I spoke with Marjia about her Bridal Skin Journey with Face Plus.

Brides, we LOVE them! We love working with brides in the lead up to their big day and it is such an honour to be such an integral part of their story.
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Marija is your typical Australian girl. She loves the sun and she tends to neglect her skin. On face value she has generally good skin, she is how ever very diligent when it come to her injectable treatments (muscle relaxants and fillers).

As we do with all patients we started Marija’s journey with a thorough skin assessment, you can read about our VISIA skin assessment process here.

In addition to the VISIA skin assessment the dermal therapists will also perform a manual assessment when touching and viewing your skin with the naked eye, read about this consultation process here

The VISIA told us a lot of things that Marija and her dermal therapist, Amy Cameron we’re already aware of but also things that surprised her, mainly, her true skin age was… 45! Marija is 35 years old, as you can imagine, Marija was shocked!

We don’t want to spoil the story but we’re just going to tell you now, we turned that around and 3 days before her wedding when we performed the test again it told her she had the skin age of a 27-year-old, all was right in the world again.
We start Marija’s Journey 6 months before the big day…

Marija had a few key issues and this is how we addressed them:

Uneven skin tone, rough texture, dullness and redness – we addressed these concerns in few ways. We first started by adding Laser Genesis to her treatment plan, this was a treatment that we performed on a monthly basis.

Following a course of treatments you should see:
An improvement is redness and rosacea
Minimised unsightly small veins and capillaries
Reduce the size of large pores and open pores
Soften acne and surgical scars
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Improved overall skin texture
Read more about the treatment here

Skin texture and pigmentation – Amy her dermal therapist also added a Herbal Phyto Peel to her regime. Read more here
Marija also had a peel once a month to the lead up to her wedding day.

Overall skin health and increasing cellular activity– Following each facial treatment we also performed an LED Light Therapy treatment. The red light was most relevant to her needs. The light stimulates cellular activity, blood flow increases, leading to greater tissue oxygenation and detoxification. It is designed to clear the skin, plump it and hydrate. Read more about the varying lights available here 

That wedding day glow – Three days prior to her wedding we treated her to the final facial in her package, the Oxygen Facial + LED Light. The oxygen facial will give even the dullest skin a beautiful healthy glow. This facial increases blood circulation, regeneration of cells, soothes irritated skin and boost the radiance of the skin, exactly what you need and want before the big day!

Marija is still thrilled with her transformation and continues her regular Laser Genesis treatments, monthly.

For a consultation:
Call: 02 8897 0000
Email: [email protected]

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