Sneaky: The not so sweet truth…

Christmas time and overindulgence are synonymous.

Eat, drink and be merry is all well and good…when you’re eating well and drinking water! A big challenge of the holiday season can lie in what you are eating and drinking.

It is highly likely you may be tempted to ‘fall off the bandwagon’, overindulge on a few too many candy canes or wake up after a huge night with a hangover.

Here’s the thing: we are all human, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with throwing caution to the wind every now and then, when it comes to how we are eating and what we are drinking – especially if we are healthy 99% of the time.

This festive season, allow yourself to indulge, and indulge fully, without the guilt.

However be wary that what you put into your body accounts for more than 80% of your physical health (when looking at weight loss). So while you may be binging on sugary treats and alcoholic drinks, but exercising to make up for it, chances are you are still going to feel…and potentially see…the impact sugar can have on your body and mind.

To give your gut that extra support this holiday season, The Beauty Chef Cookbook by Carla Oates is packed full of beautiful, indulgent and healthy recipes, minus the sugar, leaving you feeling indulgent and healthy all at once. It’s a win-win!

The Holiday Glow Gift Pack is a wonderful gift for your health-conscious friend, with gut-loving blends formulated to support a healthy glow from the inside out.

Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?
Read more about The Beauty Chef products here

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Burn: (Don’t) feel the burn

How to burn fat and not skin this Summer

5 days into Summer and boy are we feeling it! The weather is warmer, we are spending way more time outdoors and everyone has a little more spring in their step, wouldn’t you agree?

Here are some simple tips to stay on top of your health this Summer period – because here at Face Plus we are all about staying sun safe, while enjoying the outdoors.

Change up your workout routine

Now that the weather is warmer, it may be time to mix things up in your workout regime. Perhaps it’s time to incorporate more outdoorsy activities like nature hikes or ocean swims.

Mix it up and find something that leaves you feeling energised and uplifted rather than exhausted and drained. If your body genuinely looks forward to the activity then you are on to a good thing!

Stay sun safe

Time to put some money aside for a beautiful beach hat, as well as something easy to throw on when you are training outside. If you are prone to burning, be sure to wear extra protection by covering your shoulders and investing in a good sun cream.

Also, be sure to invest in a beautiful daily moisturiser with SPF qualities. We recommend HydroPeptide, Solar Defense, Read more here

Invest in a good IPL treatment
If you are prone to pigmentation or melasma, it is time to be extra conscious of the sun and the impact it can have on your skin.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments are fantastic as the light penetrates the skin surface, breaking down the pigment and eliminating noticeable sun damage.
Read more about our treatments here

How do you stay sun safe in Summer?
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The fountain of youth: Foods that keep you young

Have you found the fountain of youth?

If you find it, let us know! In the mean time, try and include the following food in your diet. Each of the foods you are about to read about is packed with one or a few nutrients, vitamins and minerals that have an impact on age reversing!

Green tea: Green tea is an ingredient present in a number of our anti-aging face and body products. Research has also found compound micronutrient in green tea that blocks a signaling molecule in the body that triggers plaque buildup in the arteries that can lead to heart attacks, stroke and vascular disease.

Grapes: Anthocyanins are found in many plants and you can easily recognized as they provide the fruit and vegetable with a bright red-orange or blue-purple colour. Grapes contain an abundance of anthocyanins! This antioxidant keeps your liver healthy, reduces cholesterol, can reduce the risk of heart disease, fights obesity and can improve vision.

Shitake mushrooms:  You body requires copper to produce pigment for you skin and hair, and shiitake mushrooms are on of the best sources for this! Half a cup of shitake mushrooms containers 71% of your recommended daily intake of copper.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit juice has been found to keep bones strong and healthy. The juice can improve bone density and slow down the rate of bone loss. Consuming one grapefruit a day will see you reap the great benefits.

Sardines: A great dairy free source of calcium! Sardines have been found to reduce inflammation, risk of heart disease, defends against mood disorders, controls blood sugar levels and will also help promote weight loss.

Walnuts: These nuts are the best nuts for the heart. They are filled with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. A handful of nuts a day will lower your risk of heart disease significantly.

Spinach: Rich in omega-3’s and folate, a cup of fresh spinach will help the reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and increase blood flow to vital organs.
Pomegranate: Is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps reverse oxidative damage to the vascular system.

Kale: High in vitamin K, the leafy vegetable assists in warding off slow cognitive decline. Consume two servings on kale a day and keep your cognitive ability young!

The above list may not be appropriate for all. Those who have allergies or gut concerns such as, IBS will require a more tailored set of foods.

What we consume has a great impact on our skin too, read more here.

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Losing it: The safest way to lose weight

There are very few if any shortcuts in life and the same goes with shedding excess weight.

There isn’t a pill out there that will magically make us fit and healthy over night but if you stick with the following guidelines you’ll achieve long term, sustainable and healthy weight loss.

Track it: Keep a food diary. It always helps to be aware of your eating habits when you’re starting a new diet.

Portion: Weight gain is often a direct result of over eating. Lower your portion size and you might just see immediate results!

Count calories: Monitoring the total number of calories consumed will also allow you to determine if you’re eating too little or too much.

Balance: Make sure you are eating a well balanced diet.

Plan: A meal plan is the easiest way to ensure you are eating the correct amount of calories. Stock your house and refrigerator will healthy foods that you can cook with and snack on.

Sweat: Exercise at least 5 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes.
Exercise is great for weight loss, but remember it is only a part of the weight loss process. Exercise is key to maintaining a healthy body.

Using a machine like the treadmill and elliptical is a great way to track the total number of calories burned but these aren’t always accurate!

Lift: Weight training should be a part of your exercise routine, at least two times a week.

Scales: Don’t weigh yourself too often! The body can fluctuate day to day but it is important to monitor your weight and this should be done no more than once a week.

Focus on the end goal of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and changing negative habits.

If you feel you have followed the above rules and can’t budge the weight you should seek the assistance of a professional.

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Bloom: Gut flora

Gut flora is a complex mix of microbes and micro-organisms.

This composition of microbiome can affect many aspects of your health.
When your digestive system is working correctly you will generally feel great. Your gut controls our immune function, stress levels, and digestion.

When the microbiome in our digestive system is malfunctioning, our body will begin to show signs of malfunctioning and potentially throwing your body into chaos. The nervous and immune system will also become impaired if the hormonal function is not correctly operating.

To ensure that your body and digestive tract runs smoothly, it is imperative to maintain a colony of healthy gut flora.

Positive gut flora helps the body absorb nutrients, utilising vitamins and battling infections, protecting our body from disease, carcinogens and also assist in regulating the metabolism.

To maintain a healthy gut flora you must make sure you are eating foods that contain friendly probiotic bacteria. I

ncorporate the following foods into your diet regularly and will create a healthy gut flora:

– Fermented foods

– Kombucha tea

– Sourdough bread

– Mint

– Cinnamon

– Supplements
– Probiotic supplements: check out our Beauty Chef range of supplements here

There are certain foods and activities you should avoid keeping a health balance of good gut bacteria:

– Fatty foods

– If you have an allergy to gluten or dairy, avoid them completely to maintain a healthy functioning of your digestive system

– Stress

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Hunger Games: Your summer diet plan

Fad diets are one extra stress you don’t need in your life, eat well with the correct food and keep active.

The gyms and pavements are getting busy around town with people getting their body ready for summer! Despite what trainers say, getting your body summer ready is not easy!

There are a few key rules that you need to follow –

1. Eat more fruit, vegetables and lean meat
You can enjoy all fruit in moderation, blueberries and grapefruit are a wonderful options. Devour leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables  including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussels sprouts.

2. Stop eating dense carbohydrates
We all know we need to avoid these! Sugary drinks, fruit juices, white bread, pastries, sweets, French fries and potato chips.

3. Drink three litres of water a day
Drink a glass of water every two hours. Women should be drinking 11 glasses and men 15 glasses of water a day. If you don’t enjoying drinking plain water you can always add fresh fruit to your water or drink herbal tea.

Want to gain a better understanding of types of water and what to drink? Read more here part one  and part two

4. No alcohol

5. No junk foods or sweets

6. Eat dinner before 7:30pm
Depending on your bed time, it is imperative you eat at least 3 to 4 hours before you go to bed. Lying down too quickly following a meal can lead to heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion. As the metabolism slows down in the evening, your body must work hard to digest the food that was recently eaten.

This can lead to disrupted sleep and leave you feeling lethargic the next morning. Avoid red meat, junk food, processed foods and opt for whole grains, soups, fruit and vegetables.

7. Get at least 7 to 8 hours sleep
Sleep is a period where a lot of important processing, restoration and strengthening occurs.

Unfortunately, you can’t make up for lost sleep. The best thing for your body is a healthy, consistent routine that meets your sleep needs (almost) every night!

8. Workout five days a week

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Heal: The healing art of Yoga Therapy

Why choose Yoga?

It is well known that yoga benefits the mind, body and soul, improving one’s strength, flexibility, tone and peace of mind.

But, there’s a common misconception that yoga is only for the fit and able. The fact is that absolutely anyone can practice yoga and benefit from its therapeutic aspects – even someone with severe physical restrictions.

What is Yoga Therapy?
Yoga Therapy encompasses a lot more than the postures and common sequences offered at gyms and yoga studios. In fact, it has been used for centuries for the recovery and healing of a variety of ailments and conditions.

How does Yoga Therapy differ from yoga?
Yoga Therapy is typically conducted one-on-one and more closely resembles an appointment with a physiotherapist or rehabilitation therapist than a typical yoga class.

The yoga therapist will holistically assess the health and needs of the client and then prescribe a practice that takes into account the client’s condition, strengths, weaknesses, personality and goals.

This practice will be personally tailored to assist the individual in managing their condition, reducing their symptoms, restoring balance, increasing vitality and improving their outlook. It will incorporate a unique combination of yogic tools, such as postures or movements (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation (including visualisation or yoga nidra), chanting, mudras and self-reflection.

In addition to yogic practices, the Yoga Therapy session may also include lifestyle counselling and dietary advice.

Where can Yoga Therapy help?
Yoga Therapy can help with a wide range of conditions from chronic fatigue to hormone imbalances, obesity related problems and fertility.
It provides integrated recovery from common muscular-skeletal ailments and conditions such as chronic back pain (including bulging, herniated, slipped or prolapsed discs), joint injuries, scoliosis, arthritis, osteoporosis and more.

It also offers comfort to people with acute debilitating or terminal diseases. Cancer patients suffering from ongoing nausea, weakness and severe fatigue as a result of chemotherapy or radiation have found that a gentle set of therapeutic yoga poses geared for their condition has helped provide relief.

Not only does Yoga Therapy help remove toxins, it can also can help dissipate tension and anxiety, enabling patients to enjoy a greater sense of ease and wellbeing.

People with mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and agoraphobia, have also found Yoga Therapy helpful in alleviating symptoms and restoring balance, harmony and joy to everyday life.

Yoga Therapy is able to increase alpha brain wave activity, lower blood pressure, pulse, respiration rate, metabolic rate, oxygen consumption and anxiety, and produce a greater sense of wellbeing.

Over time, practitioners develop an ability to shift into a more relaxed state in the midst of stressful situations.
Find more stress relieving techniques here

Why choose Yoga Therapy over other physical therapies?
There are three key aspects of Yoga Therapy that set it apart from many other physical therapies:

  • Its holistic approach
  • Its focus on linking breath-work and mindfulness in each moment, or movement, encouraging peace and equanimity
  • The way in which it releases and liberates the mind and emotional state while restoring the physical body

In certain situations, for example when a client is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment, the therapist may suggest that the entire practice consist only of breath awareness and visualisation.

Such work has shown remarkable results in allowing the body’s innate intelligence to shift and release the stagnant blockages.

Original blog can be found here

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Party Season: Quick Fix


The nights are getting longer and party season is starting to ramp up!

With party season comes the need for more energy and often hydration. There are many ways to get your body prepped and ready for party season, eating the right food and regularly exercising.

When putting your body through the additional strain of late nights and alcohol consumption it’s always important to keep your body in check .

There is now a quick and easy way to ensure you are properly hydrated and energized! How you ask? IV infusions! Get with the times people! Read more about what they are and how they work here

We offer six different IV treatments but the most appropriate for this time of year is The Bondi Reboot and the IV dehydration.

The Bondi Reboot: $295
This is an hour IV treatment with all of the bells and whistles! This treatment includes:

Pure oxygen: Supplied through nasal prongs the patient will receive pure oxygen. Air contains 21% oxygen and the oxygen available in clinic is normally 95%. There are many health benefits to pure oxygen including the reduction of toxins, fight infections, disease and help you maximize your immune system.

Healite: LED light therapy has many uses and is utilized to treat many skin concerns. The red light in particular stimulates increased blood flow, leading to tissue oxygenation and detoxification. Read more here

IV Bag: Contains a number of vitamins that specifically target cell renewal, muscle recovery, aims to rehydrate the body and contain antioxidant qualities.

IV Dehydration: $145
This is the IV you need if you’ve had a busy/stressful week/day or a bit too much alcohol. Often due to exhaustion or a hang over a weekend is wasted on resting, the IV Hydration will have you back to full strength, to do it all over again!

There are other IV treatments available including an Immunity IV that will assist in strengthening your immunity to fight off any bugs and germs that may be floating around!
Check out the full list of IV treatments available here

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Building blocks: Men’s health

Let’s talk about the essentials for a healthy lifestyle for men.

It’s not always easy to maintain a healthy diet. Read our blog here  on “In the bin: Foods all men should avoid”.

There are specific foods that assist men’s health in general, but also help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, whilst boosting overall energy.

Here are the basic rules to ensure general on-going health and wellness:

1. Eat a variety of fruit and vegetables, aim to consume five or more servings a day. It’s best to avoid food and vegetables cooked in fat, including friend products.

2. Fiber is needed in your diet to lower your blood cholesterol and it will also make you feel fuller for longer. Select whole grain over refined whole flour. If you are trying to watch your weight, you will need to limit your overall intake of starches.

3. Always pick lean meats, with little to no visible fat. Remove the skin from chicken and other poultry. Fish is also a great source of protein to add to your diet, but avoid the breaded and fried kind.
Keeping track of calories is a great way to stay healthy and monitor the amount of energy you need to burn daily. Here is a breakdown of daily calorie intake for varying age brackets:

Men between 19 to 30
Somewhat inactive: 2,400
Somewhat active: 2,600
Very active: 3,000

Men between 31 to 50
Somewhat inactive: 2,200
Somewhat active: 2,400
Very active: 2,800

Men between 41 and over
Somewhat inactive: 2,000
Somewhat active: 2,200
Very active: 2,400

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In the bin: Foods all men should avoid

It’s true when they say men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

This weeks blog will cover foods that men should avoid.
Both men and women are constantly exposed to unnatural ingredients that would not have been available in over the decades.

These foods effect the males hormone, immune system, blood pressure and overall heart health.

Saturated fats:
This should be high on your list of foods to avoid. Eating too much is associated with a variety of health problems including heart disease and stroke.

The following food should be minimal in your dieting fatty meats, dairy products and processed meats. Omega-3 fats are a great alternative and can be found in fatty fish, fish oil and flax seed oil.

Another more healthier alternative is monounsaturated fats, this can be found in olive oil, canola oil and walnuts. Other forms of vegetable oils are high in polyunsaturated fats and should also be avoided.

We all need sodium, the issue is that we are consuming an excessive amount of sodium. Too much sodium leads to an increase risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and high blood pressure.

If your blood pressure is 120/75 or lower consistently, there is no evidence that you need to monitor your sodium consumption. If it is high you should monitor and be cautious of the types of food you are choosing to eat and avoid any canned products, boxed or frozen meals, variety of cheese, soft drinks and fast food/chain.

Trans fats:
Some cities across America have banned trans fats  but it is still widely found in commercially produced foods and deep fried foods.

Level s of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol are raised in the blood level, this contributes to fatty deposits in our arteries which leads to heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

You will find that store purchase cookies, chips, snack foods and cakes include trans fats such as hydrogenated oil and should be avoided.
We have saved the most concerning till last…

Soy food is promoted as a health food and due to it’s high protein it is becoming increasingly popular.

There are two key components to the soy protein, genistein and daidzein, they closely resemble the female hormone estrogen which causes the male hormones to become unbalanced.

Studies have found that a high soy intake impacted on the sperm count, lowered testosterone, erectile dysfunction and development of breast tissue.

In some cases when the soy protein intake had ceased the demasculinising and feminising effects did not reverse.

If that doesn’t convince you to stop the soy lattes, we don’t know what will!
A note for mothers, the demasculinising effects can start from infancy! In some countries, including Australia it is officially recommended against soy based baby formulas.

This we know you don’t want to hear but alcohol consumption should be lowered as it reduces the secretion of testosterone. We will leave you on this note!

Snacking can be the worst part of planning your daily meals and avoiding the above can be a challenge. Read out blog about the best snacks and how often you should be snacking. Click here to read more.

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