Have you ever thought about why certain colours suit you are make you look like a corpse?

It all comes down to your undertone, when the tone matches your skin surface and undertone perfectly, everything comes to life!

The whole concept of tones and undertones can be really confusing and we just try one a variety of colours and often hope for the best!

The surface skin tone is probably one of the easiest factors to determine, you can be ivory, light, tan, dark etc. Determining your undertone can be a little confusing as this us the colour underneath the surface of your skin.

The undertone is broken down into three “categories” –

Cool: Pink, red and blue undertones
Warm: Yellow, Peach and golden
Neutral: A mix of the above undertones

The surface skin tone does not determine your undertone, dark skin can often be a cool undertone and fair skin, warm.

Here are a few ways to determine what undertone you might be –

Your veins: Take a look at the colour of your veins. If they appear more blue, you have a cool undertone. If they have a greenish hue, you’re warm. If you’re veins appear more green this is due to the yellow skin tone and the blue veins, together creating a green appearance.

Jewellery: You’ve probably heard of this one before but silver and platinum metals suit people with undertones and those with warm tones will suite the golden shades. When wearing the metal that is appropriate for your skin tone you will appear more radiant, glowing and energised!

Basic neutrals: Pop on a t-shirt and see which suits you best. A Bright white or an Ivory/off white? If a bright white suits you best head for the cooler colours and if an off white or ivory suits you best go for the warms.

Eyes and hair: People with cool undertones usually have blue, grey, green and have blonde, brown and brown hair. Warm tones usually have brown, amber or hazel eyes and with strawberry blonde, red, brown or black hair.
Enough with the chit chat; you just want to know what to wear now, right?

Warm tones: yellow, orange, brown, yellow-greens, ivory and warm reds.

Cool tones: Green, blue, pink, purple, blue-greens, magenta and blue-reds
Face Plus Medispa do not offer a garment colour matching service but we do provide a make up/beauty colour matching service.

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