How to achieve an age defying look without over doing it.

As you get older you need to come up with tricky highlighting techniques and putty to ensure the makeup doesn’t crease into those lines that seem to be getting deeper daily.

One the most important things that must be included during the makeup application process is PRIMER! There are many primers available on the market but as you age it’s important find one that is suitable for your needs.

Our Bondi Beach location stocks the beautiful Curtis Collection By Victoria Curtis, Hydra Primer ($79).

This particular primer would fall into the “Cream Formula Face Primer”, this wouldn’t not be suitable for everyone as it usually has a thicker consistency and would be most appropriate for those with dry skin.

We highly recommend a “Silicone-Based Face Primer” for mature skin as it has a smooth and silkier consistency, when applied to the skin it leaves a velvety finish. Some will find that a silicone based primer may dry the skin, prior to applying you must ensure you have used a rich moisturiser.

For mature skin, we highly recommend the Dr Spiller, Collagen Cream ($126). The Collagen cream will provide the skin with long lasting anti-ageing protection. You can read more about the Collagen Cream HERE

As your skin begins to thin as you get older your skin will begin to appear duller and paler. A hydrating liquid foundation formula is a great way to add colour and depth to your complexion.

We encourage you to use warming colours, this will help balance out any redness that might be present on the skin.

Eyebrows are a very important part of your overall look. If they have grown sparse or faded with age it’s important that you use both pencil and powder to fill in the thin or balding areas. You can read our step by step, four step guide HERE

Loss of collagen causes your lips to breakdown, which is why they shrink and get dry. A little gloss will give them the appearance of plump hydrated lips! Applying a matte lipstick will also prevent the lipstick running through what is often called “smokers lines”, you can apply the gloss over the lipstick.

Read how dermal lips fillers can add back the lost volume and elasticity to your lips HERE

 Finally, do not make the mistake of applying powder over your whole face. Simple apply it on your nose, forehead and chin, avoid your cheeks and under area, which is where the powder tends to cake, fall and settle into those fine lines.

Don’t forget to trial the makeup look yourself! Maybe event take some selfies to see you are happy with the colours and the overall look and feel.

Follow the above tips and we guarantee you will feel and look beautiful in those wedding pictures.

Varying make up ranges are available across all three clinics. Call you nearest clinic for more information:
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