Have you ever compared your skin from areas of the body that have been protected from the environment?

If you compare your skin on your face, neck and hands to other areas of the body you might just see a difference. Unfortunately, there are no magical products or treatments out there that will make you look as you did in your teens again.

But there are quite a few that can visibly improve the way your skin looks and feels. We love the Dr Spiller and HydroPeptide range and their philosophies, you can read more about HydroPeptide here 

The Dr Spiller range is truly unique due to its HY-TEC emulsion system. Most skin care is either water or oil based but Dr Spiller in neither in that it is water in oil emulsion, something the clever founder, Dr Horst Spiller formulated!

Dr Spiller developed a technology that allows him to produce super light oil based creams that apply like a water based cream with the advantages of a long-lasting hydration and superior delivery of an oil based cream.

As you age you will find that your skin becomes drier and requires more moisture. The Dr Spiller creams replenish and reinforce the skins natural protection against moisture loss. The hydration will last all day long, trust us it works! That middle of the day dryness, won’t happen. You will find that water based creams are no longer appropriate for aging skin, they evaporate too quickly, leaving you skin dry.

The Dr Spiller range contains natural or nature-identical ingredients that perfectly mimic the natural mechanism of the skin.
The range is gentle on the skin excluding fruit acids, AHAs and glycolic acids.

The products are formulated to effectively cleanse the skin without stripping away the natural oils present. As we age, the more we can do to maintain the oils on our skin the better!

When we begin to produce less sebum the protective outer coating of the skin makes us more vulnerable to environmental conditions such as pollution and other free radicals.

Here are some of our favourite Dr Spiller products for aging skin:
Care and Repair mask, $131

You can read more about the product here
Collagen Cream, $126

You can read more about the product here
Hydro-Marin Cream, $251

You can read more about the product here

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