We’ve all been there. Feeling on top of the world, ready to take on a beautiful day and then BAM.

Someone says something, or does something, that rubs us the wrong way – and their negative energy ruins our entire day.

Maybe it’s a friend of yours who looks at the world as a glass half empty – leaving you feeling just as empty when you spend time with them?

Or, maybe YOU recognise in yourself that there are some shifts to be made with your own beliefs – that maybe you see things more doom and gloom than sunshine and rainbows?

It’s a fact of life that we are going to experience highs and lows. It is impossible to ride a rainbow of positivity 24/7. But rather than labelling these experiences, moments or feelings as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – acknowledging them as a necessary part of life is a FAR better way to look at them. When we take away the labels, we also remove the feelings that we SHOULD feel a certain way, all the time.

Because here’s the thing – we are going to feel sad, angry or upset from time to time. That is actually not a bad thing. What IS bad is when we let these feelings ruin our day, week, month or YEAR.

Negative energy can fester, leaving a foggy cloud of (mostly avoidable) emotional, mental or sometimes physical damage behind.

Emotions are energy in motion (e-motion – get it?) So when we let these feelings ride their natural course as they arise, rather than dwelling on them, they do little damage. In fact, when we fully sit with an emotion that arises – be it anger, sadness or even excitement – and allow it to wash over us fully, that emotion passes in less than 20 minutes. It is when we dwell on them, or suppress them, that we can cause some real challenges.

So how do you shift a negative mindset to look on the bright side?

Our words and our thoughts are so incredible powerful. The energy in these create our reality – this is metaphysics and is so incredibly important when wanting to create powerful positive shifts in our lives.

Keep a gratitude journal each day and list the top 3 things you are grateful for. Or even better, do what I do and call your bestie each day to chat about what you are both grateful for. Before long you will have trained your mind to see the good in every situation. It really is that simple.

Do things that light you up
Hate your job? Would you rather put a fork in your eye than train at the gym?

Stop saying yes to outings with people who drain you. Stop working a job you hate. Just stop. Life is far too short to live for “eventually”. Live for now. Quit the excuses. Follow your bliss and make life worth living.

And if you truly can’t change your job, or your friendships, or something else depleting you – then at least look for the GOOD in these things, and focus on them instead.

Reflect on your relationships
Who are the people in your life that leave you feeling inspired, positive and uplifted when you see them? Spend more time with them!

Likewise, who are the people who leave you feeling drained, depleted of energy and frustrated? Whether you love these people or not, it is time to create some boundaries. You are not doing yourself, or them, any favours by showing up to anywhere you don’t truly want to be.

Follow your heart, invest energy in the people who light you up, and watch the beautiful energy and positivity that you attract in your life as a result.

Self love
 Most importantly, how is your relationship with yourself? Do you speak to yourself with loving kindness? Or are you constantly berating yourself and never ‘enough’?

If the latter relates to you, focus on cultivating more self love in your life. Rather than dwelling on the bad, shift to the things that make you FEEL good.

And do these things simply BECAUSE. You don’t need a reason or special occasion to run a beautiful bath with candles, or take yourself out to a beautiful meal. Treat yourself daily with love, kindness, rest and joy simply because you deserve it.
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