I spent a day out at our Bankstown Clinic getting to know our newest member of Face Plus, Jackie.

Jackie started in January and joined our incredible team of dermal therapists. I interviewed Jackie about her training, passion for skincare and focus areas for her clients.

Jackie, how long have you been working in the beauty industry?
A: I have been a dermal therapist for 6 years. Before that I was a beauty therapist. I did a beauty diploma at the Australasian college in Broadway. It was a 2.5 year degree, studying full time and I just absolutely loved immersing myself in the wonderful world of beauty and skincare.

Why did you choose beauty therapy?
I personally love being pampered. So, it definitely stems from my personal preference. In turn I love seeing my clients happy and calm after their treatments. I definitely try and make all my services as enjoyable and relaxing as possible while still yielding results.
I’ve also always been interested in skin health. In high school I loved biology and learning how things work. For me, skincare is very science focused.

What are your own skin care concerns?
I’ve suffered Pigmentation issues my whole adult life. Pigmentation is a very tricky condition to fix. It is a long-term treatment plan with no overnight wins. Luckily though, there have been a lot of technological advances in the dermal therapy world and this has resulted in some breakthrough treatments to address Pigmentation.

What kind of treatments do we offer that helps with Pigmentation?
Dermapen with Omnilux is a pigmentation sufferer’s dream treatment combination. The Dermapen helps to lift out the pigmentation. Dermapen, otherwise known as microneedling, can go deeper into skin, to the dermis layer. Pigmentation hides below the surface so was previously hard to reach.

I always recommend 20 minutes of Omnilux ( LED Light Therapy) after a dermapen treatment as it is a fast-acting way to heal the skin. It speeds up the healing process. The red light is the healing light and helps with collagen formation and is anti-aging.

How many treatments of Dermapen and Omnilux would someone with mild to medium pigmentation need before they start seeing results?
At least two treatments, 6 weeks apart. It’s very important you have this time between appointments to let the skin heal.

Why is Pigmentation an issue that effects a lot of Australians?
It’s the Australian sun. It’s very harsh. We’re quite an outdoorsy culture, so we’re more exposed and vulnerable to the UV rays. I’ve also noticed that a lot of clients that come in with pigmentation as a primary issue are in their 40’s – 50’s. This generation in particular were not educated to use sunscreen. They didn’t have sun safety campaigns like we do now.

If you could tell your clients to never forget one product, what would it be?
BB Cream. It’s a foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen all in one. The lazy girls secret weapon.
Just make sure that your BB Cream has at least 30 SPF in it.

Can you suffer sun damage when it’s overcast?
Absolutely. The UV rays are still there, sun or no sun.
If you’re considering Dermapen to fix your pigmentation issues, you will need to be very careful to avoid sun altogether. Your skin will be extra sensitive so if you do expose yourself, you’re running the risk of causing more pigmentation damage. Always wear a hat and prior to treatments use a 50 SPF at all times (even when you’re inside the office). Remember UV rays can reflect glass, so you’re at risk even if you’re sitting at your desk.

Do you need to be careful post dermapen about using other topical products?
Yes, we recommend you use as little makeup as possible. You need to let your skin breathe. If you feel the need to cover up, opt for a nourishing BB Cream or some light mineral makeup. Dermapen opens your pores up, which means they are susceptible to toxins and bacteria. The last thing we want to do is clog the pores up with artificial makeup and ruin all the progress we’ve made.

What other treatments do you love at Face Plus?
I love our herbal peels. Like the hydra and the phyto peel.
In my last job, we performed acid peels. I found these to be far too invasive. It makes your skin very dry. While they might work well in the short term, acid peels don’t yield great results years later. You need to nurture your skin. It’s such a vital organ so by treating it with natural, herbal ingredients rather than manmade chemicals (synthetic acids), you’re working with the skins process at a much more holistic level.

For a cosmetic consultation:
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