Once you get over the fact that you’re in your 30’s, being 30-something is pretty amazing.

The aging process for most becomes quite visible in your 30’s and we believe that you should be armed with all of the right information before you begin to consider more targeted treatments.

Before we delve into the treatments, you should be doing everything you can to help boost and rebuild your skin. We can’t recommend the HydroPeptide range enough! You can read about the range HERE

At the age of 30 you may begin to see some spots appearing on the skin, maybe on your face, neck, décolletage or even your hands?

These age spots will make you appear older. There are so many reasons why these blemishes form but your 30’s are a great time to start removing and further preventing.

The removal process can vary depending on the location and severity of the pigmentation. We can offer a number of homecare options, read more HERE or we can go down the laser route to permanently remove them from the skin. The laser is called IPL, read more HERE

As you can see from our before and after images it is a highly effective treatment that does change the appearance of your skin quite dramatically.

You’re probably wondering if it hurts? On a scale of 1 to 10 we would say it’s a 5, no pain no gain, right?

When treating pigmentation, sunscreen and moisturisation is vital and those who move forward with a laser treatment must be more attentive to maintain their spotless skin.

Facials and in clinic treatments become increasingly more important in your 30’s. Make sure your treatments are tailored, effective and results driven.

We mentioned this in our 20’s skincare blog but often in your 20’s you go into panic mode and “overdo it”, causing damage to the skin.
30-somethings are traumatised by this experience, make the decision to stop everything and believe they have “sensitive” skin. Doing nothing is not an option if you want to slow down the aging process.

Prior to performing any facial, all new Face Plus Medispa patients will undergo a thorough skin consultation, read more about the process HERE  

Make sure you are using the right homecare! You need the basics:
Moisturisers (some need a day & night)
Cleanser (Two kinds, one is for everyday use and another to exfoliate)

During your skin consultation, your Dermal therapist may recommend additional serums, oils and masks.

At Face Plus Medispa we have been seeing a number of adult acne cases. There are many treatment options for this but it’s important to understand why this is occurring, read more HERE

Options for adult acne are endless and a tailored treatment will be created to target your specific needs. Treatments can range from Peels to LED light therapy. 

Let’s discuss INJECTABLES! Often a controversial treatment
Injectables are not for everyone but if prescribed correctly it is a wonderful antiaging treatment.
Anti-wrinkles/muscle relaxants/ Botox/Dysport are all used to remove fine lines and wrinkles, lift or drop areas of the face. To gain a better understanding of how anti-wrinkle injections work, watch this video of Face Plus Medispa’s founder, Dr William Mooney discussing Botox

Of course, lessening the visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles are the most popular use for muscle relaxants in our clinic but we have recently seen a very large interest in clients wanting lift their brows and eyes, much like the 34-year-old, female patient in the above video.

The brows and eyelids dropping are a very natural part of aging. You can read more about lifting treatment HERE

Fillers, often when people imagine what fillers will look like they immediately think of “Kylie Jenner” lips, this needs to stop! There are so many fillers available on the market for a variety of concerns, read more HERE
Fillers are not exclusive to lips, read HERE

As you can see there are many options for the 30-something year old. The first step is to seek a consultation to best target your concerns.

Read about our consultation process via these links:

For a skin and/or cosmetic consultation:
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Email: [email protected]

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