What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a procedure aimed at enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows, reducing wrinkles and furrows on the forehead that may give a perception of anger, sadness, or worry. Additionally, it can address excessive or sagging upper eyelid skin, which can make you appear tired. In many cases, a brow lift is performed alongside a blepharoplasty to achieve a comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Brow Lift Techniques

The choice of surgical technique and incision location depends on both your desired aesthetic outcome and your individual characteristics as a patient. The traditional open brow lift technique involves a lengthy incision made in the scalp, where hair grows. This allows excellent access to remove excess skin, adjust the underlying muscles responsible for frown lines, and raise your eyebrows to a more youthful position. On the other hand, the minimal incision lateral brow lift requires a small incision either at the hairline or in the temporal area of the scalp with hair. This technique is particularly effective at elevating the outer part of the brow, which is commonly affected by the aging process. Another option, the endoscopic brow lift technique, has gained popularity due to its less invasive nature. It involves making only three to five small incisions in the scalp where hair grows to allow the use of an endoscope for lifting the brow. However, it may not be suitable for all patients.

What can a Brow Lift achieve for me?

A Brow Lift can provide the following benefits:

  • Lift a sagging brow.
  • Enhance the appearance of horizontal forehead wrinkles.
  • Reshape and create a more defined, arched brow.
  • Improve symmetry of the brows.
  • Address excess upper eyelid skin by correcting brow ptosis.
  • Give the face a revitalized and youthful look.

Before & After Brow Lift Photos

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Recovery After Your Surgery

After your brow lift surgery, you will need to elevate the head for several days in order to reduce swelling. Temporary bruising and numbness may be present after surgery, however, this should fade within a few days. Bruising around the lower eyelid area may last for up to two weeks. As with ear reshaping, nose surgery and other facial procedures, medication is prescribed to help control any pain and discomfort.

At 1 week after your brow lift surgery, you return to Dr Turner’s office and your wounds are reviewed. Here, you begin to see the results of your despite some initial swelling. Dr Turner will remove any sutures present and will tell you how to care for your wound.

After a brow lift, we recommend relaxing for a week or two to allow healing. Most people are able to resume normal activities after this time. You are able to wash your hair after two days.

Risks Associated with the Surgery

As with any surgery, it is important that you are fully informed of the potential risks associated with brow lift surgery. While all care is taken to minimize these complications, they may and do occur despite the best medical care.

It is important that you carefully read and understand the potential risks and they will be discussed in further detail when you have your consultation with Dr Turner.

Some risks are more likely to occur than others:

Risks Associated with Surgery
Bruising / haematoma
Revision surgery to correct or improve outcome

Specific Risks Associated with Brow Lift Surgery
Pigmentation changes
Poor Scarring

Next Steps

Your Cosmetic Plastic surgery consultation

During your consultation, Dr Turner will discuss your goals, and provide an in-depth explanation of your desired surgery and what that means for you. He can also discuss different surgical techniques, benefits, and risks of procedures available.

Most importantly, however, this is the time for you to have all of your questions answered and to be completely listened to and understood by your surgeon. We ask that you please come prepared with any questions you may have for Dr Turner, and look forward to discussing your individualised plan.



Ensure you have done your research, both on your desired surgery, as well as your surgeon.


Book a consultation

Submit an enquiry through our website or give us a call before booking your consultation. To ensure you are a suitable candidate for your desired procedure, Dr Turner asks to review your images before making a booking. This saves time and money if you are not a suitable candidate, in which case our lovely team will help direct you to an alternative procedure.


Meet with Dr Turner

Once your images have been approved and your consultation has been booked, we ask that you prepare any questions you may have for Dr Turner, as well as some images of desired outcomes for your surgery, this helps ensure you and Dr Turner are on the same page when discussing realistic results.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about Brow Lift Surgery

Will I end up with a Surprised Look after my Browlift Surgery?

A properly performed brow lift should not result in a surprised look. It should result in an overall natural and more alert appearance.

How long does a brow lift last?

A brow lift should last several years. It will depend on the patient and their skin characteristics.

Will a Brow lift get rid of deep wrinkles between my eyes

During the course of a brow lift, it is possible to disrupt the muscles that cause the wrinkles between the eyes. Unfortunately, this function cannot be completely eliminated. By weakening it, however, the deep wrinkles are often improved, but probably never erased.

Will a Brow Lift Get rid of Horizontal Wrinkles in my Forehead?

A brow lift will improve the wrinkles in the forehead. In many cases, however, it may not completely eliminate them, but it should significantly improve their appearance.
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What is the difference betwen a Brow lift and an endoscopic lift?

There are several different ways to perform a brow lift. The oldest and most established method is to make an incision from one ear across the top of the head to the other. The brow is then disconnected from the underlying bone. The muscles between the eyes are then weakened. The brow is then pulled back and a strip of scalp is removed. Once the two edges are brought back together, the brow has been lifted. An endoscopic brow lift is done with much smaller incisions. Typically, there are three to five small incisions, each approximately three-quarters of an inch long. These are all in the hair-bearing scalp. Through these small incisions, an endoscope is placed and the disconnection of the scalp from the bone is accomplished while viewing the structures on a video monitor receiving the picture from the endoscope. The nerves that need to be preserved are well visualized during this procedure and greater precision in avoiding them and disrupting the muscles between the eyes can be accomplished. The small incisions eliminate the need for long incisions across the top of the scalp and the removal of the strip of scalp. Sometimes, the removal of the strip will leave a small area of baldness. Removal of the strip of scalp normally disrupts the sensory nerves that begin at the brow level and travel up the head and back across the scalp. Usually a portion of the scalp behind the incision is numb. The endoscopic forehead lift does not require this incision, therefore numbness is less likely.

How much discomfort will I have after my surgery

Normally, patients do not complain of significant discomfort after the lift. Occasionally, they describe symptoms of a headache, which are normally short-lived. Any discomfort is normally well handled by the postoperative pain management prescribed by your surgeon.

What Do I Need To Do To Preare For Surgery?

In preparation for the surgical procedure, it is important to follow the preoperative instructions given to you by your surgeon. Your preparation will vary slightly depending on the procedure to be performed.

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