If you haven’t heard already, we’re the go to for all of the local babes in town!

We love getting our Celeb’s and VIPs ready for their Album shoot, cover shoot and even the red carpet.

The most recent red carpet we had the pleasure of being involved with was the LOGIES! Australia’s version of the OSCARS?
Ksenija Lukich is the host of the E! Entertainment Show

She looks incredible day and night, on and off camera but when the red carpet is rolled out we know all of our celebs want to look better than their best!

So this is what we did (and what we usually do for anyone who wants to have glowing and healthy skin for an event):

Here is what Yvonne, Advanced Dermal Therapist did…

Face Plus Enzyme Facial, is our signature facial. It is a mild peel that we perform most commonly in our clinic.

Using Dr Spiller products and herbs this is a facial suitable for almost anyone. How? We tailor the facial to the individual to ensure we get the results you’re looking for from the facial. You can read more about the facial here

Desincrustation with an alkaline solution is applied, causing the alkaline to have the following effects and benefits:
– Skin softening
– Dilates follicles
– Increases sensitivity
This step is when Yvonne is seen using the hand piece. Read more here

Laser Genesis, full face is performed to provide the skin with an overall glow.

LG is a miracle laser that minimises the size of pores, boosts collagen production and minimise fine lines and wrinkles. It has also been found to help with those who suffer from acne or have new-ish small scars. You can read more about the treatment here

LED Light Therapy, with this particular machine that we used on Ksenija, the treatment takes a total of 20minutes. You can read more about the treatment here

In total this treatment package takes 2 hours. At no stage will you experience any pain or discomfort. More often than not our patients will fall asleep until we wake them.

Have you get an event coming up? Check out our bridal packages for some inspiration!

For your very own tailored package or a skin and cosmetic consultation:
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