Resilience: Oxygen Vital Serum

Skin need a little extra TLC (tender loving care)?
The Oxygen Vital Serum is a revitalising serum formulated to visibly improve the skin’s elasticity, giving it a fresh and relaxed glow. Your complexion will regain its vigour and a more resilient appearance. A perfect fit for stressed out, over-tired skin.
Oxygen Vital Serum, Dr Spiller, $168

How to Apply?
A pea size amount is all you need for this concentrated formula to work its charm. Apply at night once you have meticulously cleaned your face from the build up of daily toxins. This serum can also be layered with the Dr Spiller’s Eye Cream for a complete night time rejuvenation.
So how can one serum deliver such incredible results? The key ingredients include:
Perfluorodecalin: Extra oxygen to support the skin’s recovery and regeneration. Used in medicine to speed wound healing.
Glycoproteins: Biomimetic protein and carbohydrate links that visibly repair the skin and make it look more supple and resilient.
Squalene & Lecithin: Biomimetic lipids found naturally in the acid mantle to protect against trans epidermal water loss. Dr Spiller sources squalene from olive oil to provide antioxidant and moisture protective properties.
Balloon plant & Patterson’s curse: Botanicals rich in antioxidant polyphenols, avonoids and tannins for potent moisture protection.
Sunflower seed oil: a plant oil rich in biomimetic triglycerides, fatty acids, lecithin, wax esters and squalene to provide moisture protective functions.
Wheat protein: A botanical rich in biomimetic water binding amino acids.
Vitamin E: A skin-identical potent antioxidant, naturally secreted by the sebaceous gland to protect against environmental drying.
Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant that nurtures natural collagen synthesis for a more supple appearance.
The Oxygen Vital Serum visibly restores tires looking skin associated with environmental damage.
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