Check your skin regularly!

Maybe one has appeared in an inconvenient and irritable place or perhaps it’s more a case of aesthetics and you simply want it gone.

In this blog, I aim to give some guidance and talk about our best option on how to safely remove moles and skin tags but will start by strongly encouraging you to get any suspicious, or changes in existing, moles checked out by your doctor or dermatologist first.

We often think we have our bodies all mapped out. Perhaps that’s why the phrase ‘I know it like the back of my hand’ is used when you are 100% certain of something. But how well DO you know your body? Without looking, do you know how many moles or beauty spots or skin tags or freckles you have and where they are?

Like most maps, it’s the landmarks we’re most familiar with and the parts of our bodies we most like or most dislike, we can’t be sure to know (or even see) every square inch, and just like maps, they evolve. Bodies, just like landscapes, are subject to change.

The good news is that moles do not have to remain a part of your landscape if you do not wish and you do not have to rely on surgery either, which can have its own complications. At Face Plus Medispa we have a highly effective mole removal method: Radiofrequency.

Sometimes referred to as Radiosurgery, this non-surgical treatment generates minimal heat and creates fine punctures around the mole using ultra high-frequency waves that safely removes the mole. The beauty with the Radiofrequency treatment is that it:
is very safe
can treat many moles at once
is virtually pain free
often leaves no scar
can be used to remove skin tags
has permanent results

The only ‘downtime’ following this non-surgical mole removal or skin tag removal is waiting for the scab to fall away that develops shortly after the RF treatment.

What’s in a tag?
Moles are basically clusters of skin cells and can be genetic and/or as a result of a lot of sun exposure, especially in your youth but what are skin tags?
Skin or ‘cutaneous’ tags are harmless, soft growths of often flesh-coloured skin that usually appear in people aged 50 and above.

Other than age, the common causes are said to be diabetes and obesity and the skin tags tend to appear on the neck, eyelids, armpits and groin area, or other ‘folds’ where the skin experiences friction from skin-on-skin contact or clothing.

It is very common but luckily skin tags are not dangerous and they can be left alone or easily removed. It’s a personal choice that can depend on the position of the skin tag. For example, those that grow on the eyelids can be plain annoying and irritating, those on the neck may not cause any bother at all.

If you DO opt for skin tag removal, as explained above, this can be done using radio frequency treatment, which you can read even more about here.

So there you have it. We have a great option mapped out for you and if interested, all you need to do is book a consultation at our Sydney clinics.

Not sure where to find us? Don’t worry, you won’t need a compass, you can find us right here in Bondi Junction, Bondi Beach or Bankstown.

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