. It feels like a light sunburn and it is advised to allow your skin to have a rest from any exercise or heat-based activities 24 hours after treatment.


Herbal Aktiv C peel is the most corrective but intensive peel leaving you with a new skin in 5 days. It speeds ups the natural skin cell turnover that is normally 28 days to 5 days! There will be some downtime associated with this peel.

Always speak with your dermal therapist to see which peel is best suited for you.

We start with a skin consultation available at all of the Face Plus clinics.

Here our dermal therapist will assess which peel is right for you and kick start you to plumber healthier skin!

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The Synergy of Skin Care and Cosmetic Therapy

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Here at Face Plus our Dermal Therapists and Cosmetic Injectors have access to the latest anti-ageing skin technologies.

Through a collaborative approach we’re always enhancing the natural beauty of our clients. Aiming to put your best face forward.

Not only are we using the latest technology, we’re always investing in further training, so we can update you on new ways to keep your skin in the best condition.

It is recognised that the effects of UV, the environment and lifestyle choices contribute to pre mature ageing accelerating collagen degeneration. These effects are; unneccesary exposure to the sun, lack of hydration, refined sugar combined with poor habits around caring for your skin.

Whilst skin treatments for collagen production such as micro needling, peels and laser are super effective. There are times where these treatments won’t result in the desired skin goals and what may be the next step is integrative therapy.

A common example of this is treating the eye area, where most tend to see wrinkling occur before anywhere else on the face. This area has a lot of movement (especially if you smile a lot 😊), so as a result the skin is constantly being creased. In this case skin treatments alone may not give enough and the intervention of muscle relaxants may be needed to achieve a softer appearance.

At Face Plus the end goal of our skin team is to work with you, understand your expectations and assess your needs to be able to start you on your journey to natural, fresher healthier skin.

We know that your skin journey is unique to you, therefore we’re here to educate and support you, as you seek noteable results.

We start with a skin consultation available at all of the Face Plus clinics. Here we set the foundation to your journey to healthy skin.

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Sea Beautiful Skin

Summer is here and beach days are upon us.. Hello salty hair and sun kissed skin! Days spent by the ocean are known to not only have many a beneficial effect on our physical health, but our mental wellbeing too. So it’s time to dig out the beach towel and dust off the straw fedoras! Remember too much of a good thing can sometimes have a negative effect. Here are 5 tips to have you looking more like a sun god/goddess and less like a leather handbag!

1. Shorter Regular Sun Exposure is Safer

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches here in Australia. Our beautiful oceans contain many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which can have an antibiotic and antibacterial effect on our skin, hence why problematic skin can often improve during Summer.

Vitamin D also has many healing properties and can treat conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. We recommend 15 mins in the sun per day to be very beneficial, providing we don’t overdo it!

2. Choose Skin Care That Supports Your Skin Needs

Daily swims and sand filled winds can over exfoliate our skin without us even realising. Thus tipping us into a world of redness and irritation, along with photodamage that can also contribute to dehydration and pigmentation. So what can we do to prevent our skin from looking dull and crinkly and continue to keep hydrated throughout the hotter months? How can we stay safe while still having fun in the sun? A good skin care routine to help as a preventative and aid cell recovery.

A day at the beach can leave our skin feeling tight and sensitive so what better than to have a cooling cleanser and toner in one that you can pop in the beach or gym bag to aid instant relief. O Cosmedics Micellar Treatment Gel not only provides a two in one multi cleansing system, but added pollution defence and comfort for the skin. Can even be used on its own as a quick morning cleanser. Perfect for a environmentally stressed dull, and devitalised skins. It helps prevent premature aging and skin damage. Clinical studies support luminous healthy skin in only 7 days.

Aftersun with a boost! O Cosmedics Medi-Soothe is your skin’s first aid kit in a bottle! Powered by high levels of Symglucan® (made from oats) and a multi-benefit synergistic blend of anti-irritants to assist calming and soothing, skin barrier and skin integrity recovery. A skin saviour must-have for sensitive, irritated, compromised skins. Can also be used after, waxing and shaving or post laser/peels. Best of all it can be used on babies, children, women and men of all ages. A family favourite! Another Face Plus favourite being Dr Spiller Sanvita Gel, a soothing and smoothing serum designed to nurture and visibly repair stressed, reactive and irritated skins. Instantly reduces the appearance of redness for a more supple and repaired complexion. Top tip: Pop in the fridge extra cooling effect!

If you are time poor or just like extra hydration with minimal effort you can apply a facial mask over night. For the perfect hydration facial while you sleep, O Cosmedics Hydra Plus Sleep-In Mask offers superior hydration benefits to support healthy skin function. Enhanced with V8 Peptide Complex® (topical muscle relaxant) for ultimate anti-aging support, Betaine and Liponic EG-1 to attract, lock in and maintain skin hydration. Sleep and reap!

3. Wear SPF

Speaking of fun do you know what isn’t? Sunburn! No one wants to be that person glowing like a beacon on Bondi Beach, so don’t forget to slip slop slap seek and slide! Skin cancer accounts for the largest number of cancers diagnosed in Australia each year. Part of your daily routine should be applying sunscreen at least 20 minutes before venturing outside. Whether it be an early morning dog walk, outdoor fitness, or a quick trip in the car. If you step outside your front door without an SPF on you may as well wave goodbye to your collagen and to all those results your skincare products and treatments your skin therapist provided!

Many of us are led to believe that the higher the SPF the longer our skin can endure in the sun this is a myth. The maximum coverage our sunscreens can cover us for is 2 hours so make sure you reapply! Most important after activities which cause sweating such as swimming. The difference between an SPF 15 and 50 sounds huge, however we are looking at about 1% further coverage. SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays and SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays (causes sunburn).  It is important to choose broad spectrum so you are protected from UVA rays (causes aging) too. We love O Cosmedics Mineral Pro, a natural “physical” sunscreen with a lightweight, fast-absorbing formula. Perfect for acneic, sensitive skin and with its mattifying effect a sure hit with the men! If you like a little colour with your SPF, the tinted version provides a sun-kissed look with ultimate protection.

4. Increase H2O intake to 2.5 Litres Daily

Hydration, hydration, hydration!! It’s all very well hydrating from the outside in but it stands for nothing if we aren’t hydrating from the inside out! Even more so now during the warmer months where we sweat more with the higher temperatures. This means we lose more fluids so it make sense to increase our water intake.

“H2O: Just Add Water”

Keep that water bottle with you at all times! Add squeeze of  lemon into your water bottle for a nice internal cleanse your skin will love it! The citrus liquid will boost vitamin C and also helps freshen your breath by promoting saliva production reducing dry mouth. Don’t forget electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium) you lose through sweating and when you’re dehydrated.  Electrolytes are essential for vital body functions nerve and muscle, hydration and regulating pH levels in the body. Keep a Hydralyte Electrolyte Ice Block in your freezer for days you need a quick replenish and rehydrate.

5. IV Therapy to Boost your Immune System

For the maximum Immune boost, NOTHING beats a Face Plus Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Drip!! Delivering vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the body for maximum absorption. This allows the nutrients to flood your body and nourish itself at the cellular level. Intravenous (IV) therapy is the fastest way to give your body the nutrition it needs. The process allows the vitamins to go right into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive process, to give you faster, more effective results. 

What results can you expect from an IV Therapy treatment? Improvement in immune health, boost energy levels, improve symptoms of depression, improve anxiety, mental clarity and cognitive function, combat fatigue, maintain the strength of muscles and tissues.

All products are available at each one of our clinics, so have fun and stay skin safe in that sun! Need some help making adjustments to your skincare routine? Book in for a consultation!


New Rituals for a New Year

For most of us, last year asked us to take a look at our habits and rituals of day-to-day life. Self-care became a necessity to us rather than a luxury (and rightly so!). Mindfulness and slowing down to disconnect from the chaos of life became a tool for us to feel good and reconnect with ourselves.

The last few months have encouraged us to experiment more with our self-care routines, including being more adventurous with the products we have in the cupboard! Here are some of my favourite tips in ensuring you get the most of our self-care habits.

1. Chuck out old/unused products that have been sitting there for a while!

No product is made to last forever. As does our food, skincare products have an expiry date. You will see this on the packaging as a visible printed “exp. dd/mm/yyyy” (which is a legal requirement for sunscreen in particular so please make sure to check yours to ensure you are not using one that is expired and therefore, less protective).

Another way you can tell ‘best before’ dates on packaging is a small symbol of an open jar with a number. This represents how many months the product keeps its integrity after you open it. Give a look through your cupboard and see if you need a clean out! Potency and effectiveness of active ingredients will be significantly less if the product has gone past its lifespan so you may not be getting the best out of what you are doing.

2. Re-evaluate your skins needs.

Your skin is constantly being challenged with seasonal/environmental changes, lifestyle changes, etc. To keep on top of this, you may need to make slight adjustments in how you nurture your skin to ensure it is getting its essential needs. This applies for both your in-clinic treatments and your at home routine. Your professional skin therapist will guide you on what’s most appropriate.

At Face Plus we take a less is more approach and never over complicate. We recommend for summer looking at products rich in anti-oxidants like vitamin C or E that help fight off damaging free radicals from the atmosphere that cause havoc on the skin. Vitamin B3 (also known as Niacinamide) is an all-rounder for everyone that energises, brightens and regulates oil, making it the perfect staple to be using.

3. Reconnect with yourself.

Enjoying more “me time”. This is a really valuable tool that we have definitely seen more of in the last year. Although some of our lives have become more digital, meditation and mindfulness have also come in to play to teach us the importance of slowing down for our overall health.

There is a lot of research into the link between stress/the nervous system and it’s effects on not only our skin but our health as a whole. Excessive physical or mental stress is an accelerator for premature ageing and inflammatory skin disorders such as acne or eczema. Some of my favourite simple things to do to help ground myself without needing lots of time is putting a couple of drops of my favourite essential oil in the shower so that I can inhale it whilst I’m in there, doing a good exfoliation before massaging in my favourite face mask and a few rounds of deep, mindful breaths to calm and rebalance your energy.

Need some help making adjustments to your skincare routine? Book in for a consultation!


Reducing the signs of ageing with PDO Monothreads

THREADS – PDO smooth and PDO cogged/barbed

These days, many less invasive non-surgical facial rejuvenation practices have been developed to attain a more youthful appearance. These include lasers, dermal fillers, neuromodulation, fat grafts and absorbable threads.

Many people often has a misunderstanding when considering THREADS as an alternative to improving skin laxity. Most patients think that thread procedures are like a facelift or that it can hold back their ageing features.

The traditional approach to facial rejuvenation has always been facelift surgery. However, this can involve a lengthy recovery period with side effects such as scaring. Restoring lost volume and correcting facial structures can also be achieved by dermal fillers. However, to address the quality of the skin, more specific treatments can be used.

In the early 2000s, as a replacement to surgery, threads were introduced with midface rejuvenation using such threads as Gore-Tex and polypropylene. These were permanent threads which did not absorb. These permanent cog threads or lifting threads reported many complications to include asymmetry, visible, palpable threads, pain, thread migration, granuloma and skin irregularities.

It was not until early 2011; Korea introduced the PDO (polydioxanone) threads for facial rejuvenation. Already used in surgical suturing, PDO thread is a biocompatible and bioabsorbable material. Biocompatible means that it is not harmful or toxic to living tissue. PDO disintegrates over six months with the advantage of having low tissue reaction.

When inserted under the skin, PDO threads dissolve and cause-specific changes to the surrounding tissue. These changes are a fibrous merging effect of neo-collagenesis, fat reduction, tissue contracture and an increase in blood circulation. All of which have been shown to create tightness and rebuilding of elastin. PDO threads re-activates the skins normal regenerative process including mechanical stimulation of wound healing and tissue contraction.

Stimulation of elastin is the result of fibroblast activation and has the following benefits of tightening pores, brightening skin, and increasing the volume of the skin. Elastin fibres help the skin return to its normal position after being stretched.

There are two types of threads used at Face Plus Medispa. The outcome is different depending on the type of PDO thread used.

Mono PDO threads are smooth threads and provide a tightening and rejuvenation of the skin. These smooth threads do not provide any substantial lift to the skin. They are placed superficially under the skin, often in a mesh-like fashion and are suitable for patients who want to improve the firmness and quality of their skin. Treatment areas include the upper and lower cheeks, forehead, jawline, neck, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, arms, thighs and abdomen. The Mono PDO threads are performed by our team of experienced and highly trained Registered nurses.

Cog threads have hooks and are lifting threads. The hooks clasp the skin creating a lift and suspension of sagging skin. These threads promote the mechanical effect (lifting) and the biological effect (neo-collagenesis) in one treatment. Our surgeon, Dr William Mooney, perform cog thread lifts. Thread lifts are suitable for patients who have good soft tissue volume and desire a revitalisation effect. Suitable areas include jawline skin laxity and facial slimming. These threads are not suitable for patients with excessively saggy skin.

Studies have shown that absorbable threads are an excellent method in restoring youthful vigours. In particular, when combined with other methods of rejuvenation such as dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle and PRP.

Threads are low risk as they are non-invasive with virtually no scarring.

The Thread Process:
  • Within four weeks – new collagen fibres have loosely connected and merged with pre-existing fibrous connective tissue. There is an increase in blood circulation
  • After 12 weeks – the collagen fibres become denser and form a three-dimensional scaffold
  • After 24 weeks – PDO threads have biodegraded. Remodelling of new collagen is ongoing for up to 12 months.
The Thread procedure:
  • Before treatment – your skin is cleansed thoroughly, and local anaesthetic cream is applied for approximately 20 mins
  • During treatment – PDO threads are inserted using a needle under the skin. The needles are removed, leaving the thread behind.
  • After treatment – your skin is cleansed again using an antiseptic; you may use ice to soothe the treatment area, mild tenderness. Sleep slightly head up.
  • Side effects – temporary bruising, swelling, erythema, slight pulling, or prickling sensation, complications are rare.
  • What to avoid for the first 24 hours after – any sources of heat including sun exposure, no massages, no oil-based moisturisers or make-up, no exercises, no sweat
  • What to avoid for the first five days – no heat, no facials, or massages, keep the face free from sweat
  • What to avoid for the first three weeks – saunas or heat treatments
  • No anti-inflammatories for seven days before treatment
  • No local infections around the procedure
  • Implants in the procedure area
  • A propensity to form keloid scars
  • Pregnancy; lactation
  • Previous non-biological materials in the treatment area
  • To extend the effects of threads:
    • Drink lots of water (at least 2L daily) – collagen requires adequate hydration
    • Stop smoking
    • Wear sunscreen
    • Yearly treatments may be performed if required

We could not be more excited to announce that the PDO Monothreads Treatment is now available across all three of our clinics.

To book in for a consultation, click here.

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Spring into Spring


6 steps to shed your Winter skin and get your pre-summer glow!


Winter weather can be tough on our skin, more so this year with so much time spent at home and hidden under face masks. Heating and hot showers can leave us feeling dry, flaky and with Covid preventing us being able to get to our usual Skin Clinics until now, we have had to make do with what we can find on the Cosmetic shelves.

I see a LOT of AHA and BHA based “chemical” exfoliants, which with over use or on the wrong skin types can leave skin inflamed and unhappy.

They have their place but chat with your Dermal Therapist to help you find what is best for your skin and when to use.

If you love the idea of a Lactic serum that will plump, hydrate and exfoliate over night with zero irritation, O Cosmedics Multi-Functional Peel is the one!

For the scrub lovers, Jojoba beads provide the perfect sphere particles for an effective yet gentle “physical” exfoliation. Dr Spiller Jojoba scrub will leave you beautifully smooth and hydrated.

Fruit enzymes provide a great exfoliation for even the most sensitive of skins or those prone to blackheads. Applied like a mask these multi fruit acids will gently buffer away your dead skin cells, doing all the hard work for you!

Plus, big hits of vitamin C gives you the perfect pick me up post Winter and a great brightener for pigmentation. O Cosmedics 3 in 1 Peel is a firm favourite.

Hyaluronic Acid

A glass of water for your skin! We hydrate from the inside out, why not from the outside in?

This ingredient is for everyone! Generally, we all suffer from dehydrated skin, whether it be sensitivity, feeling lack luster, fine lines occurring or breakouts more present, a serum for all!

Most corrective serums are Hyaluronic based as it offers the perfect delivery system for actives. Niacinamide, vitamins and antioxidants are infused to correct even the most stubborn of skin concerns and give an overall plump.

A Lighter Weight Moisturiser

With the temperature warming and humidity rising, we often opt for something a little lighter as our day cream. This ensures our skin keeps beautifully hydrated throughout the day without that 3:00 shine.

Dr Spiller Sensitive Beauty Day or O Cosmedics Rebalancing cream the perfect option, especially for oiler, problematic skin types, preventing epidermal water loss in a hyaluronic based emulsion.

Melanin Inhibitors

For those of us that struggle with uneven skin tone, whether it be hormonal based melasma, solar lentigines through excess sun exposure or post inflammatory due to trauma, tyrosinase inhibitors are a must.

O Cosmedics B3 or Brightening Serum can be used separately or together for maximum effect, diffusing current pigment and inhibiting future from appearing.


A non-negotiable!! The sun (in Australia especially) accounts for 90% of visible changes to our skin. Photo damage is the lead cause of collagen and elastin breakdown so you can find yourself spending all this money on anti-aging skincare but its possibly all go to waste if you’re not protecting yourself against those UVA/UVB rays. Not to mention pigmentation!

A common problem I hear is that people hate the feeling of sunscreen “it’s too oily”, “I break out” which is why I like to opt for a physical sunscreen, made from natural Zinc Oxide/Titanium Oxide other than a chemical sunscreen. So, no nasties!

O Cosmedics Tinted Sunscreen is a big hit! 20% zinc oxide leaves an anti-inflammatory, mattifying, sheer cover and great protection against our Aussie sun. Also available in non-tinted.

Gut Health

We all know how much easier it is to gorge on a bowl of salad when the sun is beaming and you know swimwear season is around the corner, but what goes in on the inside is sure to show on the outside.

Including a wide range of nutritional food sources is paramount to getting those internal vitamins and antioxidants.  All of which will do wonders for your skin. Book in for a consultation.

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How to Avoid ISO Skin

Iso skin is the real deal! As our world has turned upside down in the last few weeks, it’s important not to leave your skin care behind.

It’s now week 5 of self-isolation, so any slacking off should be over! Yes, we’ve all been guilty of overindulging in sugary food, alcohol, and countless hours of Netflix binging, however it’s important to keep some structure and routine in your life for both physical and mental health, as well as the health of your skin.

Now is not the time to let your skin go!

1. Consistency is key!

Don’t get slack with your morning and evening skincare routine.

Like with exercise, progress doesn’t happen overnight. For visible results or even to maintain a healthy glowing complexion, your skin requires consistency. Cleansing, applying SPF, and moisturising are everyday essentials.

2. Don’t forgo the sunscreen

Being inside doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook and can skip the sunscreen. In fact, UVA light (PRESENT WITHOUT SUNSHINE) can penetrate right through window glass, which means that you still are at risk for premature aging and skin cancers. UVB rays can also penetrate through glass, which also contributes to aging of the skin.

3. At-home facial

I would encourage people to do an at home facial, at least once a week.  It will help to decongest the pores, improve circulation, remove excess dead skin cells and support the skin with beneficial nutrients like vitamins, proteins, minerals and antioxidants.

In this order: Double cleanse, exfoliate, mask, serum, moisturise
If you are missing a steam facial:
Fill a bowl with hot water and position your face over the bowl with a towel over your head to let your skin open up – you would do this after cleansing!

Tip – Massage in finishing products:
Give yourself a facial massage to boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It is important to use very hydrating, rich ingredients as the skin is massaged – begin at the chin and gently stroke outward. Follow a similar pattern on all areas of the face: remember always up and out with your movements!
And –  NO at home extractions pretty please!!!

4. Nourish from the inside out

So, we nourish our skin not only topically, but also from the inside out. This can for some people be the most important way to keep their skin healthy as gut related issues can cause havoc on our skin. During stressful times we are often prone to eating more comfort foods.
Try avoiding heavily processed foods and strong dairy products as this can congest our skin. People suffering from breakouts should look at limiting sugary, starchy foods. Look instead at having lots of leafy greens, good fats such as avocados – I mean who isn’t a sucker for eggs and avo toast?? Adding things like chilli flakes and pepper to that takes it up a notch and chilli flakes are anti-inflammatory, boost metabolism and are full of essential vitamins.

Foods rich in Vitamin A include salmon, eggs, fish, broccoli, spinach, and most dark green, leafy vegetables, and adding that Vitamin A is a godsend for those suffering from acne.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant which also assists with immunity. As Vitamin C is not stored in your body, eating foods rich in it, such as oranges, is important.
Smoothies are also a great booster, adding bio fermented probiotic rich elixirs and powders from the Beauty Chef can help unlock glowing skin and a healthy gut.


Aerobic activity helps to protect the skin from free radicals, synthesise hyaluronic acid and can even slow down the ageing process.

Oxygen intake is key for this to happen so move and work out daily, even if it’s just a little.
Remember slow and steady wins the race! It’s the same when it comes to skincare sticking to a basic routine is best.

If you are unsure what products are best suited to your skin or what to do when, please get in touch, we are always here to help 😊! During self-isolation we offer virtual skin consultations with our dermal skin therapists to help you with your iso skin care. Our skin craves stability, let’s do it! Click here to learn more.

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Why a Skin Consult?

At Face Plus Medispa we offer more than just a facial. We want every client that comes to visit us to have the WOW experience. We offer professional Skin Consultations with our advanced Dermal Therapist’s for every new client.

Ever walked into a cosmetic department store and stood in front of the skin products and felt completely overwhelmed about where to even start?

Or  following someone on social media who was absolutely raving about the “latest new trending fleece mask, or charcoal scrub”, only to order it online, try it out when it arrives and wake up in the morning with skin worse than the day before?

Have you ever looked in your bathroom cabinet and wondered what is old and what is new and been so confused that you vowed to throw them all away and start anew, but never do?? Everyone we meet has the same story. Walked into a beauty salon, shared all your skin problems only to walk out feeling totally sold to.

While STILL confused about what on earth is happening with your skin, and with a huge credit card bill and a bunch of facials you have absolutely no idea about.

Well my friend, I think I have the solution for you! Have you ever had a professional Skin Consultation with a qualified skin expert?

At Face Plus Medispa we offer more than just a facial. We want every client that comes to visit us to have the WOW experience.

We offer professional Skin Consultations with our advanced Dermal Therapist’s for every new client. From your very first facial visit with us we will spend a detailed half an hour listening, educating & examining your skin.

We help you to identify any possible “triggers” that may be impacting your overall skin health and take a close look at what topicals you have at home and how you are using them.

We will suggest ways we can improve not only your home care routine but we will touch on how we can improve your gut health, which will reduce the body’s inflammation and in turn allow your skin to function better.

You see to find a solution; we first must understand the problem. Education is the key to seeing the change. A different approach means a different result!

We invite you to come on a skincare journey with us aiming to better your skin, coaching you every step of the way and sharing all our best & essential beauty trade secrets and tips on how you can manage your skin between visits. We want to help you achieve your skin goal.

We make it our priority to listen to you and take the time to explain and help you understand your skin a little better each visit.

In your first skin consultation we will tailor a bespoke treatment plan for you that will gradually and steadily help you reach your desired goal. We are not about a quick fix solution, but long-term skin health.

Have a shorter time frame or a wedding come up? The treatment timelines we set will allow us to track your skins improvement at follow up appointments and touch base on how things are going with your home care between visits.

We have honest, transparent conversations with our clients to set realistic time frames and manage individual expectations. We promise that our passionate, educated dermal therapists genuinely want to help you with you skin.

Visit us in the clinic, sit back and relax, we are here to listen & take the pressure away from you. Ready for your consultation? Click here to make an online booking.

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Laser Genesis: Taking Light Years Off

We are constantly looking for the quickest way to achieve radiant skin and usually go to great lengths to hide our imperfections from our peers.

Luckily, we can easily dupe others into believing we were blessed with ‘good genes” with the help of non-ablative lasers.

“LG” or Laser Genesis is the most popular laser facial at Face Plus Medispa, and with good reason!

It is not painful, does not require any topical numbing agents, and has no down time! It is a non-ablative laser which means unlike ablative lasers it leaves your epidermis intact.

The laser energy gently heats the upper layers of the dermis; diffusing micro dilated capillaries, reducing redness and flushing associated with rosacea, stimulates collagen, reduces excess oil flow and improves microcirculation.

This is the perfect lunch time treatment to return a healthy glow to tired skin as your expected treatment time is usually 45 minutes to an hour to treat a full face.

Laser Genesis involves delivering heat gradually, allowing the heat to intensify to create the illusion of a wound without the physical trauma. In a sense, it tricks the body into a healing process by delivering the correct amount of heat and this is where all the magic happens for your skin.

After a few treatments you can expect to see reduced pore size, minimized appearance of most scars and a smoother texture, to give the skin a lustrous appearance.

Treatments are best a month apart and 3-6 treatments is ideal for optimal and effective results. After that an annual top up is ideal for maintenance.

Kendall Jenner, one of the younger Kardashian sisters recently credited her skin to regular Laser Genesis treatments, allowing her to keep her acne breakouts at bay and lighten existing scars.

LG very much represents the new way of thinking ‘face’. No longer do we think that we can improve the face and skin by damaging it. That ‘ablative’ view of lasers went out of fashion in the 90s and naughties, replaced by a caring and nurturing attitude to your precious skin.

Our experienced, gentle and precise staff will tailor the ideal treatment plan for you and your skin needs, based around this amazing laser technology.

However we do advise a consultation prior to treatment as this will be paramount in deciding if this treatment is suitable for your specific skin condition. We advise special precautions to the following prior to your clinical evaluation;

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure or fake tanning for two to four weeks prior.
  • Avoid topical agents known to cause irritation (strong exfoliants or peels, steroid creams, waxing), two weeks prior.
  • Consider taking natural supplements or antiviral medication for prevention if you are prone to cold sores and the area to be treated is near or on that area affected.
  • Males are to ensure they are cleanly shaved as the laser may burn hair or increase heat on that area.
  • Advise your therapist if you are currently undergoing/or have undergone, antibiotics,  isotretinoin treatment or with drugs in a similar class within the last six months.
  • Cosmetic tattoos will also need to be avoided and if necessary covered during this procedure.

At Face Plus Medispa we often team LG with other treatments such as; our bespoke facial treatments, cosmeceutical and exclusive product range, and or other health and wellness treatments such as massage, acupuncture, IV therapies and a selection of injectable treatments from our expert nurses and doctors.

From now until the 10th of August 2019 we are offering a 4 for the price of 3 treatments for Laser Genesis. Click here for more information.