Simplify your life by decluttering unwanted or spoiled cosmetic products.

Most women and mums, especially love a good clean out and a declutter but so often the items in the makeup bag is so easily forgotten.

Believe it or not, if cosmetics are not reviewed in a quarterly basis (every three months) it can cause health issues. You may see mascara clump, foundation can spoil and lipsticks can crack. Follow the below tips and your makeup bag will remain bacteria free and your skin will stay nice and healthy!

Replace mascara and liquid and gel liners every 6 to 12 weeks, yep! We’re all guilty of holding onto products but these products are the first to deteriorate. These products are most commonly used and are exposed to air, allowing the moisture content to deplete making formulas dry and clumpy. 

This often makes it difficult to apply but bacteria can build up which can cause irritation and infection.

Check expiration dates, kind of like food. An expiry date is there to keep formulas and active ingredients fresh. Check the date when you purchase and keep notes of that.

Throw it away if it has reached the expiry date and sometimes a little sniff of the product might tell you if it’s time to say goodbye.

Invest in quality products, these will last longer. Items such as powder foundations, bronzers, blushes and eye shadow will last up to two years depending on the quality.

We recommend Jane Iredale powders, they are inert, which means they cannot support or harbour bacteria. Find out more about the brand here

Keep your brushes and tools clean, never ever use dirty brushes! This is so essential to keeping your makeup pure and skin healthy.

Any oil or dirt left on the brush will transfer to your powders leaving a hard-shiny film that prevents product from being picked up and applying evenly onto the skin. Find our tips on cleaning brushes here

Check the palette, are they still the right shades for you? Revisit your makeup to ensure it still matches your complexion.

Seasonally your skin colour may change but what about your hair? Hair has a huge impact on what colours match you. Make sure your makeup is keeping up with you!

Interested in having a colour matching session? Visit our Bondi Junction clinic and we can find the right essentials for you.
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