We don’t recommend covering pores with makeup as a long-term solution.

Makeup will often enlarge the pores further and if the makeup is not thoroughly removed this can have an adverse effect. We highly recommend you try these treatments and these products to actively target large pores, if it is a skin concern of yours.

Once you have a thorough skincare regime in place, primers are the best thing to smooth the surface of the skin in preparation for makeup.

Primer will visibly reduce the shine and minimise the appearance of pores. It is always important to use a primer that suits your skin i.e. liquid primers are ideal for drier skin types and a thicker gel like primer for oily skin.
Jane Iredale, Smooth Affair, Facial Primer & Brightener, $78

Jane Iredale, Smooth Affair, Facial Primer & Brightener is packed with a number of anti-ageing properties that nourish your skin. This is the perfect primer for those who need a boost of hydration.

This particular primer will increase the skin’s luminosity whilst minimising the appearance of pores. The Jane Iredale, Smooth Affair, Facial Primer & Brightener will give you a flawless, long wearing finish when applied before your foundation.

Jane Iredale, Smooth Affair, for Oily Skin, $78

As you may have discovered from the name of the product this is a go-to for anyone that has oily skin.

This primer assist with oil control and will work to visibly reduce the appearance of pores and diminish shine to create a photo finish matte look. The Smooth Affair for Oily Skin contains the revolutionary “PoreAway ™” technology, with technology like that how could you not?

Jane Iredale products in general are beneficial for those who have large pores. It is free from parabens, phenoxyethanol and is low allergenic. In essence, it will not block the pores, and it allows the skin to breathe naturally. More info on the Jane Iredale range can be found here.

Another great product available from our Bondi Beach clinic is the…
Curtis Collection By Victoria, Skin refining Face Primer, $49

Ideal for normal to oily skin types it contains dermat complex a natural bark extract used for its ethno-medicinal properties reducing pore size and shine.

Remember, clinic treatments and the right home care range is essential to target all skin concerns including enlarged pores. Over the counter products purchased at pharmacies or retail stores can and will do more harm than good.

Make time for a thorough consultation with our dermal professionals and we will have your pores looking minimised and functioning correctly.

For a, thorough skin consultation or a colour matching session with an experienced team member:
Call: 02 8897 0000
Email: [email protected]

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