Congratulations are in order!

You’re engaged to the man or woman of your dreams and it practically feels like you are floating. Bet you didn’t realise how often you would be looking down at your ring finger, making sure it’s still there and you weren’t just dreaming! 

Chances are you have nailed your proposal ‘story’ down pat – people are asking you about it so much that you can practically act out the entire scene at the drop of a hat!

Enjoying this time, as a newly engaged couple, is an absolute must. It is the most exciting time in your relationship and, chances are, you will have multiple questions running through your head – mainly: What the hell do I do now?

While, yes, there is a lot to think about, and yes, budgeting and finances may be front of mind, here are a few simple tips to make sure you really enjoy that ‘newly engaged’ feeling for what it really is – a time to share your love with your nearest and dearest, and commit to your soul mate for life.

Don’t rush into planning
It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with a to do list of things – setting a date, venue and guest list will all come to mind, especially as you are bombarded with questions from family and friends.

Remember they are just as excited for you and all questions are generally well-meaning. However, in rushing to plan the big day, you risk losing the moment of enjoying being fiancés.

As a newly engaged woman myself, we enjoyed 5 months of being engaged before even looking at venues or setting a date. I’ve been engaged 6 months and am yet to try a single wedding dress on!

That doesn’t mean I’m not excited to – I can’t wait! It’s just that I want to allow myself plenty of space to get everything done in a realistic amount of time, without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. 

Yes, we got creative on Pinterest and started chatting about our ideas the minute the ring was on my finger, but actual planning was put on hold for us to enjoy this new stage of our relationship. There is no need to rush. Enjoy the moment.

Start a Pinterest board (or ten!)
If, like me, you had a secret wedding Pinterest board BEFORE you were engaged (that’s totally normal right?) now you can pop it on public!

Or, if you aren’t already on it, get on it stat! Enjoy scrolling through boards of ideas and create as many as you like: venue ideas, catering ideas, dress ideas, floral ideas – the list is endless!

Get your partner on there too so you can start to notice any similarities or differences in your thoughts about the day. Remember it is a day for BOTH of you, and this may mean compromising in some areas.

Being open about your ideas from the start will help avoid any disappointment or stress later on. Communicate and make it fun!

Create a budget
People tend to cringe when they hear the word ‘budget’ but it is such an important part of wedding planning – especially avoiding any unnecessary stress or tension down the track.

If the word budget doesn’t sit well with you, do what we did: call it something else, like ‘Our Dream Wedding Fund’. Spend a night with a glass of wine and some chocolate chatting honestly and openly about money: what you can contribute as a couple, if your parents will be contributing in some way, and where you are prepared to compromise on costs.

For example, we are having a DIY wedding with the ceremony and reception at the same venue as it saves us significantly in venue costs. Being DIY means you can make it your own personality for a fraction of the cost of a hired venue.

Get creative with money and be as honest as you can from the outset, to save any stresses down the track.
Remember that planning your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful – it is up to you to make it fun and enjoyable.
Read some of our great stress management techniques HERE

Your wedding is a celebration of the love you both have for one another – and with that as front of mind, the rest of it will flow easily and effortlessly. Give yourself plenty of time and do not rush – just enjoy this special moment as a couple, as you will never get it back.

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