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Cosmetic Mole Removal


Treatment Overview

Cosmetic mole and skin tag removal is minimally invasive, painless and quick. Our radiosurgical energy device works by cutting and coagulating soft tissue. This method allows for a quick and comfortable recovery with the end result being a virtually scarless and painless procedure.

Suitable for

Dependent on consultation and patient needs

The Lowdown

What to Expect

A bespoke treatment tailored to the individuals needs is performed. Depending on the procedure a topical aesthetic and injected local aesthetic may be used.

You can expect permanent result, this replaces the surgical removal of skin tags and moles which have the surgery complications of bleeding, sutures, antibiotics and recovery from the wound.

Before the Treatment

There is a detailed consultation with the cosmetic nurse or doctor to discuss treatment options based on the patient expectations. During the consultation the cosmetic nurse or doctor will assess your face, note asymmetry, and take photographs to document your cosmetic journey.

After the Treatment

Recovery from Radio Frequency is simple. You will be given a topical antibiotic cream to apply and you can expect the development of a scab which will fall away over the course of a week. There is virtually no downtime. 

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