According to research undertaken by Clinique, 62 per cent of Australian women list pigmentation as a skin concern.

Face Plus Medispa offer Limelight IPL to address concerns associated with ageing, photodamage, skin redness, small veins, brown spots and effects of sun exposure.

This treatment is a non-invasive treatment that targets pigmentation and rejuvenates the skin. The charged energy light is accurately released and absorbed by the pigmented areas, avoiding the healthy surrounding tissue.

To permanently treat pigmentation, we recommend a total of two to five treatments. IPL utilises light in a way to restore your skin gradually & naturally.

Pain and discomfort is not a factor when undergoing an IPL or Limelight. Some describe it as a hot elastic brand that has been swiftly flicked onto the skin. When treating the face, the patient will be provided with eye guards for the duration of the treatment.

Following the Limelight procedure, the skin will appear slightly red which may remain for a few hours up to 24 hours. The pigmentation will darken first, this is a very good sign! It will then rise to the surface of the skin before flaking off. This process can take up to 10 to 14 days.

During the recovery period we recommend Jane Iredales, Mineral makeup range, read about the range here.

We recommend a mineral makeup as it will camouflage the skin whilst allowing it to breathe without interfering with the treatment during the recovery process.

During and after your treatment sun protection is very important and we recommend a physical sunblock, read why here. 

Studies indicate 90% of patients who have undergone IPL treatment have a high degree of satisfaction with lasting results. Follow up treatments are usually required every 6 months.

Prior to moving forward with an IPL treatment at Face Plus Medispa all patients must undergo a “patch test”. The patch test is performed in a nondescript area on the body.
To find out more about this treatment visit our IPL & Pigmentation page here.

Meet one of our Dermal experts for a thorough skin consultation & patch test: 
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