We all know that good skin, doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment, at home maintenance and a healthy lifestyle.

While we’re often very critical of what topical products we use, we seem to forget that this often extends to our makeup choices too.

There’s no point is spending your time and money on regular facials, night creams etc. if you’re going to clog your pores with artificial toxins for the majority of each day.

Think about it, how many hours of the day do you wear makeup? I’m up at 7am and my makeup is the first thing I apply before I leave for work. I’m often not home until 8 or 9pm which means that for 14 hours a day, my face is covered in layers of makeup. It’s important to choose a brand that is rich in natural minerals so it helps nurture your skin.

Jane Iredale’s products do just that. They are vegan friendly and cruelty free. The products are oil free and weightless so your skin doesn’t feel clogged up. It’s makeup without feeling made up.

A must have product of theirs in the amazing Base Loose Powder.
Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder, SPF 20, Jane Iredale, $83

I apply this after I used my Dr Spiller Day cream blended with my primer and BB cream. I use the powder as it has a medium coverage to even my complexion but also helps to mattify my other products as I hate my face looking too shiny. 

The powder also contains SPF 20 to make sure my skin is protected at all times from the harsh Australian sun.

The best part about the Jane Iredale product is the texture. It feels silky smooth on your skin. The coverage gives the face a soft-focus effect which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. It’s airbrush in a jar.

Next time you are having a facial at Face Plus Bondi Junction ask your dermal therapist to apply some of the powder post treatment, especially, if like me you walk out with a bit of redness that you would like to cover.

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