What does beauty mean to you?

My favourite quote at the moment, also happens to come from one of my favourite Hollywood actors, Emma Stone:

Emma is the perfect embodiment of this.; her giant smile, self-deprecating nature, goofy laugh and magnetic camera appeal has her universally adored by both men and women.

She’s the sort of girl guys want as their friend (or their girlfriend) and girls want as their best friend. By Hollywood standards, she’s not the typical bombshell beauty, but it’s her undeniable charm that has every Hollywood agent desperate to cast her opposite the more typically archetypal male stud. (*cough Ryan Gosling cough*)

You don’t have to be in Hollywood to see it is a seriously fickle industry. Your looks need to outweigh your talent, and even then you’ll most likely be in a casting room with at least 50 identically beautiful and talented actors. So, what makes you stand out? When you remove looks and talent, you’re left with self-belief and probably just a little bit of luck.

I know from reading up on Emma Stone that rejection in her early career was her best friend, but she would show up to each new casting brimming with confidence, enough for casting directors to notice that this girl was just different. The kind of different that packs out a cinema.

When people come in to Face Plus their hope is to better themselves. It’s about enhancing your ‘you’. Many critics of the cosmetic industry see injectables and surgical procedures as trying to be someone you’re not. Sure, there will always be the eccentrics that have 50 procedures to look like a lifelike ken or barbie doll.

But for the vast majority of us, small adjustments help us feel better on the inside, not just look better on the outside. There is nothing wrong with wanting to eliminate your acne scars or minimize the appearance of frown lines, especially if by doing so it makes you feel better about yourself.

When Kylie Jenner finally admitted to having lip fillers, she was honest in saying it was an insecurity she had battled all her life and she decided to do something about it.

Her self-confidence now cannot be questioned. You only need to check her Instagram to see how many selfies she’s banked. It also wouldn’t be a stretch to say that without the lip fillers she wouldn’t have gone on to create one of the most financially viable cosmetic brands. After all, no one was going to buy a lip liner from someone with barely there lips.

At Face Plus our registered nurses and dermal therapists are all about celebrating the uniqueness of each client. If someone comes in with a picture of Kylie’s lips, we’ll tell them to put down the phone and pick up the mirror to see the best way forward to enhance their own beauty – rather than replicating someone elses.

There is no copy and paste solution to beauty and nor should there be. Every person is unique and that’s something to be celebrated. Selfies and all.

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