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LED Light


Treatment Overview

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive revolutionary light therapy treatment which can reduce pore size, improve health and vibrancy of the skin, promote healing of damaged or compromised skin and can remove bacteria which causes redness and inflammation in acne-prone skin.

LED Light Therapy treatments work by delivering pure narrow-band light emitting diodes (LED’s) carefully positioned to ensure a uniform beam. This light stimulates cellular activity, collagen production and increases blood flow to the skin resulting in plumped, tighter and radiant looking skin. After the first session you will notice visible results, however we recommend a series of treatments in succession to achieve optimum results.

LED Light Therapy is the perfect add on to any facial or peel and most importantly requires no downtime. There is no surface damage to the skin and it’s completely non-ablative! LED Light Therapy treatments come in a selection of various light colours that have a specific treatment focus. The selection of light colour will be determined by your dermal therapist after consultation to choose the absolute best light for your skin condition and concerns. The colours offered at Faceplus medispa are blue, red and yellow.

For acne prone skin. LED blue light therapy targets bacteria, inflammation and excess sebum production, this treatment will neutralise bacteria and reduce inflammation in active acne present on the skin. LED Blue can be used for mild to moderate acne in combination with other light colours.

LED red stimulates cellular activity and draws moisture into the skin. It adds volume leaving the skin hydrated, tightened and rejuvenated. This light will reduce pore size and is particularly effective at reducing periorbital wrinkles and fine lines. It is ideal as an add-on to boost a facial, peel or injectable treatments.

Rebuilds and strengthens tissue at a deep level which leads to a softening of fines while triggering the healing process of the skin. Great for post-operative patients, healing bruises and scars. Often used on our post-operative patients, it provides deep dermal stimulation.

Suitable for

$100 stand alone treatment or $80 add on to any facial

The Lowdown

What to Expect

A gentle warmth sensation that is both pleasant and relaxing with no downtime. A healthy glow can be seen immediately post treatment.


Before the Treatment

Not suitable for anyone who is taking prescription acne or photosensitising medication such as Accutane, Doxycycline etc.

Discontinue any antibiotics or photosensitising medication one week before treatment.

After the Treatment

Your therapist will advise you depending upon your concerns.

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