Bucket List Bondi is conjunction with the Bondi Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual International Women’s Day Bondi Awards on Thursday 8th March.

Our beautiful dermal and laser therapist Kimberly from our Bondi Beach boutique was nominated by her happy clients.

I sat down with Kimberley to talk about the nomination as well as her love for skincare, health and wellness.

Q: Why did you pick this industry?
A: Since a very young age I’ve always been interested in health, wellness and skincare. I love seeing people get results and feel good about themselves.

Q: What do you love about working down in Bondi?
A: What’s not to love. It’s right by the beach which is my happy place. Bondi also has an amazing sense of community. Everyone is very friendly and you really feel like you belong.

It also helps that I’m surrounded by an amazing team at Face Plus. Our clinic has provided me with all the tools so I can best do my job. I love the treatment menu that we offer as I find it’s really result driven.

Q: What’s the best thing about your clients?
A: We have a genuine relationship. It’s a trust-built foundation. We really listen to each other, rather than me just directing them. I find that by building a relationship first it means that my clients are more likely to take my advice on board. When they have a victory, it’s celebrated together. It’s a really beautiful thing.

Q: What are your own skin concerns and how do you manage them?
A: Being in Australia, and having grown up as an Aussie kid, I’ve always had pigmentation issues. I’m very outdoorsy so I need to be diligent with my own skin care.

I make sure to incorporate sun factors and antioxidants into my regime to make sure I represent what I want to do for my clients’ skin. It’s important that my skin care reflects the Face Plus brand as well.

Q: Do you think that skin care starts from the inside out?
A: Absolutely. I firmly believe that there is a direct correlation between the gut and the skin. Everything starts from within. 70% of our immune system is in our gut. Gut bio and a healthy lifestyle is vital for glowing, healthy skin.

Q: What are your daily habits?
A: I try to get a lot of sleep. Rest is key. When we sleep we’re giving our body time to recover. This is the optimal time for our skin cells to regenerate. I also make sure to drink lots of water to flush out daily toxins.  I take a zinc tablet every day. Zinc is an amazing mineral for the skin, and lots of people, particularly women, are naturally deficient in it.

I also make sure to use topical products that are tailored for my skin type. Most importantly though, I strive to live a stress free, balanced life. Make sure you make time for YOU.

Q: We can see you have recently started your own Instagram page the @wellnesswhisperer. Tell us your reasons for starting this page.
A: I believe there is a gap in the market for therapist-based facts. People are hungry for information and I believe there is a lot of false messages out there. I believe its my duty as a skin therapist to teach people and give them advice that is industry based and from experts that know how to look after your skin.

This is something I’ve been working on for a while and have only recently launched the page as I’m confident I have years of experience to support me. I want to educate people, so when they come to see me they are making an informed decision.

Q: How did you react when you found out you had been nominated for the Wellness award?
A: It was really humbling to know that some of my clients had taken the time to nominate me. I didn’t even know about the award so it was a real shock…a good shock of course.

This is a milestone moment in my career. If anything, this nomination confirms to me that I’m doing something that I truly love and if my nomination gives new clients confidence in my ability, then it just means I get to help more people achieve glowing, healthy skin.

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