There is no denying it, the Herbal Activ Peel by Alex Cosmetics is intense.

It is a plant based skin resurfacing treatment that supports and promotes the skin’s natural regenerative process, giving you new skin in 5 days.

This purely plant based ingredient is what patient, Kimberly tried and she shares with us her experience…

First, let me start by saying… THE RESULT BLEW ME AWAY!

The day of my treatment…
Prior to my treatment Sam Menzies, my dermal therapist took pictures of my skin. You can clearly see areas of sun damage, congestion in my t-zone and fine dehydration lines around my eyes. Pretty confronting.

The treatment began with a deep cleanse, under steam followed by the application of the herbs on to my skin, section by section. Three minutes in I started to feel a prickly sensation, she continues to massage the herbs into my skin for approximately 10minutes.

Whilst the herbs are still on my skin, Sam placed a gauze that was soaked with a soothing lotion on my face, this was immediately comforting.

Samantha explained that keeping the skin it would help activate the herbs, allowing them to deliver nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. The herbs were gently removed and Samantha applied a vitamin cream and moisturiser with SPF.

She then provided three take home products (included in treatment cost) to use, thoroughly explain how to best use the products and treat my skin for the next five days.

My skin feels prickly to touch but my skin already appears smother and pigmentation seems to have become slight transparent.

Immediately following the treatment I was feeling thirsty, Sam did instruct me to drink lots of water and take an antihistamine.

Days following treatment…
I continued to take antihistamines as my skin appeared slightly swollen, itchy, tight and prickly to touch. Samantha advised this was a very normal reaction to the peel, this meant that the peel was working its magic.

The toughest part was probably not being able to wash or get my face wet. I was regularly applying the three products as instructed.

By day four I could see the top layer of my skin shedding, Samantha advised under no circumstances to peel it off, I was to allow it to shed off naturally. I will admit, probably not my best look!

Day five, Final Peel…
On the fifth day I had to go back into the clinic to have the skin removed professionally, this is called the “Post Peel”, this is all a part of the treatment cost.

Having my skin peeled, most amazing feeling! All of my dead skin, apparently a lot was removed when massaged with a skin elixir. The skin that the massage has revealed is sensitive to touch but the moment the mask is applied it felt instantly soothed.

The moment I was waiting for, Samantha hands me a mirror so I can look at my new skin! A large majority of my pigmentation is gone, what remains has dramatically faded. My skin feels plumper and tighter.

The pores in my t-zone are more refines and the lines around my eyes have softened. Kimberly, has kindly given us permission to share her results with you all:

This medically proven treatment is suitable for the following:
Pigmentation / Hyper Pigmentation
Acne Scars
Fine lines
Crows feet
Premature aging

The Herbal Activ Peel can also be performed on other areas of the body including the back, treating skin concerns such as Bacne, Read here.
Read more about the Herbal Activ Peel, by Alex Cosmetics here

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