In life there are always two motivators (and two only) – love or fear.

Every decision we make, choice we have, motivator that turns up – is either from a place of LOVE or a place of FEAR.

The key to embracing a beautiful, happy and holistically ‘well’ life is to switch back to love whenever we can.

Now that is far easier said than done. Fear can rear its head in the most unlikely places. As humans, we have conditioned to view things through fear goggles as an element of survival instinct.

Back when we were cave men and women, it was important to be focusing on the risks – our lives depended on it! So jumping to ‘worst case scenario’ was ingrained into us, in order to keep us alive.

The trouble is, this way of living and thinking is no longer serving us. We are far less likely to be attacked by a sabre-toothed tiger than we were back then. On a day to day basis, we are far safer, secure and have less to worry about – and yet we are more stressed than ever before.

When fear arises it is always from a place of wanting to protect us – to keep us safe. The key to feeling the fear and doing it anyway, is to recognise when fear is actually NOT serving you. Where is your fear irrational?

Rational fear: Not wanting to jump out of a plane.
Irrational fear: Not wanting to get into a relationship with someone you really like, because you ‘might get hurt’.
Rational fear: Bungee jumping
Irrational fear: Staying in a job you hate because you are worried about what your boss might think if you leave

Start to recognise the areas in your life that are currently motivated by FEAR rather than love. Are you exercising because you are too scared to put on weight, or because you love the way being healthy feels? Are you hanging out with friends who light you up, or people who you feel guilty to say no to?

What may surprise you are the areas in your life that are fuelled by fear. But this is okay – because you are absolutely in control of where you allocate your energy, and your motivators behind it – and you can always switch to LOVE.

How do you switch from fear to love?
Ask yourself in every moment, with every decision you have to make – what would LOVE do?
Would love slug it out at the gym, even though your body is crying out for a day of rest?

Would love binge drink to fit in with a group of people you don’t necessarily like, when you would rather sit at home and have a night in?
Would love say no to the person you really like, as a means of ‘protection’?
Always come back to the question What would love do? and when you have the answer, act on it.

It won’t feel comfortable – but that is where the real growth happens…outside of our comfort zones.
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Where can you feel the fear but do it anyway?

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