The Mother of The Bride is an important part of any Wedding.

We may sound like a broken record in some of our blogs but we are strong believers in working on the skin before you start injectables.

If the skin is not at its healthiest you will not see the best and optimal results of your injectable treatments.

Mother of the bride, mum, it’s probably the most important day/role of your life, unless of course you had a wedding day of your own.

Regardless of your age we don’t recommend performing any harsh or drastic procedures without a clear plan and target areas. This plan can be created in your cosmetic consultation, read about our cosmetic consultation process HERE

For the big day we Face Plus Medispa have created a 1 month package that will have you glowing on the day! Skin will be smooth, plump and make up will glide on, on the day.

What does the plan include?
We have chosen to include two Herbal Hydration with LED Light add ons, these two pack a punch but ZERO down time.

The Herbal Hydration is anti-aging, brightening, firming, activates the skins repair mechanisms and is an effective regenerative treatment. You can read more about the Herbal Hydration Peel HERE 

The LED Light therapy treatments are probably one of our most simple yet highly effective and results driven treatments. There are three lights and each light will target varying areas of concerns.

Yellow light – Softens fine lines and improves skin tone and texture

Red light – Plump, hydrate and lessen the appearance of fine lines

Blue light – Designed specifically to target bacterial presence in the skin. Perfect for anyone who might be seeing redness or a sudden break out.
You can read more about the treatment HERE

In addition to the Herbal Hydration Peel and the LED Light Therpay, this one month package includes the all-important final facial, this facial will have you event ready!

The Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial with an LED light add on is perfect prior to any event, the facial will be effective 5 to 1 day prior to the big day.!

Following the facial you will instantly gain smoother, brighter and energised skin! Your wrinkles and fine lines will also appear less visible. Find out more about the facial HERE

Have a little more time?
If you have about three to six months you can opt for procedures such as the “Liquid Face Lift”, read more HERE or “Sculptra”.

Sculptra is a revolutionary treatment that has been available across Face Plus Medispa clinics since 2015. This injectable treatment isn’t just for those over the age of 40 but we have primarily been treating those over the age of 40.

Sculptra isn’t just like any other injectable, Sculptra works by restarting the natural process of producing collagen. This isn’t like other injectables that are quick fixes and last between 6 months to a year, you don’t see the results immediately, but see improvements in approximately four to six weeks.

During this time, you skin will appear fresher, features more youthful as unwanted deep lines, wrinkles and sunken areas gradually diminish!

Most areas of the face can be treated:
– Naso labial folds
– Cheek bone
– Hollow Cheeks
– Temple area
– Décolletage
– Accordion lines
– Chin
– Marionette lines
– Jaw line

Are any of the above listed areas concerning you?

Call your nearest clinic for a thorough skin and cosmetic consultation:
Bankstown: 02 9796 7007
Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
Bondi Junction: 02 9386 4411
Email: [email protected]

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