Even beautiful skin tone, that’s what we all aim for.

For those who suffer from pigmentation have probably tried a number of options. We have in the past shared some real results driven treatments and products:
Treatment options can be found here
Homcare, cleansing product by Ultra MD

Prevention is key, read here
Even Out by HydroPeptide is a drug free hyperpigmentation corrector aimed to safely brighten your complexion.

An amino acid sequence known as the beta white peptide and the skin lightening molecule.
Features of this product:
3 Peptides that work to brighten and preservative peptides, inhibit tyrosinase and decreases other proteins involved in the pigment process. You skin will appear brighter and reduce unwanted pigmentation.

Chroma bright, Vitamin C and Liquorice reduces melanin production similar to hydroquinone but with no cytotoxicity. This will safely lighten skin without irritation.

5% Lactic Acid, gently exfoliates, increases cell turnover and breaks up the pigmentation. Lactic acid promoted glowing, smoother and clearer skin.

Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant protection and strong anti-inflammatory and increases telomerase activity. This will delay signs of aging while helping cells to stay more youthful for longer.

Niacinamide, inhibits transfer of melanosomes. This key ingredient improves even tone and increased radiance.
Even Out by HydroPeptide is appropriate for all skin types, hyperpigmented, sun damaged, and aging skin.

This is a product that is safe for daily, long term use.
Even Out, Skin Brightening Pigment Corrector, $199

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