Our dermal therapist Natasha from our Bondi Beach Boutique has been treating Gabby the founder of the online publication All my friends are Models.

AMFAM gives viewers a behind the scenes glimpse of the crazy, busy world of models.

While we like to think of models as genetically blessed giraffes with perfect skin, the reality is the industry is tough and models are even tougher.
While many models do have naturally good complexions they are constantly faced with circumstances that effect this.

They have early call times, extensive travel, a summer photoshoot in the middle of winter, tonnes of artificial makeup pasted on their faces and harsh on set lights. While no two days are the same, it also means an inconsistency in routine which is an essential part of good skin care.

Only last week we had the beautiful Mimi Elashiry come see us after a long and cruelling trip abroad. While she loved every second of it, she was exhausted and so was her skin. Planes are so incredibly dehydrating and she had the added challenge of going from a cold climate back to a warm one.

Your skin is trying to keep up, so it’s important models take time and work with professionals to help re-set their skin.
Gabby from AMFAM has recently been trying out the Dermapen treatment. Models love dermapen as it addresses one of their key concerns….open pores.

Beauty models in particular want even skin tones with tight pores and a glowing complexion. Dermapen is a handheld device that vibrates while tiny needles work to gently pierce your pores.

While, you can go deeper into the layers of the skin to attack acne scars, most people only require the needles to hit the dermal layer. The needles create a ‘micro-wound’ response from your skin which prompts your cells to heal your skin by increasing collagen production to the area.

The treatment is followed by a relaxing Hydration mask which helps reduce the redness, heat and swelling to the skin. The treatment increases blood circulation so clients experience heat on their skin so the cooling mask, followed by an ice stick rubbed over the face is a welcome addition.

Dermapen is amazing for skin that has quite a bit of congestion as it helps to aerate the pores to release the bacteria beneath. While a series of 4-6 treatments with 4-6 weeks between each treatment are recommended, Gabby did say she saw results in her skin’s texture immediately.

The point of Dermapen treatments is to yield long term results, rather than short term wins.

The one important point to remember is that Dermapen has a three-day downtime where you need to be gentle with your skin and avoid makeup and the sun.

If you have an event or an upcoming photoshoot, make sure to plan ahead and book in a week in advance to make sure your skin is model ready.
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