I’ve always considered men to be naturally more beautiful than women.

When I wake up it takes thirty minutes of solid prep to transform myself into a half presentable person, ready to be seen in public. But my partner on the other hand, rolls out of bed, into the shower, and in 10 minutes he’s in a suit, slick and fresh faced.

My morning product list ranges from face wash, toner, primer, tinted BB cream, foundation, concealer, setting powder, bronzer, highlighter, mascara, brown pen and lipstick (and believe me, this is to achieve my quick/natural look).  Whereas all he has to do is wash his face and pop on a bit of aftershave. So, when I say that men are more beautiful, I mean it in terms of natural effort.

The one thing I don’t envy about my partner are his frown lines. I’ll constantly find myself on the couch trying to smooth out his forehead while telling him to relax his face. For a guy in his mid-thirties his lines are deep and creased.

His stressful job and overactive facial expressions can’t be helping the situation but in general I’ve noticed that men’s frown lines are much deeper and more obvious than women’s. It might also be the fact that women have the added benefit of hiding their fine lines with makeup. 

I’m all for aging gracefully and I’m a personal crusader of the natural look, but the benefits of some strategically placed muscle relaxants give the face a smoother, younger and calmer appearance. After all, no guy wants to be told he looks 40 at 30.

Introducing the rise and rise of BRotox; injectable treatments customised to preserve the character of a mans face. This muscle relaxant works by blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle is unable to contract and it makes the wrinkles and lines soften and, in many cases, disappear. Following the treatment patients will still have visible movement and the ability to be expressive

Why do guys like it?
It’s a quick fix solution with minimum pain levels and virtually no downtime. The first treatment includes a consultation with an experienced cosmetic/registered nurse.

All treatments are customised to the natural shape of your face. In total, the process takes between 20-30 minutes. Patients walk out with minimal to no evidence of having had anything done.

The muscle relaxant takes between 7-14 days to take full effect and the treatment lasts anywhere from 3-6 months. Some patients only require it once a year, depending on how active your facial expressions are and the location of the injection site.

A common perception is that this treatment is reserved for women only. However, over the last decade in particular, men are loosing the stigma associated with ‘having work done’ and embracing the idea that a little professional help can go a long way. Men in all sorts of industries, from customer facing jobs, the public eye, stressed executives can understand the benefits of looking their best.

The reduction of frown lines and wrinkles not only make you more youthful, but restful too.

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