Makeup has come a long way in 20 years.

Contouring can do wonders, creating the illusion of a smaller jawline, more prominent cheek bones or even a refined nose. Your eyebrows can change in shape, size and even lift with the help of brow sculpting tools.

Remember overdrawing? Or is that still a thing? For those who are unaware, overdrawing was made famous by Kylie Jenner. Prior to filling her lips with a semi-permanent HA she was seen to be overdrawing her lips to make them appear bigger and fuller than they were.

Injectable treatments have also come a long way in 10 years for those looking to achieve certain looks more “permanently”.

Here are some makeup tips and injectable alternatives –
Eyebrows are so important, read our four steps to perfect brows here
Not everyone was born with the perfect brows, if the position of the brows are too low and they require lifting.

As you will read in our blog the brow hair can be brushed and plucked to create the illusion of slightly higher brows but injecting a muscle relaxant will create a real physical lift, read more here
Imagine the time you’ll save?

High cheek bones are a wonderful natural feature to have but we’re not all blessed with them. Here are our steps to creating supermodel check bones:

1. Apply a cream foundation one shade lighter than your skin on your cheekbones. Apply a base that is two shades darker below your cheekbones, in a wide “U” shape.

2. Blend the two shades into your skin with warm hands and then set it with loose powder.

3. Lightly brush the apples of your check with a pink powder blush and apply a highlighter to the top of the cheek bones.
Temporary fillers can be injected to create the illusion of defined and high cheekbones. Read about the injectable treatment here 

Slimmer jawlines, give you a more feminine appearance as larger jawlines are associated with a more masculine feature.
Using a shaping powder, usually a darker shade, start behind your ear and blend along your jawline until you reach the tip of your chin.

Repeat on the other side. Then, blend, blend and blend, be sure to blend underneath your chin and onto your neck, you don’t want any unsightly lines.
In clinic, we use muscle relaxants to slim to the jawline.

This treatment often also assists patients with teethe grinding and clicking of the jaw.

A refined nose can be created with the right shading, here are our tips:

1. Using the head of your brows as a guideline, apply a line of highlighter down both sides of the centre of your nose.

2. Using a shade darker than your foundation blend it into the tip of your nose, dab highlighter across your tip also to even it out.
The highlighting and contouring will create the illusion of a slimmer nose.

With filler, we can create a more balanced nose. The filler will not make the nose look slimmer, it will however remove any visible bumps and deficits.

Luscious lips, can easily be created by:
1. Trace along the outer ridge of your lips with you lip liner, as oppose inside or on the line and then fill your lips with the lipstick.

2. Contour below your lower lip line with bronzer or a darker powder to add dimension.

3. Don’t go a dark colour, dark colours flatten the appearance of lips. Opt for nude and pale pink shades.

4. Finish with a gloss, it will make your lips appear larger by picking up natural light.
Fillers, when performed well, as we do here at Face

Plus Medispa we create naturally fuller lips. We will let our before and after images speak for themselves. Read about the varying fillers available at Face Plus Medispa here

They are our tips for creating incredible bon structure! Fillers are not permanent and we can show you in 3D what you will look like with fillers.

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