“The young man knows therules, but the old an knows the exceptions”- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Some of these tips you’re going to read and think I’m too old, it’s too late or I just can’t be bothered.

Not only will they will make you look great but also FEEL great!
1. Look into getting your brows feather tattooed. There are so many wonderful options out there.

Make sure you go to someone with great reviews and scroll through all of their before and after images.
Read about the importance of brows here
If you decide to move forward with them here are some tips for care

2. Another great one is… Lash extensions. It’s not permanent, give it a go and see what you think.

3. Opt for a liquid foundation, powder will dry out the skin. If you haven’t already, try a BB or CC cream this might be a great option for you. We carry some wonderful Australian options, check them out here:
Jane Iredale
Victoria Curtis

4. If your skin is looking a little tired and you need an extra boost, try a gel bronzer to warm and energise your face.

5. Apply a good lip balm before lipstick. This will stop it from drying out and will make your lips look softer and plumper.

6. If you find that you have extra dry skin you might like to invest in a humidifier.

7. Keep teethe nice and white! Yellow ones will give you the appearance of looking unhealthy.

8. Treat yourself to a manicure and select a deeper shade, your hands will appear more youthful.

If your hands are giving away your age due to sun damage or lack of love and care you might like to try our “Goodbye Aging Hands” package:

9. In the end it all comes down to great skin! Read out treatment and product recommendations via the links provided.

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