When I first tried the Dr. Spiller Cleansing Milk, I assumed it was a light weight moisturiser.

The milky formula and smooth texture was a far cry from your typical clear and soapy smelling face wash.

It was this simple visual and textural difference that made me so intrigued to try this product.
Often, I find face washes to be a bit too harsh on my sensitive skin.

The pH in the Dr. Spiller Cucumber Milk is sensitive skin friendly and does not strip of irritate the skin. The pleasant and mild cucumber extract is rich in antioxidant avonoids, polyphenols, potassium, magnesium and vitamins A, C and E.

The Cucumber extract also helps to reduce the appearance of redness and lessens the appearance of pigmentation. As far as face washes go, this Dr. Spiller range does far more than cleanse your skin.

It’s non-drying creamy formula purifies, revitalises and lightens your complexion making it the perfect cleanser for those that suffer from breakouts, congestion and open pores; in other words suitable for oily/ combination skin.

The Dr. Spiller Cleansing Milk is designed to be used in harmony with the Dr. Spiller Cucumber Toner.

It has long been asked, why we actually need to use a toner in our skincare regime. Toner was originally created as an extra cleansing step to remove dirt and impurities from makeup and environmental pollution.

While Face Plus often recommends double cleansing your face (particularly if you have been wearing a lot of makeup during the day) this can also result in an imbalance in your pH levels. Toners are specifically designed to restore this balance to your skin to keep your skin from becoming too dry or oily and you cleanse your face. A toner will also help to tighten your pores to help make your skin visibly smoother.

When choosing a toner, it is important to opt for one that is hydrating. The Dr. Spiller Cucumber Toner contains lactic acid which is a biomimetic NMF to bind moisture for increased hydration.

The Cucumber Toner, like it’s Cleansing counterpart is a skin friendly, non-sticky formula that feels lightweight and effortless on the skin. Our dermal therapist Jodie, recommends replacing your cotton pad with some gauze when applying toner.

This way you maximise the product on your face and don’t loose as much to the absorption on the cotton pad.
The Dr. Spiller Cucumber Milk Cleanser and Toner are skin care essentials to help you on your way to clear and glowing skin.

Keep the two in your bathroom and encourage your partner to incorporate it into his morning and night skincare regime. The calming cucumber smell will have them hooked after the first use.

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