Preparing for date night?

There are so many things to plan for date night! Your outfit, hair, venue and of course, your beauty! None of the above need to be stressful at all, especially not your beauty! We have a few great tips that will have you looking stunning and effortless:

Focus: What that rule about legs and bust? One or the other? The same rule can be applied to makeup too! The eyes are a great area to focus on, especially on date night! It is said that through eyes one can see the soul of a person. Here are some tips on creating long luscious lashes naturally.

Brows: Haven’t they really come back full force? Some of you maybe too young but in the 90’s it was cool to have razor thin eyebrows, literally one line of brow pencil sufficed. Brows carry so much importance and we have four steps to perfect brows here.

Lips: If you don’t want the focus on your eyes, maybe the lips? How about a red? Before you grab any red lipstick there are a few things you need to consider, like your tone, don’t know which tone you are? Check out our cool or warm blog here.

One you know which notice you are then you’re ready, here are which reds might suit you best!
If you lips are feeling a little chapped or dry, this might be why your lipstick doesn’t last the distance. Here are our tips on making the lipstick last.

But the most important part of it all? Skin, the base! Read our tips on achieving a clear and healthy complexion here.
Have a great date night!

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