The Phyto Peels by Alex Cosmetics is likened to a strong microdermabrasion session.

A microdermabrasion will immediately remove the top layer of the skin, the Phyto peel will soak into the skin, releasing the active ingredients that encourage the skin’s natural regeneration process.

The one hour treatment has a number of benefits:
No visible peeling
No downtime

The Face can be washed following the treatment
Following the treatment you can continue your regular skincare

The treatment can be performed during pregnancy
Patients can exercise
The peel will increase microcirculation
Freshen and detoxify the skin

There are a four different Phyto Peels available. The peels can be tailored to suit all skin types.

Energiser: Sun damaged and aging skin
The Energiser is a power packed facial treatment specifically designed to stimulate micro-circulation and revitalize sluggish skin that are showing signs of premature aging.

The Energiser is highly suitable for skin that is sallow, in need of oxygenation, and sluggish skin showing signs of premature aging.

Phyto Restore: Mature Skin
The Phyto Restore is a revitalising, firming treatment suitable for mature, sun damaged and prematurely aged skin types. The Phyto Restore combines the exfoliation of dead skin cells with deep stimulation and reinvigorates dull, lifeless and stressed skins. The Phyto Restore is a stand alone treatment.

Phyto Clear: Impure skin
The Phyto Clear is a detoxing treatment suitable for impure, congested and acneic skins suffering from hyperkeratinisation. The Phyto Clear aids in the decongestion of blocked pores and helps reduce excess oil flow.

Calm: Sensitive skin
Sensitised skin needs to be treated with extra care. The Calm treatment is ideal for skin displaying signs of redness, couperose, inflammation or sensitivity. It helps to gently stimulate and rebalance sensitized skins without aggravation or irritation.

A total of four to six treatments are recommended for optimum results.
Read more about the treatment here

Interested in experiencing The Alex Cosmetics, Phyto Peel? The Peels are available across all clinics. Call now for a consultation:
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Bankstown: 02 9796 7007
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